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  1. WAIT IT IS?!?! yoooooooo epic
  2. More shades of grey between dim grey and night grey would help heaps
  3. more than 3 decimal places in the 'Grid Size' and 'Scale Step' windows my building method requires that i go to 0.0625 which is not possible with the current system
  4. Already suggested this in discord but a colour wheel in build mode so we are not limited to the premade colours would be epic This might not be as easy to use so I suggest this alongside the preset colours
  5. Wait do u want the NPCs to still own the ship?
  6. Select ship then type '/changeOwner' to chat
  7. This might be nice but it seems odd that your ally is the faction your having the arms race with
  8. When a hangar is selected this white box appears. When covered the hangar doesnt function What I suggest is that the white box covers only the hologram texture on the block and not the entire block
  9. Tankium


    Make operation exodus more fun, something 2 do while u hyperspace recharges like the beacon has minigames or something
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