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  1. https://pastebin.com/WwVL2iMW
  2. so it let me change only the scriptbackgroundthreads if i switch worker and generator and start the server it switches automatic back to 3 and 2
  3. Yeah Nitrado is a Big Hoster for Gameserver and Cloud Hosting. i will try this asap and let you know, thanks for your help!
  4. https://pastebin.com/Ur5g6xHD i use like 4 mods and installed the needed support mods here is a tiny part of the file its to big for pastebin it allows only 500kb https://wetransfer.com/downloads/df9dd7becda21668479f859d5575f41c20200611185653/191cf34a24594686e55a70d1340d7ad120200611185653/4f2829 here is the file on wetransfer fully thanks for the help 2020-06-11 03-38-33| CPU: AMD EPYC 7402 24-Core Processor 96 Cores 2020-06-11 03-38-33| RAM: 1007GB thats the system and its hosted on nitrado
  5. Hey, i run a 32 Slot avorion Server and it have performance laggs runs on like 95% cpu or more it looks like somehow the server creates logfiles who gets very big like 5-6 mb until a restart and it writes every action down a player does and create laggs through it. any idea or help for me ? Thanks in Advance
  6. Hey , i run a 32 Slot server over nitrado. i'm Trying to install mods there and made a modconfig.lua and downloaded all mods by hand and tried also to put the workshop ids to get the mods downloaded scriptCachingEnabled = true modLocation = "" forceEnabling = true local prefix = "/home/avorion/galaxies/MyGalaxy/workshop/" mods = { {workshopid = "1695671502"}, {workshopid = "1692998037"}, {workshopid = "1734791653"}, {workshopid = "1691539727"}, {workshopid = "2019870122"}, {workshopid = "1691591293"}, {workshopid = "1722652757"}, {workshopid = "1722261398"}, } } thats how my modconfig looks , but the server seems to restart normally and not load any mods into the game and if i click on esc and go on mods it is empty. any ideas what i possibly do wrong ? 2020-06-08 03-38-02| Execution Context (inner to outer): 2020-06-08 03-38-02| #0: galaxies/MyGalaxy/modconfig.lua 2020-06-08 03-38-02| 2020-06-08 03-38-02| Error while adding file galaxies/MyGalaxy/modconfig.lua: 2020-06-08 03-38-02| galaxies/MyGalaxy/modconfig.lua:19: unexpected symbol near '}' 2020-06-08 03-38-02| 2020-06-08 03-38-02| Starting thread [Stacktrace Sender]... 2020-06-08 03-38-02| Started thread [Stacktrace Sender] with id 140491428812544 Found 0 mods in "galaxies/MyGalaxy/modconfig.lua". 2020-06-08 03-38-02| S2020-06-08 03-38-02| cript "galaxies/MyGalaxy/modconfig.lua" or one of its requirements is not in its original state, skipping sending of stack trace. 2020-06-08 03-38-04| name: The Banana Network thats what the server log says. Any help is Welcome. Thanks a lot
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