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  1. According to the game wiki, it says that the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian can respawn if the proto version during an Xsotan invasion can fill its bar to the max. It eventually did, but after awhile, nothing happened at all. Ever. My station is nearing its death and I had no choice but to destroy the Proto. When I did, I get the "invasion defeated" notification, meaning that I win instead of "losing." I asked this question because I reloaded my primary completed save since 1.0 and I have the "Destroy the Guardian" quest in my mission log. I do not want to break sequence so I tried to let the Xsotan Proto fill its bar so the Guardian can respawn, but nothing happened. Is it true that the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian can respawn under some circumstances? Or they do not and now I am stuck with this "destroy a non-existent Guardian" objective? I really need to see how it ends in the 1.3 update version, when patch notes said that they've improved the story aspect of the game. Just look at my screenshots the bar is completely filled but nothing is happening. So I had to destroy the proto and I get a "win":
  2. I've been tagging detected mass sectors every time to reveal hidden nodes and dangers on the map and I find the right-clicking very repetitive and slowly time consuming. Especially when I have a ship with a Scout (Radar) module build. Can there be a hotkey available to tag sectors without having to right-click every time?
  3. I left my borderless game window inactive for quite a few hours because I felt very tired and needed some rest. Upon returning, I was still docked at an Equipment Station just where I still left. I purchased torpedoes for my ship (through repetitive clicking with no means of a cart system or multi-buying) but then noticed that the game is sporadically freezing. I tried clicking slower but it was still giving me micro-freezes. Upon unpausing the game, the game now freezes for real and...well, it crashed. serverlog 2020-12-07 13-17-50.txt clientlog 2020-12-07 13-16-16.txt Serverlog: 2020-12-08 00-58-05| Clentlog: 2020-12-07 18-46-15| (PS: In case you're wondering how to make your game "inactive," just press the Windows key and it will bring the taskbar to the front by opening the start menu. It's usually my preference whenever I need to go back viewing my browser.)
  4. I was replacing blocks with Avorion for potentially increased stats but then I started to notice that my ship seems to be "losing" max HP when it was actually increasing it. Can you please check if the stats parameters are correctly displaying differences?
  5. Please check if the DPS sorting for Repair Turrets are correct. I was parsing through my Repair Turrets to mark potentially better gear, but I sometimes see a lower DPS on the left-most line. (PS: This applies to all the three Repair types.)
  6. Please check carefully if the DPS/Slot sorting option is working properly. Despite its title, I don't see my turrets being categorized by its size at all.
  7. It's already built-in the game since around its inception. Go to the Blocks window and find the "Show Size" in its tool -- A Cube with three vertical lines. There, you can manually input the block's length to get the desired and precise size.
  8. Generally speaking, how much time do players usually have to rescue the stranded Freighter from freighters when they warp into your current system? I'm in my own Research Station setup fairly near the center. While I was using my own Research Station unpaused to let time pass, I got a stranded Freighter random encounter and it got destroyed in like under two seconds before I even have time to react. Then the pirates got away immediately. Even through this means I won't have to deal with a stranded Freighter in my system, the way how it ended too quickly makes it a redundancy case.
  9. Wait really? And I've been hording all the tech and turrets so I can go jam them in at a Research Station.
  10. There's talk at the Steam forums saying that this is an April Fools joke. It's even searchable on Google. I know it looks like a convincing bug, but I suppose it's something we can be surprised about.
  11. Are you sure? I remember trying that before and it only resulted in a move order; once I jumped to a different system, the escort ship stopped following, iirc. Yeah...apparently right clicking will trigger the escort order. However, the color code is green, which may mislead it being a "Move Order." So here I suggest the color for the Escort Order be changed to distinguish it. Also, the encyclopedia should have a description how to issue Escort in RTS mode.
  12. I ordered a mining ship to salvage wreckage and apparently they are trying to fire their salvaging lasers through a station. https://imgur.com/a/px6salB This peculiar wreckage is in close proximity of the station. You may want to improve the AI; add a variable check to the AI to determine if their Line of Fire to their target is being obstructed. (PS: If the advice is taken, you may want to consider adding exceptions for tiny bits of wreckage; wreckage that cannot yield resources. Also consider excluding it in a combat situation, cause...well there's gonna be carnage anyways.) [EDIT] I was tipped at the Steam forums that someone encountered an issue with combat AI shooting at an enemy who is on the other side of a station, resulting in the station being hit. So the Line of Fire checker should apply with combat weapons too.
  13. I'm also having this issue. I tried to go to sector to try and get my ship out of harm's way and warp out, but my ship always keep getting destroyed before the sector has a chance to even load. It's really annoying. Maybe I should just by a new computer or motherboard and install a high-end CPU... Because this game eats up too much CPU.
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