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  1. Own rented server, I was online alone.
  2. I'm so furious right now I can't tell. I loaded up the game after a couple of days to try the new version, and right after logging in I found my main ship destroyed that was parked near an Equipment Dock. It has never happened to me before, it had 2M shields and 100+ fighters. Well, it was on a multiplayer server and I had a token of course, although I was quite bitter but I rebuilt it. And then...my ships started getting attacked, and instantly destroyed by pirates! One by one! 7 miners, all the Key ships near the barrier, 1 salvager and 1 explorer ship, and some other smallers vessels, mostly idle. I've got at least 20 of my ships destoyed all over the galaxy within minutes!! It happened so fast I couldn't realize.... ...WHAT IS HAPPENING??!
  3. unfortunately not, the servers should be accessible for everyone. :) That is indeed unfortunate because servers can't handle more than 10 ppl without heavy lag and constantly high cpu load, and one obvious way to avoid that is to keep client numbers as low as possible and filter them to only the known members of the community.
  4. Is it possible to get a password protected official server for a closed community?
  5. Based on the wording, I would say it means that that the sector you are in when you found your alliance becomes your alliance home sector. Unfortunately no., because my alliance "has no home sector".
  6. Hey, I've come to the forums with the same issue, I can't figure out how to set home sector for my Alliance. They only thing I found about this is from an old patch notes, saying: Newly founded alliances now have their founder's current sector as home sector coordinates I don't really know what this supposed to mean exactly so some word from the developers would be nice.
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