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  1. There's talk at the Steam forums saying that this is an April Fools joke. It's even searchable on Google. I know it looks like a convincing bug, but I suppose it's something we can be surprised about.
  2. Are you sure? I remember trying that before and it only resulted in a move order; once I jumped to a different system, the escort ship stopped following, iirc. Yeah...apparently right clicking will trigger the escort order. However, the color code is green, which may mislead it being a "Move Order." So here I suggest the color for the Escort Order be changed to distinguish it. Also, the encyclopedia should have a description how to issue Escort in RTS mode.
  3. I ordered a mining ship to salvage wreckage and apparently they are trying to fire their salvaging lasers through a station. https://imgur.com/a/px6salB This peculiar wreckage is in close proximity of the station. You may want to improve the AI; add a variable check to the AI to determine if their Line of Fire to their target is being obstructed. (PS: If the advice is taken, you may want to consider adding exceptions for tiny bits of wreckage; wreckage that cannot yield resources. Also consider excluding it in a combat situation, cause...well there's gonna be carnage anyways.) [EDIT] I was tipped at the Steam forums that someone encountered an issue with combat AI shooting at an enemy who is on the other side of a station, resulting in the station being hit. So the Line of Fire checker should apply with combat weapons too.
  4. I'm also having this issue. I tried to go to sector to try and get my ship out of harm's way and warp out, but my ship always keep getting destroyed before the sector has a chance to even load. It's really annoying. Maybe I should just by a new computer or motherboard and install a high-end CPU... Because this game eats up too much CPU.
  5. I have a repair ship equipped with two different types of Repair Turrets: Shield and Hull repair. I grouped them into two different groups. When I exited the ship and came to take manual control again, I just noticed that the Repair Turrets have been automatically configured as one group. Is the AI forcing it themselves against my preference? Or maybe restarting the game is what causes automatic grouping? The former could be highly likely. (PS: Could be the same issue I had for miners, except that in this situation: One of their mining turrets have independent targeting, but I configured them to be only fired manually. After I take control of the miner ship some time later, I noticed it has been automatically configured to auto-fire against my preference. I had it reconfigured to manual fire because the Independent Targeting description says that autofire will lower its damage output.)
  6. So I just noticed that captured ships that I've decided to keep are somehow generating scrap metal. Scrap Metal is a byproduct after capturing a ship, but now they are somehow generating Scrap Metal for some unknown reason. Is this normal or not? Because you can't just generate goods unless it's a Factory station. I'm figuring out how to reproduce this and I'm assuming it could be reloading the game.
  7. I ordered a carrier to move to a location in the sector, but I noticed that carrier is trying to "avoid" its own fighters that are trying to return to it. If I recall, fighters have no "collision" against ships. If they collide, the fighters would only "teleport" on another surface of the ship. So why are the ships treating these fighters as obstacles, when in the case of fighters, have no collision against ships?
  8. Honestly, it could give away the wrong reason. Just like now. If that were much easier to understand. Pfft. :P [EDIT] I guess it's something for us to be surprised about. Heh...
  9. I jumped into a trader distress signal and used one of my carriers to board and capture a ship. Soon as that's done and all the pirates were dealt with, I didn't get a reward from the traders. Maybe because there are...enemies still left? I assumed it was the enemy ship I captured. But I was going to make it jump into a Scrapyard anyways. When it did, the traders eventually rewarded me. Probably should check the script triggers in distress calls if they're working correctly and in the event of a captured enemy ship now turning to my side.
  10. I think I had this before. This was when I was building my fighters with a low block count. Posted this back in January on the Steam forums. It was fixed when I moved my ship outside of build mode. But this was before the full release. And I was in Creative Mode.
  11. Well this sucks. Turns out your mining carriers won't take mining fighters and their material into consideration to detect asteroids at appropriate material level. Unless you equip your carrier with a mining turret, they will only mine Iron and Titanium with mining fighters only.
  12. Anybody having these "short freezes" whenever you interact with Equipment Docks? It's kinda annoying. I believe this still exist is back in build 0.35. (PS: I don't get any of these freezes if I'm transferring or hiring crew. But entering your own Equipment Dock also causes these freezes.)
  13. [3/29/20 2:55 AM UPDATE] More news about the hologram FPS drop: Turns out that the lag will only appear *if* there are existing multitudes of hologram blocks. I just found this out when I tried to make a new 21x21 pixel service station sign when I attempted to cut and paste the whole hologram surface to fix its alignment.
  14. So, here's a potential exploit I'd like to report: You can "repair" a boarded ship by just placing blocks of any sizes and undo them. It will then restore that ship to its original value and thus can be sold at scrapyards at the original price. Is this intended? Because this speaks of easy money. And if it's not, I suggest adding building restrictions on boarded ships, such as converting blocks only, until it is properly repaired at a Repair Dock or through Builder Mode.
  15. Straightforward title: Stations are picking up ores and scrap even after configuring them not to pick them up.
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