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  1. If i start Avorion in Linux, i get a warning, which i cant read: Maybe, this is the same as in Windows: Im not sure, but i think its the same (game is set to german language). I have read how to workaround this message in Windows, but what can i do to get rid of this in Linux?
  2. No problem. The community gives me enough reasons to try it. Many thanks for that. I purchased the game for me and my son a few days ago. Well, what can I say... we love it! At least I'm missing a little bit of detail from Space Engineers. But there is more real life in the game and you are not as alone as in SE. You always have a goal in sight and discover new things all the time. We haven't regretted it so far. Please keep up the good work!
  3. Great! In that case i have now to persuade my wife to release the money for both steam accounts :-)
  4. That sounds great. I have found the texture pack you mentioned, from the pictures special the second and third one looks good to me. But what i mean is, i miss highlights on the textures from light sources like the sun on textures and deep shadows, but maybe i haven't played the demo enough. Or reflections from other objects in glass etc. If there is some way to enable such things, that would be really cool at least on some spare parts.
  5. I like SE very much. Especially because of its details and because I can build and design functional ships and stations. Currently I am building a big spaceport with a functional hotel, hangars, lounges and also an industrial part in the station, where you can trade with things and produce goods. Everything really detailed, also and especially from inside the station. As you can perhaps see, I'm more interested in building things in detail that you can really interact with in the end and that will work as expected. That includes being able to move around inside a ship or station, use elevators, etc. If I understood the demo correctly, it doesn't exist in Avorion to that extent. So I don't create a room for the crew or a bridge in detail, but I just put a block on the ship as crew quarters and that's it. So I'm afraid I have little influence on how a ship or station works or where I can improve and optimize something. On the other hand, in SE I am simply missing something "life". In the end everything is finished and works but nobody can use it. There are no outsiders and use the station for trade and barter, at most I have to defend myself against pirates or other factions. But peaceful trade with NPC or other players does not take place. Especially the latter I would wish for. What I also noticed: At first sight the game looks somewhat "old-fashioned". SE on the other hand looks more "polished" and a bit nicer. There are really nice textures that differ, and a lot of details on the blocks (no matter if from the texture or the 3D model). Somehow most of the blocks in Avorion look pretty much the same. The only difference between an engine block and a hull block, at least in the demo, is that the engine block has a yellow light on one side. Please don't take this as an accusation, these are just things I noticed. Maybe it's different in the full game or I just used the wrong blocks. If so, that would be great of course.
  6. I'm coming from space engineers and stumpled across Avorion today the first time. I downloaded the demo and played a little bit. Since it's some time since the demo release and the actual version on steam, I would like to ask if there is a newer version which I could test before I buy it. I only will to be sure that the game is something for me and my son, since I have to buy it 2 times.
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