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  1. very nice and looks like it'd fit in with how the game looks and functions by default. I might have to use this if I play heavily again.

    [Mod] Cargo UI

    would it be possible to modify a bar in for just a visual on cargo volume to how much volume you have? something similar to the way the game has the cargo show already, but with all this useful information. but perhaps, vertical next to the list for easier viewing for a graphical presentation of your cargo space and x item taking up that cargo space. besides that it gives a ton of info the other did not yet.
  3. I like this but I feel this and miner/salvage dps would work well together especially with the mining upgrade. as it would make more sense with the upgrade than the retarded "highlight"ing of asteroids. then it would enable x mod for getting y resource in actual usage.
  4. this mod idea, I like this for the scanning mechanism. it could be much better than the default "detection" module. because it gives a sense of immersion with scanning for things as a ship should with sensors.
  5. I prefer option 3, mostly because it has some of both worlds and the possibility of blueprinting rng drops could be a thing.
  6. then you aren't considered admin to the server, as only an admin of the server you play may use such commands unless the server allows /run with regular commands, such as a small personal server with few friends. and yes dedicated servers are a hassle with the command as even then they may not see you as admin without wanting to break a coffee table at why it refuses to believe you are admin, for me anyway.
  7. it's not a bug, the more same objects you get the higher your chance at a unified legendary or the key. same items like 5 wormhole module of legendary variety to get around, would have better chances than 3. splitting it up or only using 3 adds more chances for OTHER chances. such as your legendary turret you got instead of something higher such as the key. still just a chance and not the highest at that. that's why 5 was noted in the information by merchants.
  8. maybe the map needs a barrier around each section of 2 minerals similar to the core and enemies don't drop loot when killed by faction AI. then you still have to work up towards and through minerals to get places somewhat, and perhaps have a small section of story missions top proceed past each barrier similar to the core. of course they'd have to affect all missions outside of the core at the corresponding ring so you could freely move aroound that area via special gates the faction/s allow you to use afterward.
  9. graphics are flexible but it seems that if there's faction wars fps will die hard at times for lesser machines, if there's too many projectiles and drones at once. especially graphical projectiles like launchers from both ships and drones. the game is getting more stable, it's decent enough but kind of depends on whether you machine gets angry at it. for me it doesn't usually crash but it's better to be sure and play without collisions. as crashing can lead to collisions at the worst time that can wreck your ship. 142 hours, but mostly waiting on patches to try things out by now. my favorite is skulking around the galaxy killing things looking for interesting seeded shipyards and turret factories, since I munched through the rng capable content. it's kinda boring after you look too long for a favorite weapon type at turret factories though and all their materials to make upwards to 30-40. personally I want loads more sector type events of what you warp into or that can occur. not specifically events but the variety of settings that you find. such as abandoned ships, asteroid fields, large station wreckages and more but more variety over all. my most aggravating part is dealing with the falling fps every time I go to a new sector. 60 fps eventually going down to 7-6 fps is pathetic even if over 6000 sector files saved will do that.. faction wars are also very annoying when they keep occurring in each system following you and causing fps issues or just being bother-some. faction wars still happen too often and need to happen once and not follow into each new system you make active. weapon balance by rng seems too wild on loot quality, and turret factories can be obscene or garbage. after most fixes come around and some important changes, I'm mostly waiting to see how content shapes with the generation of events or sector settings you warp into, as well as the potential mods to create these by players.
  10. rebuilt my ship with the new thrusters in beta, I honestly don't mind it much. if you ask me thrusters are in a decent area. and this is with a large ship and 15 upgrade slots capable. turns like a rusty garbage truck but better than a barge that drifts through the town tearing everything up.
  11. hmmm 350gig? I thought I'd check my own galaxy folder just to look. mine is 7gig of just 6000 sector files. doesn't seem related enough to investigate further. but probably why the galaxy save I have has the map lag with fps shortages down to 25(from a default of 60+) and steadily fall with each warp down to about 6fps.
  12. if you ask me it's an issue with almost everything can be deconstructed, like abandoned ships. which will probably be stopped at some point.
  13. I presume either pirates or you got thrown into an asteroid(friend spawned in an asteroid and died instantly)
  14. like a lot said, the rng chance on looted turrets should increase. the turret factories themselves probably need their seed generation focused better to narrow it down so there's less suck and a little less obscene turrets. this is not as a nerf per say but to narrow it down. right now most factories are about 70% garbage, then you get the other 30% of random obscene weapons that no drop can compare to. I'm sure it'll get adjusted, personally I'd hope for the idea others have tossed around for reverse engineering turrets to craft them. I just mostly want rng loot turrets to be better to bridge the gap.
  15. the objective is not that the turrets are op, most of them are downright shitty except for the good ones you find in select factories. the objective is so there's alternatives to crafting them by spending more to get the item. look at it from a stand point from going to iron to xanion. the whole way you likely wont craft turrets because you're too busy exploring and getting closer to the center using looted turrets. what's the point of them then? and most are actually shitty, while some are obscenely powerful. I'm sure that'll probably be balanced out eventually, but the point again was to have other ways, if more expensive to craft turrets, if borderline buying them for a much higher cost from the factory. the additional idea was that maybe stations and their stocks will get adjusted so most aren't empty of materials(inactive sectors not getting trades) or almost nothing, due to inactive sectors. the other is perhaps factories for turrets may get stocks of the parts enabling the purchasing at higher prices, as well as more trading possabilities. as another said, it's about cohesive weapons a bit as well. who wasn't a little irritated that you had this hodge podge redneck ship of random weapons while every enemy had cohesive weapons to aim better at you(it looks so much nicer too). but it's mostly to make it easier at the expense of cost. I've had to hunt down through probably 50 systems to gather everything to make a set of 20-30 turrets to play around with. so I feel like it'd be a nice addition as an alternative for every time you find a turret factory and get good standing, you'd think about making a few as you progress further. instead of skipping them until you got the trinium or xanion just to hunt down the most overpowered rngesus turret/s you could find of the variety you prefer. how ever I do like the idea of recycling and reverse engineering turrets so you could make them. that would be fun and enable trading with others as well.
  16. right now turret factories require materials and credits to build. but gathering materials gets tedious. would it be possible to allow turret factories to charge double or triple the material costs? if not that could it be implemented for the credit cost it's self being double or triple? I understand stations and their stock goods will be adjusted to work better when the sector is uninhabited by players but currently with how the galaxy map slowly gets more and more fps intensive. I'd like a possible choice for buying crafted turrets. but by then turret factories may as well have stocks materials listed and if you could buy them as such for a higher price when stocks are low. and yes, I understand credits and trading is far too easy currently and will be eventually re-balanced.
  17. I don't play on the beta branch currently but it does look like thrusters should be at least 50% of their thin variety stacked together as a whole thruster in it's volume/mass. though personally I'd say 75% but I'm mostly saying by numbers here the current ones look really steep like you're driving a barge. and I see the dev stopped the wormholes into the ring(yes I know it was needed). lol
  18. I see I missed out on some stuff, and it looks much cleaner now. who knows maybe this could come in handy for the dev to rebalance weapon rng stats that drop in the future.
  19. what's with the "damage x" and the next line "/shot"? mostly the /shot part as it looks confusing after reading damage x
  20. I love this in all the info gleaned. it's amazing. it's like looking at game ini files but in-game all over again from C&C games but with dps perspectives.
  21. maybe the dev will stop in to answer a few things about this at some point to clear things up
  22. I heard some barrels aren't more than 1 shot but others show it is for some dps stats. is it just the energy weapons that more than one barrel don't mean anything? because then it may clear up some things.
  23. I don't really like it either after awhile other than for some form of "immersion" but I'd prefer a mod or block method to lower it similar to the hyperspace block for warp range.
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