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  1. Hey. Maybe a bit late for an answer, but try disabling ambient occlusion. Works fine for me
  2. Just had an idea to make the early game a little more interesting. What about an rpg-like skill system for the player with skills like: Charisma: more relations points earned Luck: better chance to find better loot Trading: better prices Mindful: increased radar You get 15 points - for each upgrade slot one And you can earn points and rewards for killing 10, 100, 1000, 10k ... pirates, xsotan, warships.
  3. Nah, much easier solution: Let me make folders and allow me to disable the ship-preview-picture.
  4. The idea is good, but limiting building habits does not sound comfortable. But it gives me an idea for late game content after the final boss. What do you guys think about a "perk"? Examples: - a dash, that teleports you 10km in the direction you're looking with a cooldown of 2 minutes - invulnerable bubble that lasts 10 seconds, also with cooldown - invisibility until using weapons A player can only have one perk equipped. Perks can be build at the headquarter of an allied faction within the barrier. Needs wormhole guardian drop, 10 mil Avorion, 1 billion credits, hard to find components, legendary system upgrade. Some things can only be found in early game regions and only spawn when the final boss is done
  5. Would be a good opportunity to improve the Radar System Upgrade of Legendary Quality
  6. How about a System Upgrade that helps you keep your inventory clean? As an endgame player, it can be annoying when your inventory fills with crap so i thought of another way around it. I spent some time in Photoshop to make an example how it could look like. Obtaining this Upgrade could include: - a new mission (bring hard to find components to a station) - a boss that drops this upgrade - grinding. just a new, but rare drop Hope you like the idea
  7. I think it would be just an unnessesary game feature. In the first place, why would you claim an asteroid and just leave it? Will you ever come back at some point to sell it or found a mine? And IF you found a mine, you can find it in the fleet-tab ob the player menu Secondly there are so many asteroids to find in yellow blip systems. Sometimes you can find 3 in one system. Also there is already a way to attach a note to systems with right click. You can search for it in the top left corner of the map. This is my preferred way
  8. There once were stations made entirely out of Avorion. They are shown in the random pictures while loading screens or the main menu but not found in the game anymore. Either their spawns are tied to a higher difficulty or they have been completely removed. I have tried finding information about this topic, but nobody talks about it. No, I dont think they make farming Avorion too easy, because -They used to be defended high tier battleships. -Destroying stations with 50 Mil+ Shield and Hull requires either lots of patience or very good weapons. And dont forget Headhunter-Xsotan-Pirate-Encounters. -Harvesting the station wreckages took forever with ogonite - in fact so long that the wreckage despawns before its fully salvaged, so avorion salvaging is the only option. There have been many updates containing balancing, new enemies, weapons which would make Avorion stations viable again. In my opinion, they should be brought back.
  9. Hello I came back to Avorion after some time and I still love it. The problem: I am spending most of my play time in the inventory and at research stations because my inventory is constantly at max. The easieset solution should be to change the server.ini. After changing the limit and running the game nothing happened - even worse - the collision damage is now active and the difficulty has changed. The seed is also empty. I'm assuming it resets itself to the values as if you start a new galaxy. I tried setting the file as read-only, but the game does not care and changes it back anyways. Also tried keeping the file opened while running the game. What do I have to do to make it work as intended as so many people suggest? Is there a setting I have to change in Steam? Maybe theres an admin command to increase inventory size If you're a dev: Why not add a slider for Singleplayer-Inventory-Size in the Options? Maybe in an "advanced options" register when creating a new galaxy Thanks for taking your time and helping
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