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  1. Hi, I installed a ship and station replacement mod (made by SDK). link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2266369998 I love the new ships and station and plan to add more ships and stations template for even more variety. The problem we (playing with 2 other buddy) have, is that AI ships feels too bullet sponge, since they most likely have integrity field gen, and are much bigger = more HP/shield. I'm trying to figure out a way make the ship less tanky and increase their damage to compensate. I think I can edit the ships templates included in the mod to manually remove all integrity field gen block, and don't mind doing it, but not sure if there is another way to disable it on all AI controlled ship? Or if it will change anything at all? We're currently playing in hardcore difficulty, so ship deal 100% dmg. We can move to insane to get bring them to 200%, but is there another way to manually change the damage % if it doesn't feel enough?
  2. If you do a search in a turret factory and add a search filter. Close the window. Interact with the same turret factory again search for anything no result You need to warp out of the sector and come back to fix this. Very annoying when trying to compare turret from 2 different factory
  3. I don't know if I'm the only one doing that, but here is the situation: Open the map, setup mining ship loop or move them around, then close the map. Open the map again, then right-click a sector to Set a destination for your current ship.... I always forget to clear my ship selection and instead of selecting a sector, I send the jump to command to my previous ship and delete their loop setup... It takes seconds to fix, and if your are not lucky, you can send your miner/hauler or whatever ship in a sector full of pirates :) Everytime we close the map, I think it might be best to clear the previous ship selection.
  4. I started playing with mines and factories. It's A LOT of work and planification to get even some basic factory to work together in a same sector. My main issue if when I need to transfer goods from mines located in a different sector than my factory. I tried the following: Got a mine in sector 1 Got a factory who need goods from the mine in sector 2 Set a hauler ship to "buy" 500 goods from mine in sector 1 Then jump to sector 2 Then "sell" to sector 2 until 0 Then jump back to sector 1 Loop The problem is if the factory won't "buy" the good from the hauler, the hauler will end up in error: no one to sell good or something like that, and the loop get stuck instead of skipping to the next step. Also, similar to this, setting up a trade route with a hauler: I tried this Factory in sector 1 potential buyers for goods in sectors 2, 3 and 4. Set hauler to "buy" 5000 (or whatever number ) from sector 1 Then jump to sector 2 Then sell goods until 0 Then warp to sector 3 Then sell goods until 0 Then warp to sector 4 Then warp back to sector 1 Loop Same problem here, if sector 1 won't buy the good, the loop get stuck instead of skipping to next step. Last suggestion Once the loop logic is fixed, a SELL ALL command would be awesome... Fill up a freighter with all sort of goods, then have the option to queue up SELL ALL in a bunch of sectors. Right now, haulers requires insane micromanagement thanks!
  5. I couldn't find detailed information on the impact of having level 3 crew for every type of crew. As per the wiki: They start with a workforce of 1.5 on level 1 which increases by 0.5 for each level gained What else? Mechanics repair ship hull faster (up to 130%) Engineers I think add more speed and acceleration (up to 130% as well) Not sure about shield, yaw/pitch/roll, and other stats. What about the others? Do they gives anything special? How about pilots? I think it's 1:1 for each fighter no matter the level, so what is the benefit of pilot rank 3? Gunners? Miners? Border? Captain? (some AI improvement on captain lvl 3 would be sweet lol) ****edit**** Just found this is a patch note from 2017: Fighters now dodge shots whenever they would be hit Every fighter has 3 dodges per minute and 1 for every professionality level of their pilot When a fighter dodges, it becomes invulnerable to shots for 1 second When all dodges are used up, fighters have a 30% chance (+10% per pilot level, max 50%) of dodging shots Fighters do sick loops and barrel rolls when they dodge a shot
  6. Is there a way to turn on out of sector simulation so mining ship aren't 100% safe as long as no player are in the same sector? Just trying to up the diffculty of the game and it would make total sense that pirates would seek easy prey.
  7. ******EDIT****** Ok, so I got the server running on a completely different machine with better CPU (i5 4th gen), same workers / thread settings. Lag is completely gone. ****************** Hi, I'm running a dedicated server on one of my PC for 2 friends and myself. Windows 10 home CPU: AMD FX-8120 3.1 Ghz 8 core 12GB of RAM SSD hard drive Network is 120 down and 20 upload The PC is pretty much only used for my dedicated server. I'm not gaming on the same PC. It's only for 3 player, and me being on the same LAN as the server. I'm using this machine for all my dedicated server, Ark, Conan, Empyrion, 7Days to die (running one or 2 at a time). No issue with any of those game. We started playing Avorion last week and it's really giving me a hard time figuring out what's wrong with the dedicated server. We're getting alot of "lag" and stutter even me, being on the same network. NPC ships spinning, can't deal or receive damage... It's intermittent, and happen even when only 2 of us are online. We're still early in the game, so we have a few miner ships and we own one ship for combat each. We didn't go crazy with fighters, and it doesn't seems to do any difference if they are out or not. CPU is never getting higher than 37-38% when the 3 of us are on during fight. There is pleny of RAM left and my bandwith is not going more than 1MBps on upload... Here is my server.ini config. Let me know what I should do to improve the server performance: [Game] Seed=X4nx0qunIM Difficulty=0 HardcoreEnabled=false InfiniteResources=false CollisionDamage=1 SafePlayerInput=false PlayerToPlayerDamage=true LogoutInvincibility=true LogoutInvincibilityDelay=30 DevMode=false ExplicitCallables=true BigWreckageDespawnTime=1800 SmallWreckageDespawnTime=900 MaximumFightersPerSectorAndPlayer=-1 MaximumBlocksPerCraft=-1 MaximumVolumePerShip=-1 MaximumVolumePerStation=-1 MaximumPlayerShips=-1 MaximumPlayerStations=-1 MaximumBlocksPerTurret=250 PlayerInventorySlots=1000 AllianceInventorySlots=1000 Version=1.0 sameStartSector=true startUpScript=data/scripts/server/server.lua startSectorScript=startsector [system] saveInterval=600 sectorUpdateTimeLimit=300 emptySectorUpdateInterval=0.5 workerThreads=8 generatorThreads=4 scriptBackgroundThreads=2 aliveSectorsPerPlayer=8 weakUpdate=true profiling=false sendCrashReports=true hangDetection=true backups=true backupsPath= simulateHighLoadServer=false sendSectorDelay=2 placeInShipOnDeathDelay=7 [Networking] port=27000 broadcastInterval=5 isPublic=true isListed=false isAuthenticated=true sendStatsToAdmins=true useSteam=true I saw quite a lot of people with the same problem, so I'm starting to think it's a problem with the game itself and not really config or hardware related, but I really love the game and if I can at least get it to run smoother while we're waiting for a fix it would be appreciated.
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