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  1. I see the game sores a LOT of data (big saves) somewhere in appData. I have a small SSD drive just for the OS, everything else goes on other drives and this is filling it up. Any way to change the location where those files are stored?
  2. The turret prices are bonkers And covering up engines make no damn sense. Changing the glow color for aesthetic sense, OK? But covering engines behind layers of armor is just cheaty
  3. 1 - no retro engine/thruster. And I mean REAL retros. Powerful, big one. Like main engines, but in reverse. 2 - you can cover up engine exhausts, it does not mater. This one really bothers me. 3 - too much weapon randomness. Far too many weapons without rhyme or reason. I've found size 1 turrets that do 10x more damage than far larger turrets. What's the point of size? Shouldn't bigger turrets be more powerful and longer ranged, at the expense of turning speed (hence, being better at attacking larger targets) Also, because of the sheer randomness, you almost never have more than 1 turrets of a kind. So equipping your ship evenly is downright impossible. It triggers my autism.
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