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  1. I *think* that you are paying yourself the fee?
  2. Apparently I cannot edit my post, so another idea under Gameplay Ideas: Throttle. Allow player to set a specified speed in which to move. Fighters will eventually dock with your ship if you are staying still, but I've noticed that they try very, very hard to dock if you're moving at a slower and relatively consistent speed. This is difficult to do without a throttle. If I could set to 400m/s and coast to my next destination ( say switching from a mining op to a salvage op ) I could save time. This would be a QOL enhancement for sure.
  3. Boarding Actions: Clunky. Commanders, Generals, etc, take far too long to kill. Please add an overwhelming force variable. If I drop in with 24 shuttles ferrying 1000 troops on a station that says "270 to 360" for the boarding action, it should be over very, very quickly once the defenses are down. Turret Factories: I cannot replicate a level 52 turret as the turret factories all appear to be stuck at Level 50. Research stations on the other hand, can hit level 52. So you can research and create a turret and then not duplicate it. I don't know if this is a bug, or by design. Question--how does one "Create" an independent turret? -Shrink Option: Option to take a turret that is "x slots" and spend either a higher material and lots of money or lots of money to shrink it from an X socket gun to a Y socket gun. Rail guns are huge, but being able to shrink them from 5-6 slot to 3-4 slot would be amaze. Surely there would need to be some sort of limit for this as in within 1-2 of their max slots are max shrink, or there'd be ships out there with 50 coaxial guns re-enacting shotguns. Station and Station AI: It makes no sense for a [any] station with gunners to require independent turrets in order to function without the player selecting "attack enemies" in order for the station to defend itself in the player's absence (such as when another player is in the station's sector and spawns pirates/xsotan). If the guns are on the station (and it is a station) the guns/launchers should function automatically regardless of whether or not they are "independent." Allow players to purchase cargo shuttles from neighboring stations or gate connected sectors from the station itself (for a $ fee). Captain AI and Coaxial Mounts: I spit my coffee out when I watched my swarm of patrol boats armed to the teeth with spinal mount coaxial railguns attempting to destroy pirates. The AI does not understand how to use a Coaxial mount. It tries to get next to the enemy for "normal" turret functionality. I had to pull all of the coax railguns and put regular turrets on the swarm. Basically they just fire the coaxial mount randomly. "Station Jump" Installation: I understand that there are mods out there that allow you to move stations, but something official would be nice. Particularly with asteroid bases. Doesn't matter if its expensive or paired with a special block, but finding an asteroid or three in a sector far from home is painful. If you could claim them, install a jump drive on them, and then move them even 1 sector at a time (say require twice the hyperdrive to get the same distance as a ship, since its a big ol' rock, and have hyperdrive boost components work at 1/4 or even 1/8 what they would normally), that would allow for an interesting component to the game. Especially if its 2-5 minutes between jumps. You could potentially have a "protect my new rock" mission while you're jumping 1-3 asteroids or bases from one sector to another. This would also allow players to slowly move their base of operations around the galaxy. Component enhancement Ideas: Gyro enhancer - If I have a big powerful ship I still want it fairly maneuverable. This option could allow further ship balance of shield/health vs maneuverability. -Increase roll/yaw/pitch by x% or .xx Inertial dampener enhancer - Improve deceleration by x% Inertial compensator enhancer - Decrease Mass by x% Build Component Ideas: Specified thruster types: Pitch/Yaw/Roll - I know its kind of redundant, but something that automagically takes a look at the center of mass and what direction the ship is pointing. I'm honestly not sure sometimes if thrusters help at all regardless of where I put them, particularly on larger ships as it takes 10-20 new thrusters to get even 0.01+ to yaw or pitch or roll. Inertial compensator - lowers the "acknowledged mass" of the vessel, avorion only, and extremely pricey. Gameplay Ideas: Independent targeting lock - If you have independent targeting groups allows players to set a hot key specified to those groups (similar to how fighter wings work with Shift + 1, but use Ctrl or Alt +1). Those would boost the player ability to use coaxial guns that have range too long to really use with the busy reticles. Lead reticle for long ranged weapons - If you check out Freespace, there's a lead reticle for where it is anticipated your opponent will be, same with Independence War (which this game reminds me a lot of, I'll add). It would mainly be useful for chain guns, pulse guns, bolters, and cannons. I'll add more to this as I continue to go through the game. I have created a legendary sales component and am going to be tackling "trading" soon. You guys have done well---I'm only playing online so I'm sure its a little different to some degree.
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2125411787 5Mil HP 10Mil SHP 420mil^3 Main method of combat? Strafe 😄 It's a big giant Descent 2 ship. To maximize what I wind up with in the end, I have to shrink it by 1% each time I run out of space. Abuot 90% complete now.
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