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  1. Well from what we've seen, the combat fighters that we built started off with shield blocks, and at first they didn't have "Shield" in the tooltip stats. Then, out of nowhere, some of the ones that were built from that same blueprint actually ended up with functional shields. We took one of the built fighters that actually had functional shields and made it a blueprint in the carrier's squad. From then on, every fighter built from that ship's assembler with that blueprint had legitimate fighters with shields.
  2. Honestly, while I'd like an answer to this particular question eventually, I'm more interested in an answer to my question about shields on fighters that I posted too.
  3. Ok, but why is there a greyed out button that says "Home Sector" in the Alliance General screen, right next to the "Modify" button for the MOTD? If it's just a feature that hasn't been implemented yet, that's fine and I can understand that. However, nobody from the dev team, nor anybody else really, can give a definitive answer to some of these questions.
  4. So since it's been crickets in this post and the devs don't seem to respond in the forums, I thought I'd make an update.. Out of nowhere, my buddy's ship with an assembler started producing the original fighters we had built, but now they're being produced with shields. No rhyme or reason for it and certainly no explanation.
  5. Recently started seeing this message spamming down the console on my LInux-based Dedicated Server: uncritical but too large update in component: Durability, Size: XXXX (various numbers) Any idea what's causing it?
  6. I tag the sector if I haven't visited it. (Right click on the sector in the map, select Tag) If I have visited the sector, I use Notes (same right-click menu) to describe certain situations in more detail over what the tooltip shows. Such as if the sector has wrecks to salvage or Claimable asteroids.
  7. The worst part of it is that nobody actually knows and the Devs are pretty silent about it, even on their own forums. Just today I found some garbage fighters for sale on a Fighter Factory that actually had shield stats. Unfortunately, the material and DPS stats for a combat fighter were, as I said, garbage. This leads me to believe that fighters can and do have shields, at least when they're bought rather than built. Some confirmation from the devs would be nice on whether they actually CAN be built with shields or not. I attempted to build a 27 million credit Xanion Railgun Fighter with shields. The design had shield blocks, and what I ended up with was a 27m credit glass cannon that takes 3 hours to build with an excessive amount of assembly volume.
  8. Yes. We completely own the sector that we're in. There are no other faction stations or assets in-sector, and our sector is at least 3 sectors from the nearest faction, who we are allied with.
  9. Well, except that I've seen fighters for sale in the shops that actually have shields and are much more survivable than the ones without. So I'm wondering, again, what do I need to do to build a fighter in a fighter factory that is actually going to have shields on it. I'm about to build a 27m credit fighter and the tooltip doesn't show shields at all even though the ship used for the fighter does, in fact, have shields on it.
  10. So, there isn't any even remotely updated info on this. I see fighters with shields all the time. Is there something special you have to do to build fighters in a fighter factory for them to actually have shields on them? I ask because just making sure the design has shield blocks doesn't seem to be enough.
  11. Yep, that's what I thought too, but no option to set it at the Alliance shipyard I have.
  12. So, it's 2020, v1.0 has come out, and I've done a fair bit of googling on the subject. I'm running a dedicated server on my own, and have a few mods that are working great. One thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to set a home sector for my alliance. We have a sector carved out, with a couple mines, a resource depot, and a ship yard. Now, how do I set that sector as my Alliance's Home Sector. There is no option to do it in the Alliance menus that I can find anywhere. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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