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  1. There have been a few changes throughout development of the game. Not everyone likes those, which is not surprising. You cannot please everyone. So why not make them optional, to be set by the owner of the server? In single player, you are your own server admin and can pick whatever options you like. Perhaps only via config file, if it would clutter the "new game" dialog up too much. Some that come to mind: Progression on/off (already implemented in beta it seems) Mobile stations or factory ships, which could more or less amount to the same. Apparently mobile stations existed before I discovered the game, if only by docking a ship to the station to drag it around. Changing the maximum number of modules. For those who really like OP ships.
  2. A slightly larger ship this time, the Nice Try (Steam Workshop Link). The Nice Try is a five slot corvette that could be one's second ship. I'm still not quite satisfied with the design, hence the ship name. But she is nice enough to publish 😉. Build cost: 94.052 Credits 3.878 Iron 14.906 Titanium
  3. Upvoted. I'm having the same problem and will check out Fury's suggestion with the graphics settings now. But it would be nice if one would not have to choose between nice graphics when flying, good lighting when building and changing graphic settings all the time.
  4. @FuryOfThe Stars, I agree on using recessed blocks, but mine are made of armor (I have not seen the need yet to use turrets with fixed direction). Also, recessing them by 0.2 unit slots seems not to significantly impair firing angles, even for one slot. Armor and at least integrity fields are a must even in early game. I might build my very first mining ship from iron only, if no titanium can be found nearby. But with one mined titanium asteroid, you can cover a small ship in an integrity field. I usually use the rest of the titanium in a generator,
  5. Perhaps you can you kill Swoks a few more times, for multiple 10 slot upgrades. Supposedly he respawns. I've killed him only once myself, so I cannot speak from experience..
  6. Cool stuff. I'll have to improve a lot before my ships can compete with that 👍
  7. A small starting ship, called the Lady Courageous. (Steam Workshop Link). This one is really meant as one's first ship. Except that you have to get Titanium build knowledge first. Mine a few asteroids, one of them made of Titanium and you are good to go. Updated version: Slightly enlarged crew quarters for Avorion 2.0
  8. I usually build with scale step of 0.4 and grid step of 0.2 That suits my building of relatively small ships and details better. But whenever I quit the game and reload the game later, it is reset to the default values. Not really a big issue, but it always gets me when I start building and wonder for a moment why those blocks don't fit. Suggestion: remember these values in the game data. Perhaps not Avorion wide, but for each galaxy.
  9. In build mode, have you tried the F key as in "Focus"? If you have selected a block, F will make the block the "anchor point" for the camera POV and your view will be relative to that.. Really useful if you have a lot of small details in your design, and also for getting into small corners. Select a block in said small corner, type F and zoom in. In normal play, I wonder too what keeps the devs from setting POV to a camera block. Obviously, various methods of moving the POV already exist. The setting of the POV in build mode seems almost the same. But the tone of the answer to that request was surprisingly negative. I would have maybe expected a "sorry, we have more pressing stuff to do". But a flat "no" to something that is requested a lot? Curious.
  10. That description sounds like something you could redo with little effort. You get the resources back when you remove blocks, so remove everything except the starting block and reassemble things with an integrity field generator inside. Also, the integrity field generator protects stuff in a radius around itself. It is best situated at the center of the ship, that covers most parts for a given size of the IFG.
  11. Hi all, I just started a new single player game and it more or less forces me to do the tutorial. How do I get out of that? I have looked at the game settings in the main menu and at the pilot menu in game. Nowhere have I found a way to switch off the tutorial. When I delete the galaxy and create a new one, the choice for playing the tutorial or not is greyed out. WTF? There are players who are familiar enough with the game to start over without excessive hand-holding. Just let us do that without bothering us with a forced tutorial. If there is an option to get out of the tutorial, where can I find it???
  12. In Avorion, large ships are also very fast, and this is due the way max.velocity is calculated. Make everything larger, including the engines, and you get crazy speeds. My suggestion would not even make large ships slow, it would just put them back on an equal footing with smaller ones.
  13. My ships always get an integrity field generator. That needs a small amount of titanium, but is absolutely worth it. Very early in the game I might make an exception for a iron only mining ship. Also, a layer of armor over the entire hull. It may be only 1m of iron armor, but it makes quite a difference. I defeated Boss Swoks with a ship of moderate size, built only of iron and some titanium. It is late night here, so I won't post the design today. But I might edit this post later with more information.
  14. Currently, the top speed of a ship depends only on the size if its engines, it does not matter how big and heavy it is. This leads to big ships reaching ridiculous speeds. I suggest to limit that behavior by making the top speed dependent on how much N(ewton) of thrust the ship has relative to its mass in kg. A simple formula that always lets a ship limp home on a tiny thruster would be Vmax = 75m/s + (constant factor) * thrust / mass Then every ship would get 75 m/s as base velocity plus an additional velocity on top that depends on engine size and mass. If it is desired that big ships are faster but not as crazy fast as now, the formula could be something like Vmax = 75m/s + (constant factor) * thrust / (function that slowly grows with more mass)
  15. New design: The Iron Angel. A bit large for one's very first ship, but it should not take too long to get the ore and money with a makeshift flying brick. Then you can upgrade to this. The Iron Angel is adequate for fighting weak pirate groups once you have upgraded the guns a bit. An integrity field generator helps to reduce damage and survive longer in a fight. Edit 16.10.2020: As suggested by Vis, I'm exchanging the screenshot for one that shows the stats. Stats removed from text of post.
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