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  1. The existing thrusters are all well and nice for controlling the orientation of your ship, but sometimes you might want a more energetic push. I therefore suggest that engines can be mounted in any direction the player likes, and bound to a "manual thruster group" analog to a weapons group. They will then work as an unidirectional thruster. An engine that points rearwards automatically becomes part of the normal engines. The flip side could be that there is no automation to this. If your re-purposed engines' thrust does not go through the center of mass of your ship, they will make it spin. If you kick your ship into a spin with your pseudo-thrusters, there will be no automatic counter-thrust to stop the spin. If you also have normal thrusters, those will eventually stop your ship spinning, but slower if you reduced their size in favor of your "manual thruster group". In practice, I wanted something like that for braking. Then I found that right now, an engine can only point backwards. Annoyance occured.
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    Why not in any direction the player wants? Forward, backward, sideways, down... Edit: I mean a fixed direction that can be chosen at build time. For those who also play Crossout, the guided missiles in there have the behavior I'm suggesting. The current behavior seems to be a bug. "Seems" because I have tried it only once, a few days ago. I'm sure I built the launcher in forwards, but the torpedo came out sideways. Which is not ideal if you want to shoot something close before you.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm an old X3 fan from Germany. Discovered Avorion a few weeks ago and have spent quite a bit time in single player so far. I go by Rabiator in the forum but online it will be [116.Windhund] Rabiator. That is my Steam username from the time when I got my first Steam game, a WW2 related shooter. See you on some EU server soon, preferable a German or English speaking one.
  4. When I made the screenshot below, I had immediately before saved my current ship to the "Saved Designs". At this point, the highlighted ship in the "Saved Designs" should be exactly identical to the current ship. The "Cost difference to current ship" should be zero. Some more details on how to reproduce: 1) Start a game in single player mode and play for a bit. I noticed the bug several hours into the game, not sure if it was there from the start. 2) Build a ship. Save the design. 3) Delete the design. 4) Save the ship again into the same slot. Leave the freshly saved ship highlighted in the save dialog. 5) Immediately after saving, take a screen shot. That screen shot is what I posted.
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