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  1. When you are looking for quests from stations the resource shortage quests is very common, however when this quest is given by a trading post there's an possible exploit. here, looking at the bulletin board there is a resource shortage quest now here's the thing, the resource the mission is asking for is being sold by that same trading post all you have to do is accept the mission, then buy the resource the mission asks for and deliver it whitout even the need to move from the spot by doing it this way, even if you buy the items on spot, you'll always make around half of the original mission reward now some would think that since the reward is too small it doesn't matter that much, but then there are resource shortage missions that have rewards as high as 8 million credits making it around 4 million credits without moving. as far as i can tell this happens on all trading posts but there's a chance that on a certain time the resource needed is not being sold, i would say it's a 10% but when missions are refreshed if it has a resource shortage mission, the resource is also being sold
  2. if you use windows 10 v1803 or above you can choose the audio output for an app. here's a guide on how to do it https://www.intowindows.com/set-different-audio-output-devices-for-different-programs-in-windows-10/
  3. This also has happened to me, but i think it is not an issue with the number of asteroids in the sector, rather, the background in that specific sector i had this happening on a sector with around 1200 asteroids but with a VERY bright red/purple-ish background (also a very bright blue one). but when being in another sector with 2100+ asteroids, no stuttering at all
  4. So I started out in a multiplayer server, and built 2 ships, then found a wormhole and after passing through it, got a new ship from the traveler. I had this newly received ship be a mining ship, and sent it to mine on a higher level area, past the wormhole in titanium zone, while i was in another ship exploring sectors in iron zone, then got a message of my miner ship being attacked, i switched out to the sector the mining ship was in. there was a group of prosecutors calling, but i didn't answer, instead, i jumped out to a nearby faction sector, thing is, the prosecutors didn't follow they stayed in the sector the ship was mining, so i then again switched to my exploring ship and jumped around sectors buying turrets from equipment docks, and headed with my now armed ship to the sector the prosecutors were past the wormhole, when i arrived, they were calling to my ship, this time i answered, picked the threaten option, and after clicking the 'close' button in de dialogue box, the game crashed. here is the client log https://pastebin.com/B7VXKTza
  5. When you enter the trading overview window to see the list of goods that stations buy/sell you can click the Next page button " > " even though there are no more items to show, doing so will show a "next page" with nothing in it. Here's an example, this is what i can buy from stations in the sector clicking the " > " button will show this: This happens in both buy and sell tabs, to go back just click the other button ( < ) if you click more than one time it wil keep creating more of these "next pages" , say you ckick 10 times, then to go back you would have to click back 10 times as well. to replicate this issue you have to install on your ship an improved trading system, go to any sector with stations in it and open the trading overview window, in my case i tested it with an uncommon one (green), and my galaxy is in creative mode
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