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  1. That would work... I'd be happy with just ctrl+A, ctrl+S, ctrl+D so they don't have to finagle a UI for v1.0
  2. Title says it all, be able to purchase beacons (both personal and alliance?) at the equipment shop. Cheap ones broadcast all the time "in the clear" (like exodus beacons) , mid-priced ones only broadcast while you (for personal) are in the system. Top-line show an icon on the galactic map.
  3. True, my thinking would be to have my palette of common elements (antenna, engines, airlocks, etc...) open in one window for easy cut/paste to the ship or station I'm working on. While it is possible to do that now by saving and opening files its somewhat clunky.
  4. Being able to have more than one ship editor files/.windows open at once (at cut/paste) between the them would make ship building worlds easier.
  5. Major props to whoever coded the random ship/station engine. There are some really cool stations that pop up all the time. that being said it would be really great if, at the least you could "purchase" a copy of the station's plans for use in the ship editor or have a option/mod to scan a ship/station into a saved directory in the editor.
  6. We can merge ... add the option to split (50/50 starters) an object along the x/y/z planes.
  7. Be able to group / ungroup objects so they can be added, moved and deleted together
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