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  1. Or a sliding like those when you hire crew...
  2. Counter-suggestion. Make all loots remain inside the wreckage. Let the player collect the loots just like how we collect loots from hidden stash.
  3. As per title. Instead of only just "cargo" and "Armament". Where [Cargo] shows cargo in craft/ship/station, and [Armament] shows upgrades and weapons. How about, having "Crew" and "Hull" button. Where [Crew] shows status of crew allocation and moral of overall ship, and [Hull] shows current and total for both Hull and Shield. And if possible, a button for AI reaction to hostile presences, a drop-down list of functions for when hostile appear in that sector, AI does [...] that can include jumping away randomly, engage, ignore, jumping to other known explored sector, etc. ie a condition trigger.
  4. Counter-suggestion. I prefer having a option to scale, instead of a general difficulty. Maybe a, scaling bar for HP/Shield/DMG multiplier? An option check/uncheck for perma-death and destruction of items. A scaling bar for enemies count, and NPC/Allies count. And an option to personally adjust the damage for blocks to be destroyed.
  5. As per title, let us settle our bases/stations/facilities everything on the planet, or IE let us colonize it. The planet surface is far bigger and wider then the space station. Hence, players can put more stuff on the surface. As for the hitbox, let the planet sit in the middle of the sector. (Far most bottom, visually only). As for losing it, let it be space occupancy rate or military strength. If enemy ships occupy 100% of space territory, the planet loss HP over time. When it's 0, the planet/colonization on the planet is gone, (IE, enemy taken over). Now with this, there's most reason to use patrol/guard a sector. But we need some planetary defenses... so here, on the planet surface (after upgrading), will some planet-to-space defense , for example... Cannon. But there's a problem. Enemies running away from the center of the sector at 2k~3k m/s velocity should be auto-hyperdrive out of the sector. For example PvP, players, if you'r 1,000 KM away from the sector, you'r basically should be in another sector by space coordinates. For NPC (pirates/xsotan/NPC guards), should despawn, and considered KIA, ie Desertion .
  6. Hi, an idea to put stations/crafts/ships to sleep. Just like destroyed crafts, but these sleeping crafts/station are alive, but not rendered in sector or included in any part of the OOS calculation. As they are asleep, craft wages are freezed. When a craft/station is in-play, they will be rendered in the sector, they are 'ACTIVE'. But when they are asleep, they will not be rendered in the sector, hences "ASLEEP", (ie logic from from the depths' pull out of play)
  7. As per title. A suggestion to split fleet management into ships and stations. With fleet management in fleet management. And Station management in stations management (stations are not fleet, they dont move). Side-note, We should have the ability to change alive sector in single player mode.
  8. Currently the block menu in the build mode can be annoying. If you will to copy a xanoin block, opening the block menu will scroll you to xanoin, even if you were to scroll up to iron section. You will fight against the auto re-alignment of the block menu. Suggestion, give us different material in tabs form. Allowing to have more type of blocks in the block menu. New blocks: It puzzles me why stuff like radar, scanner only exist in terms of system upgrades and not blocks in the block menu in build mode. Radar block, increase radar sector by absolute value based on volume of Radar block and material strength. Radar analyzer block, increase deep scan by absolute value based on volume of Radar analyzer block and material strength. Scanner block, increase scanner by absolute value based on volume of Scanner block and material strength. Transporter block, removes the need for transporter system upgrade (and removes the need for transporter block for the system upgrades), docking distance increase based on the volume of Transporter block and material strength. (For a newbie, having to obtain it in the iron sector and only equipping it just to be told that it's worth a few million credit and that you need a Transporter block that only exist in Xanion and above is a slap in the Newbie' face) Military Turret control block, increase the amount Military turret slot by absolute value based on the volume of Military Turret control block and material strength. Civil Turret control block, increase the amount of Civil turret slot by absolute value based on the volume of Civil Turret control block and material strength. Military Turret Empowerment block, increase the amount of damage boost for Military turret based on volume of the block and material strength. (ie, like enemy ship buff for difficulty level, for this time for players). Civil Turret Empowerment block, increase the amount of damage boost for Civil turret based on volume of the block and material strength. Sector analyzer block, (Valuable detector) , increase range of valuable detection based on volume of the block and material strength. Hyperspace reach block, increase range of hyperspace based on volume of the block and material strength. Hyperspace recharge block, increase recharge of hyperspace based on volume of the block and material strength. Hyperspace cooldown, increase cooldown of hyperspace based on volume of the block and material strength. Jammer block, reduce enemies' Military turret accuracy by multiplication based on volume of the block and material strength. Hacking block, increase hacking strength and range based on volume of the block and material strength. (range to enemy, damage to enemies' systemHP). Like boarding. Firewall block, increase system security strength against hacking based on volume of the block and material strength. Like Security aganist boarding. Computer core (OLD), with new effects of giving more systemHP based on volume of the block and material strength. All other blocks gives minor systemHP volume of the block and material strength. Hacking situation. If hacking strength at 10, enemies' firewall at 6, Hacking does 4 damage to enemies' systemHP. If enemies' systemHP reach 0, trigger a debuff per X second. Debuff severity ranging from (1) to (3). With each level prior have to be cleared before proceeding to next. 1) Shield integrity impacted, and later shutdown. (disabled until systemHP fully recovers, and only after (2) and (3)) 2) Military turret slowly disable one by one. (disabled until systemHP fully recovers, and only after (3)) 3) Power supply impacted and later disabled, (disabled until systemHP fully recovers) When all crew in enemy craft reach 0, trigger boarding victory condition. (The craft is now yours) Edit: Refinery block, enable craft to refine on refine command at x% based on volume and material strength of block. Drone Hanger block, unlike normal hanger, this hold only a single drone that size of the craft. (ie Sub-craft). Capable of installing system upgrades. Uses fighter creation as basis for appearance and weapon type. Amount of install-able system upgrades based on volume of the block. Health is x% of main craft (the craft that the Drone hanger block is on), based on volume and material strength of block. Drone unable to act alone, and does not appear in Map. It stays and destroyed with the main craft.
  9. As per title. Problem arise when your personally mod the radar mod (increase by 2x or so). It' wave of radar blimp starts from your craft to the far out reach limit of your radar. If it's so far/big, the interval of the next radar blimp is delayed. Suggestion. 1) Make radar blimp remains stationary (no more fading, and playing whack the mole of trying to catch them to Tag yellows). 2) Give an option to tag all yellow (hidden mass sector) at once in map.
  10. Instead of simulating a parallel sector when no player is in. Why not make it run based on another system, without simulating that parallel sector, and only update when it' all gone or player enter the said sector. I suggestion. Based on the LUA in the data file i see. (i'm total noob in LUA). Have it based on a pooled Health vs DPS of craft effective weaponry. For Mining OOS: Pooled.AsteroidHP = Total Resources in sector x stone or richstone health multiplier per Material.Level Effective.weaponry = check if equipped weaponry > resource zone, if Weapon.MaterialLevel > Material.ZoneLevel then Higher effective weaponry exist. Effective.weaponryBonus = min(1, Weapon.MaterialLevel - Material.ZoneLevel) Ineffective.weaponBonus = min(0.5, Weapon.MaterialLevel - Material.ZoneLevel) Effective weaponry DPS = count of Effective.weaponry x Effective.weaponryBonus x MiningDPS Total Effective weaponry DPS = sum of all different MaterialLevel Effective weaponry DPS. Refinery.EfficiencyRate = average of all Efficiency mining laser. Server update 60. Total Effective weaponry DPS = Total Effective weaponry DPS * 60 OOS.MiningProgression = Total Effective weaponry DPS - Pooled.AsteroidHP * TravelDeviation getInt(0,1) Player loot refined resources per Pooled.AsteroidHP / Stone or richstone health multiplier * Refinery.EfficiencyRate For Raw-ores, Cargo update 60, obtain Pooled.AsteroidHP / Stone or richstone health multiplier * Refinery.EfficiencyRate When player enter mid-way, update asteroid. SectorAsteroid - OOS.MiningProgression. Server, destroy/delete asteroid to the rounded value of SectorAsteroid. When Pooled.AsteroidHP = 0, resources in sector is nil = true. For Salvaging OOS: Like Mining OOS, but Pooled.AsteroidHP = Pooled.WreakageHP. Player loot items rate = Pooled.WreakageHP / Material.Strength health multiplier * Refinery.EfficiencyRate For Gate traveling OOS: (map command to tell player craft AI ship to move, no need to run a parallel sector to simulate AI-controlled craft travelling to A to B) Have to set a ETA travel between 2 gate based on sector distances. Gate.TravelTime = 10 seconds. Gate.ETATravel = (Gate.Point [A] [x,y] - Gate.Point [x,y] ) * Gate.TravelTime Save.craft = time on Gate.Point [A] Gate.Point = Load craft = Save.craft + Gate.ETATravel + TravelDeviationTime getInt(0,10) Server update = Gate.ETATravel. if Sector not empty, update entity in sector. (without ships, just stations and faction) For Jump OOS: OOS.Jump = craft hyperspace cooldown ETA.Jump = number of jump * OOS.Jump if remaining energy > 1, continue, otherwise end Server update = OOS.Jump if Sector not empty, update entity in sector. (without ships, just stations and faction)
  11. Idea. Combination of the whole squad in to one fighter (let's call it Squad Fighter). This has the combined durability, damage of the whole squad. Still use a pilot per fighter in the squad (up to 12). Use the BP of the squad as template for appearance. Weapon of the Squad fighter comprise of all the fighter in that squad. (ie, if there is 6 railgun and 6 chaingun, the Squad fighter' weapon have a railgun that does 6x damage and a chaingun that does 6x damage). For mining, raw-mining, salvaging, raw-salvaging. The Squad fighter' mining/raw-mining/salvaging/raw-salvaging efficiency is average of the whole entire squad.
  12. As title says, a playable area in space. No reason for any battles to occur or any enemies to retreat at 2 to 3km/s velocity from you. Limit all craft to the playable area (Ie, space box). Any craft that reach or touch the limit get rebounded. Should be less stress-ful for the server as well, as there isn't any need to record stuff at zxc km away from center of sector (ie from lua, it's -5000 to 5000 for asteroid).
  13. Problem, Salvaging and mining fighters are now acting like they are fighting the salvage or asteroid. (Haven't use repair fighter yet, assumed the same problem). They seems to make a bomb run fly towards the target with boost on, and when within X KM, retreact. dea: In the fighter factory when building fighter, have an additional option of attack pattern. A 'Worker" pattern where the fighter stay stationary a few KM away from the target. A ""Gunship" pattern where the fighter strafe sideways around the target. rgds
  14. Having multiple stations will cause lag for low-tier PC, having 1 station where it handle all factory or station function reduce the stress on the PC. With the main objectives of reducing stress on low-tier PC. Idea: Players spend the same amount of credit to unlock the factory/station as per normal, but in this case, instead of having multiple station floating around, it's all unlocked into one. (Ie, Basic, Low-tech, Advanced, High-tech, and other others like shipyard, etc). Where currently, stations can have up to 6 manufacturing bar, i suggestion this Mega station to have 1 bar for all other products, to reduce the cluttering of bar in space. Have a separate window, or tab to view the amount of products produced on each cycle or completion of the bar. Views only the net result in cases where output of a factory is an input of another factory. IE, Raw oil ->Oil. In math, it's produce of 10 Raw oil, but consumed 10 raw oil to produce 10 oil, so in net it's 10 Oil. Player can have only 1. Products manufactured all goes into cargo as per normal. To ease the RAM and CPU stress on the PC, NPC Traders should not spawn in, but the sales of products should be warped out. (IE sales of products through warp human-size gate inside the station). Different types of Mega station: -Mega-station Manufacturer, to have x% bonus in products produced. But lead to higher rate of bandit attacks. -Mega-station Military Camp, to have additional Armed turret slots inherited by nature. Reduction in products produced. -Mega-station Wormhole, able to construct a wormhole with cost of material (distance to core) and credits, but with higher chance of attacks from Xsotan with attack/threat level according to the other entrances sector (if it's Avorion zone, it's Avorion level).
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