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  1. would love to know what others might think about this idea..
  2. Thoughts on how to make Avorion last longer: I think I may have come up with a couple ideas that might make the game last a lot longer, inspire more exploration, and shut down the whole “race to the core” play style. I have two potential fixes for this a medium game version and a long game version. Medium game. My thought here is to have all building blocks of the next higher resource tier off limits until you acquire the research to unlock them (iron being the exception). The research is gained by gaining excellent or even allies status with X number or civilizations. There could be an option for just any 3 or 5 or whatever civilizations, or perhaps you need to find a number of specific civilizations and work them up to gain the parts of the research to unlock the next tier. This will really have people exploring much more of the map. You can still go to next tier space, and even mine next tier ores, just not be able to build on to your ship with this material. Long Game As for the long the scenario is somewhat similar. However the difference being that you would have to find a civilization to sell you the research to build each block type individually. For instance one civ might have titanium generators, another civ might have titanium frame work. This would cause people to want to full explore to fill in there block options. Larger civs could possibly have a couple types etc, I realize there are usually only a hand full of civs in the core. Thanks for reading
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