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  1. This was an error on my part, as the turret had additional slots. I hadn't played in years, and forgot about that mechanic, however when I brought it up to the community, I was told it was a "bug" which made no sense. No one corrected me on the turret slot factor, so I thought it was a legitimate reduction in fighter base DPS.
  2. Fighters on the beta branch currently only do 15% of a turret, meaning you'd have to produce 7 of them (out of 12 in a squadron) to get more DPS than a single turret on your ship. Spending the amount of time (which, depending on the quality of the fighter can take 30 minutes to create a full squadron) and resources to build a full squadron of fighters would result in about an 80% increase in the DPS of the single turret, with the possibility of each fighter (especially given their absurdly low health) being destroyed and needing to be replaced. The amount of effort, specialization, and maintenance you'd have to do to setup a carrier with several squadrons of fighters (that is if they survive) is not met with a worthwhile reward. Why was fighter damage reduced to 15%? The community perceives them as being powerful, and they can be for several reasons, but this change just brings them to "Not even worth my time" unless you just like them despite the math and effort put in making no sense. Change the percentage to 20-25%. Just because something is powerful doesn't mean you need to throw it into the gutter when it comes to practicality. It already takes modules to support several squadrons, to make people work for and specialize their ship to achieve this kind of firepower, but if you're just gonna stomp fighters by cutting their damage in half from 30%, what's the point? You're going to make us work harder to get something that you severely nerfed to the point of impracticality?
  3. "I don't think I have any of the qualities you described." Apparently I need to spell this out for you as if your a child. "Quickly sliding towards a heated debate" Quickly? Really, then go back and look at that conversation and tell me at what point was this quickly sliding into a heated debate? At what point was any of us demonstrating conflicting views or hostility? We even agreed on a general opinion on block stacking. YOU even said by quote that there wasn't even a basis for a debate to begin with. Instead, you decide to silence the three of us because you just got tired of hearing about a discussion you personally don't like. The only person who complained about it was you, not the community. That's an ABUSE of power. Now that you know what abuse means, let's move on to the next. "You have been constantly spreading negativity throughout the Discord community" This is delusional, because your brain can't seem to figure out the difference between being negative and being critical or realistic. To say "that command just doesn't work" is not negative. That is a FACT in the game. The game does not support what a new player is looking to do. To tell them the opposite is idiotic and false. Describe a workaround? Sure, I've done that several times, and so have others who were with me when talking to new players. Exactly what world are you living in where you can't see that? You have a twisted sense of reality, and the fact that it takes you so long to take notice should spell out the first quality I mentioned. "I asked you nicely" You never asked me anything concerning behavior or tone. I have literally no DMs of such a thing. If anything, you should be asking yourself that when you verbally accused and probed me of being some kind of DLC hater because I described the price to a new player. You're delusional. Also, you claim that apparently I took "asking nicely" as an insult. Prove it then 🙂 "Change your negative feedback into constructive feedback" Oh this is rich. An abusive, delusional, unintelligent Head Admin tells the guy who's openly provided several upvoted suggestions, discussions, and bug reports, many of which were fixed, to the devs to stop giving negative feedback and provide something actually constructive. That speaks VOLUMES about your mental state buddy.
  4. Mostly a task out of your scope, but you can start here for example: TenguKnight, a head admin mind you, silenced 3 people (myself included) over a "heated debate" that doesn't exist. The 3 of us were peacefully discussing block stacking in Discord when he suddenly demanded we be quiet to stop a debate. There was no debate. There weren't even conflicting views! He even later said that there was no debate! If that doesn't spell out how stupid, delusional, and abusive this person is, then I don't know what will. He also probed, verballly attacked and branded me, as some kind of DLC hater and mortal enemy because I simply informed a new player of the total cost of the game + the DLC. As if that action somehow translates in his dysfunctional brain: "He's a suspect... he must hate the DLC!" This guy has mental issues and should not be a Head Admin. Twice has he struggled to grip with reality and act professionally. I can't participate in a community with deranged people like this.
  5. Currently, several members of the community agree that legendary turrets are incredibly underwhelming and easily outperformed by normal turrets. Legendary turrets don't feel special or unique enough to justify their name. Rather than put yourself through the headache of trying to rebalance the stats of what already exists (while trying not to break the game), I propose you leave the stats as is, and add a new system that allows players to improve upon legendary turrets further. A system that would allow players to choose between several sets of upgrades to customize and empower their turret in exchange for credits or some rare material that can (preferably) only be obtained from somewhere that presents danger or a challenge. Maybe this upgrade gives the turret better stats. Maybe it gives the turret a new or expanded ability. Something to make the turret even more unique and meaningful as long as the player puts in the effort to persue that power. It also adds plenty of room for you guys to be even more creative and experimental with each these turrets. Again, the community thinks that these turrets are weak, so why don't we use this as a stepping stone to expand them further?
  6. Swoks should have different dialogue, becoming slowly self aware with each one based on the amount of times he gets killed. If a character is at least somewhat responsive to his previous deaths, it feels stale for it to be an endless "What happened to the 9,532 swoks that tried to kill you? They died, but now it's my turn to rise to power!" It's a small ask with the goal to make him more interesting or comical based on how many times the player(s) delete his ship. It would also at least give the game something memorable.
  7. 3. Is largely exploitive, gives too much power to the player, and would give rise to ridiculous and fantasy-like tactics such as instantly spamming armor blocks to raise HP in combat or suddenly swapping out ineffective guns for better ones to easily crush any enemy (or player) while actively being shot at. How would you feel if a damaged player/NPC's pea shooters magically disappeared mid-fight and turned into giant railguns that kill you in 3 hits? It invalidates the whole point of going in prepared or even thinking in general, because why should I be concerned what's on my ship if I can just miraculously transform it whenever I want to handle any situation? It also breaks mechanics like boarding, because boarding relies on a set ship value that you are now allowed to change for exploitation even though the ship is damaged.
  8. As much as I loved skimming this thread that somehow deviated into an argument about railguns and real-life weapons, I just wanted to say that it may be a long while until any of these suggestions are taken, as the main dev himself admitted that fighters are actually "Overpowered" in their current state despite being nearly useless or impractical to sustain for the reasons that have been beaten to death in past posts. I do agree that fighters need more speed and HP though. Cost I'm not so sure on since it's based on the quality of the fighter (which seems terrible due to their current stats, but that can be fixed. We've at least progressed past fighters having 1 HP!).
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