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  1. During a "wanted" mission i came upon a ship that will give me the location of the bounty's target, if i transfer some amount of credits to it. The ship demanded 0 credits. I was in alliance and my player's bank account sat at 0 credits. I was using an alliance's ship.
  2. The ship's overview highlights statistics that have low values by painting their text in yellow or red. The thing is... i have a station, i dont need engines or gyroscopes or other movement blocks. 1. Build a station. 2. Click hotkey "I" and open a ship menu. Go to "Ship" tab. 3. There will be Acceleration, Deceleration, Yaw, Pitch, Roll texts in red colour (as well as Max Velocity in yellow). The red indicates vital missing statistic for the ship to function (the yellow that a statistic is too low).
  3. I have picked up a quest from type "Wanted dead", on this quest i met a cargo transport that wanted me to kill some pirates to reveal location of my bounty target. After i finished killing the pirates and returned back to the cargo transporter ship, i reported my success and got the coordinates of my bounty target. Shortly after that a bunch of Xsotans jumped in and attacked the cargo transporter. And attacked... and attacked... Yee, i am getting a feeling you guys are abusing the invulnerability of VIP ships too much. If you keep doing that, instead of properly programming quests the hard way and accounting for all possibilities, then you ll end up with a very shallow game, where you cannot fail quests, because the NPCs are invulnerable. You are taking away the choice of a failure.
  4. Pretty sure that this object should have been converted to new system of arbitrary turrets. https://i.imgur.com/eSbvRWe.jpeg
  5. I build a torpedo launcher and storage, triggering the tutorial mission about torpedos. After going to the location where the adventurer is waiting for me, nothing happens. The mission log is still on "Read the Adventurer's mail". I ve already deleted that mail, meaning i did read it. When i interact with the adventurer, nothing happens. There is no text displayed, nothing. That in itselfs tells me that something has gone horribly wrong with the scripts. https://i.imgur.com/ZNFHvLn.jpeg
  6. Tutorial "Commanding fighters" finishes without me actually doing the collecting 2500 trinium part. The tutorial told me to buy mining fighters. I did. The tutorial told me to mine 2500 Trinium. Well, bonkers, i forgot i cannot assign normal workers to pilots and i did not have enough rep to hire pilots. The next moment the tutorial quest got finished. https://i.imgur.com/bIm2tSy.jpeg My assumption is that the automatic delivery from a mining operation triggered this.
  7. More different missions would be nice. More combat ones too. So far i ve only seen to inspect missing freighter and to save some girl. Where is... attack other faction kind of mission. A smaller and easier ones too, like kill a single group of weak pirates.
  8. Save selected options for operations, so that the next ship i command to start the operation will have the same stuff checked. I do not want to check "immediate delivery" or other options every time i send a captain on an operation. I am not suggesting to add variables to existing saved data on PC.
  9. I was stuck on last part of the mission, to find the pirate base. I warped into sector with pirate base. I rushed at the low hull station. I shot at it exclusively to finish the mission, ignoring other pirate ships. I destroyed the station first, then other pirate ships. The quest log still told me to find the pirates. I warped to an empty sector, exited the game, saving it. I restarted the game and made sure that also server was restarted. I loaded the save. It still asked me to find pirate base. The quest marker was still in the designated sector, i warped in and there was no pirate base there. I would assume that one of the pirates got the kill on the station, while i was circling around it and shooting at the station. In other words, it is possible that i didnt kill the station, but the pirates themselves did it in the crossfire.
  10. We NEED this. I was surprised that this was not a feature from the very start. To be able to move camera only in a 2D pattern in a 3D space, in A SPACE GAME. Very annoying. Zoom is not the same as moving the camera. Zooming in is limited to the centerpoint of the camera, the same centerpoint that i cannot move in an Z axis. I cannot imagine that it would be that hard to implement the Z axis for camera, i bet it already exists, but you cannot modify it. After all, we can move camera how we want when we design ships. I always have a problem with engines burning my eyes and i cannot zoom past them. If you add this, i suggest to bind by default the movement of camera Z axis to a mouse roll, to make it consistent with the movement of a mouse to left/right for X and up/down and for Y.
  11. I ve done some more testing as you suggested. Yes, the turrets do not work if i do not have enough system to support them.
  12. I am not 100% sure if this is a bug or it is as the developers intended. But considering that so many other systems need to be present on the ship to provide functional benefits, i will assume this is indeed a bug. I have put onto my ship enough armed turret system to have 30 combat turrets. I slap those 30 turrets onto my ship. I remove the armed turret systems from my ship. I still have those 30 turrets on my ship, they can shot and work no problem, while i have few free systems.
  13. Modifying the entire ship, as in replacing all your blocks with another type of material will not remove your turrets. Result of this bug is that you can put turrets on a higher tier material and modify entire ship with lower tier material and still be able to use the turrets.
  14. Tutorials like "Found station" or "Commanding Fighters" require massive amount of cash investment. Tutorial's job is to introduce mechanics to the player, not show the player how expensive the said mechanic is. I know that those things need an investment to pay off and thats why they are so expensive, but not all players will be convinced of that. Thats why you need to give them a free station and free fighters for them see for themselves that investing in those things will pay off. UPDATE: I ve posted in wrong section by mistake. I ve already reported my post to be moved to suggestions section.
  15. The current sorting by DPS in my opinion does not work properly. When i sort by DPS, why do i do so? Well, because i want to mark all turrets below certain dps number as trash and sell them. That will not work, if some turret that has 1000 dps and is 4 slot big is in front of the list, while a turret that has 500 dps and is 1 slot big is at the very end of the list. Therefore i suggest a new formula, Instead of making this [Damage] multiplied by [Rate of Fire] make it [Damage] multiplied by [Rate of Fire] and divided by [slot size]
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