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  1. When I issue the fighter recall, it takes foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever for all aircraft to land, forcing me to either abandon them or manually take control of each fighter and land it my self. My ship has a pair of landing bays on each side, however the front to the hangers are blocked (by design). It appears some fighters are swarming the front, try to get to the blocked hanger openings. Are both ends of hangers required to be free and clear or is this a defect needing to be addressed?
  2. I run a dedicated server at home for my friends and I to play on 24x7. Among some of the "opportunities for improvement" in the game, if you are going to introduce "official servers" then you need to fix the ability to save the password on connect (like Conan Exiles and other games do) and the "Remove Server" button needs to work, and not force the user community to edit client files to make junk go away. Regards...
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