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  1. Old SE Veteran (5k+ h) here. I was a bit suspicious of Avorion at first, too.. mainly due to the fact that you will not work around with your astronaut in Person. Rather the ship(s) or drone 'become' your avatar. This removes a lot of the detail need, you may have in SE, like laying out and building a ship so that a Person can really walk around in it and steer/use it. Yet even though I never was the person interested in good looking stuff, due to the freely resizable and strechable (is that a wod?) building 'Blocks' you can build details in your ship which are never possible in SE in a smaller scale (like non Star Wars Executor size.) As mentioned though, Rotors, Pistons and Merge Blocks are not available. What eventually really got me hooked, was the fact, that you have not only encounters with hostile NPCs, but the economy and faction play really has an impact up to the End Boss. There is always something happening that you can immerse yourself in. And I can have a variety of different weapons, including turrets of all sorts, coaxial guns and launchers, torpedo launchers and even fighter compliments, which are usable with ease (and no need for cool but complicated scripts.) Don't get me wrong, I love the SE PvP play with my friends. But beyond that, SE has the sandbox for shipbuilding with realistic physics (which it was intended to be, no critic here) and little beyond. Some very very cool scenarios made by modders showed the potential, but Keen originally did not even intended in that direction. ;) Avorion was described to me as a mix of SE and 4X and I can confirm fully. Note: I've only played it in Single Player mode yet, but over 208h since I bought it just not quite a month ago. Have fun playing it with your son! :)
  2. I kind of second that idea, though I'd be satisfied with the second sorting drop down containing a slot size filter option. So we could have DPS on the left and slot size on the right. Would that be feasible? And a bit off topic: is there a way to mark specific terms in the search field as to exclude them? E.g. I have Laser turrets and Point Defense Laser Turrets. How do I only see the 'normal' laser turrets w/out the PD ones?
  3. Questions: would screenshots, publicly shared in Steam, be sufficient for you too?
  4. hi Pino, That is some really helpful insight here! Thank you. I've seen Summoners before in 'regular' sectors, they are always target No. 1. I haven't even see the prototype while under the invasion attacks. Too much panic/anger I guess. ;) Will try to catch him next time.
  5. Update: Thank the gods, I'm (somewhat) saved. After the Guardian respawned, all his nasty Xsotans warped away from every sector to the ghosts know where. So I can finally mine again! =) Too bad, one can't salvage the wreck(s) of ones own destroyed ships. I'd be happy to get at least some of the materials back. ;) But at least I'm no longer frustrated now. :)
  6. Ahoi and thanks for the reply! Well, since I think I might have been one of the very few who already encountered and beat the end boss after said update and thus triggering the even I honestly can't tell if it is a bug or me simply beating the endboss with way too few pew pew to the wrooom. I basically equipted the ship with the most badass hitscan guns (Lightning + Rail, 20+ km range) I could find, backed up by some big coaxial seeker missile turret for the lolz and actually two point defense/anti fighter turrets. That is because even if they did not dent my shields, those fighters spit out by the Xsotan dreadnoughts got annoying. (Yes, I lost my full fighter compliment with the ship, still in the hangars, while dying.) And let us be honest: that end of the wormhole lead to a sector where my allies actually had a few stations and cruisers. I think I remember chat messages of them broadcasting: They are to much, we can't hold, fall back! in a very desperate fashion.. before ceasing to exist themselves. Btw.: what is that beacon to call in reinforcments if I may ask and how much of those do I get? When I harnessed the power of the black hole and called in the allies (those living across the barrier + some 4 or 5 nations more).. well, how do I put it: The occasional 3 Pirates attacking the sector during said end boss fight actually hurt him and lasted longer. Way longer. Against the later Dreadnought waves. Anyhow, I'll try to upgrade my meager 648k hull HP / 4 mill shield HP ship with Xanion only, to unlock more than my 12 upgrade system slots. Any suggestion as of how much I should deem feasible? (And yes, the cube can still use jump gates.)
  7. Moin! Well, what the topic title says. I see that the gamepedia wiki seems quite outdated. Are there any plans for any updates there?
  8. Moin! Spoiler warning ahead, I'm talking about end of main story line & beyond content here. So, after defeating the wormhole guardian yesternight... with the 'help' of some pirate attacks even, mind you ;) ... one of those 'surprise' events triggered as it may have been announced in the latest patch notes. To make sure we are talking about the same thing: I play Single Player atm. Shortly after killing the boss and still salvaging away my own business suddenly a chat message appeared, that a lot of Xsotans are appearing/spawning everywhere. And did they spawn, ho boi! I suddenly was surrounded by some 20+ ships and desperately tried to fight them. I saw a new 'Emissary' type ship, focused that down first, fearing something like a summoner in disguise. Unfortunately the ships started to overwhelm my shields rather quickly. (Hint: if nerfing the manoeverability, which I would second btw., we will all die there immediatly.) I tried to run, no harm done. Ran before. Managed to jump a few sectors away and deemed me safe... But I wasn't, because here another 20+ ships already agressive awaited me and opened fire. I was lucky again, there was a wormhole leading to a sector close to the 'edge' inside the barrier.. and I was able to catch that. Fell back into my chair relieved... ... and effing died the moment I left the wormhole. :( You may guess it: another 20+ Xsotan armed and trigger happy already waited there for me. But hey, who am I to easily give up. Reconstructed my trusty 64K omicron Borg-Cube, repaired the hull to full with my last Avorion stock left and decided to go in there and at least salvage my cargo bay's contents. Bad idea. The Xsotans where still there and in every sector inside the barrier. 20+ ships, every time, and not the simple one-shot-Minions, mind you. Long story short: I died again. Lost the ship, the before gathered cargo from the boss fight, and am now stuck with a demolished 80% hull reconstructed ship and no Avorion nor any chance to get any anytime again. Any ideas? I can't repair the ship, because I have no Avorion. But I can't get no more, because insanly massive fleets of Xsotans are guarding every(!) sector which could contain any Avorion, making it impossible to get any. (Please do spare me comments the like of: just build a much much bigger ship from cheaper stuff. Been there, sacrified it, didn't even got close to Avorion. :( ) I do not think, that this is the intended outcome of this 'event'... or is it? Every inside-Barrier sector flooded? Gathering the needed material to fight the present Xsotan force made impossible (at least for my current state) by said Xsotan force? Has anyone else encountered this or tried to fight through the hordes themselves since the latest update? Thank you for any encouraging feedback.
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