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  1. (troll) Devs absence explained: https://forum.avorion.net/index.php?/topic/8324-buy-legal-weed-online/ (/troll)
  2. If the autopilot is active and the player "enters hyperspace coordinates into the navigation computer" via the map: the players ship will enter an indefinite full right roll until autopilot is disabled and the player presses the right roll button. It may not need to be said but for the sake of clarity: I'm not expecting a ship to do dramatic barrel rolls after interacting with the galaxy map. I think the best outcome here would be for the autopilot to continue functioning normally until the player disables it. This seemingly occurs with any autopilot function. I am 100% sure it occurs with advanced salvage & mining activities.That being said i've not diligently tested all of them. V/r Gorgofdoom
  3. Afaik the only way in vanilla is to spot them visually and collect them manually. There's mods that add a method of collecting loot. Carrier Commands, for example.
  4. The context menu (accessed by pressing F with a ship targeted) seems to be missing some functionality. Orders to mine or salvage result in no changes to a ships current behavior. Patrol and Attack Enemies work as expected.
  5. Hmm. I'll offer that, in my experience, when you have a ship equipped with both weapons & salvage lasers they always use both on the wreckage that is targeted. Because this is appears wasteful, I only ever equip my salvage ships with the appropriate r-type salvage lasers. Additionally, the AI captains in this game literally never defend themselves. If you have a craft set to defend another or patrol the sector, they'll attack enemies as a part of that function. If it is set to salvage, move, or simply has no orders at all they currently just sit and while being pummeled to death. correct me if i am wrong, but this seems like a huge hole that needs to be fixed before "1.0".
  6. I'm just gonna point out that this exact issue hasn't been fixed in X:4 foundations yet. That's a "AAA funded" game with exceptionally experienced Dev's. I'd be REALLY impressed if these guys can figure it out.
  7. I'm here to jump on this bandwagon. I hope ya'll don't mind. I'll not be buying any DLC until some basics are covered. -repair turrets/fighters do not autofire on damaged friendlies. Literally useless unless managed directly by the player. - You cannot commission a specific ship from the workshop @ a shipyard. having to do 50 extra clicks is annoying & finding enough crew after "upgrading" to the intended layout is a huge drag -the player cannot build any basic function stations. We need to be able to refine our own freaking ore & have our own repair docks/ shipyards. Turret, fighter, and torpedo production shouldn't be restricted to AI factions, either. -The "new station" fee is ridiculous. 10m credits to found a station from an already existing ship in an un-owned sector? Who am I paying & what exactly am I buying? Considering it will take about 100 in game hours for said station to actually turn a profit it seems to me that IRL it costs more to run my computer than it cost to buy the game. - Manual aiming of turrets. with a variety of weapons equipped (lasers & machine guns, for example) you cannot hit your target with both simultaneously. The "target lead" necessity for MG turrets seems to be completely ignored. you can compensate as the player by leading manually, but that causes laser turrets to fire into empty space. The end result is that manual-aimed turrets are 100% useless. Auto-aiming turrets being stapled with the 50% damage reduction is just an insult to injury considering that all AI-owned turrets do not have this limitation. They ARE aimed by the AI and do not have a damage reduction applied. - AI ships cannot be ordered to dock at a station for the purpose of transferring wares/crew/fighters or buying equipment. All of this must be done manually. Transporters ease this eventually but make the beginning of the game much more annoying than it needs to be & provides a huge grind-wall. (You've gotta buy transporter software for ~3mill credits for each ship, not to mention traversing 1/2 the galaxy to find Xanion. Still have to pilot a ship to transfer crew/ wares after all this.) As a "fleet commander" style game, having to manually pilot every single one of my ships is counter intuitive. A Navy admiral doesn't manage the manning of ships directly like this. -Saving turret blueprint configurations: By this, I mean that a workshop design should have it's turret blueprints saved to (as a part of) it's design. So, as the player, I wouldn't have to manually find the authors turret's and apply them directly to 10-15 turret hard-points on each of my 10-20 ships. I can understand the necessity of the player installing the actual turret equipment, but the cosmetic aspect needs to be less "600 clicks per ship" just to get it to where the author intended for it to be.
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