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  1. endless boost? i didn't write that.. where have you read that? engines consuming power when accelerating, slowing down or changing direction no resistance in vacuum!!!! that's why you have inertial dampeners on ships and stations....... if you hit a small asteroid with a fast moving big ship that asteroid should gain velocity equal to the mass and speed of the ship in the opposite direction and should not slow down on its own https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_relativity
  2. no resistance in vacuum once you have reached a speed you could cut off the power to the engines and continue at the same speed forever without engines consuming any power your ship should not slow down on its own it would continue at the same speed until interacting with something else or you decide to stop, slow down or change direction
  3. buying multiple torpedoes with one click my mouse button is getting worn out before its time
  4. egon

    Fighter Speed

    i found a avorion canon fighter tech 48 at a equipment dock whit speed 8619 but it is to fast its having problem docking and shooting it's just flying around like a angry buzzing bee
  5. equipment dock buyable deployable defence platforms
  6. Counter Counter -suggestion yes and fly-by looting wreckages with loot can have a little icon
  7. specific fighter squads auto launch/dock after or before jump or a single button to launch/dock specific squads
  8. auto turrets avoid friendly fire. or ability to load a previous save you can easily get hours of play ruined by one enemy ship going behind a friendly
  9. a bridge block so you can easily choose camera position and maybe in the future a first person perspective from inside the bridge. were you can see people working at workstations and radars, scanners, status displays, switches, dials and the whole nine yards
  10. clump nearby similar loot together. should reduce stuff to process and increase performance.
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