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  1. That's a good point. It would require admin to be able to "see" how many alliances there are and how many players are in them. Or perhaps set a minimum number of players required to create a faction as well.. a number that could be modified in the server.ini file. There are a host of ways to accomplish that. The point is its totally reasonable to do. Clearly, what we have now is completely insufficient in stopping the risk of what I'm going to call "player sprawl" that causes a the great majority of lag. A somewhat seperate point, there also needs to be an admin command that lets you see ALL player objects... even those that are offline. And Sneaky is right; this issue definitely needs addressing either sooner or later. The only way I've managed to get around the issue on my server is forcing all players to join the same alliance so I can keep tabs on everyone and make sure no one is doing something that risk stability on the server, but that is obviously far from ideal. We still run into the issue where I have to search manually on the galaxy map to see what everyone is doing and how many objects they own rather than having the server provide me the tools to do it automatically.
  2. I've been running a dedicated server and while it was silky smooth for the first two weeks, lag has been increasing as players expand their individual fleets and stations. The above solution would be an elegant fix to this problem. To expand on the original idea, four separate values would be ideal: MaximumPlayerShips= limit for personal ships per player MaximumAllianceShips= limit for ships per alliance MaximumPlayerStations= limit for personal stations per player MaximumAllianceStations= limit for stations per alliance This could be further expanded with sector control: MaximumPlayerSectors= limit for controlled sectors for each player MaximumAllianceSectors= limit for controlled sectors per alliance
  3. Do I understand correctly that the "MaximumPlayerShips" number dictates the same limit for both Players and Alliances? That really needs to be two separate limiters. You really should be able to say "every player gets 4 ships, and every alliance gets 16 ships" or something like that. This is important for large player groups that want to share resources as part of an alliance, but don't want to give individuals the ability to build massive personal fleets that cause compounding server lag. I know you all are busy, but please add a seperate "MaximumAllianceShips" value to the server.ini file. It will really help with giving server admins more control over how many ships are built in-game. EDIT: an expanded and improved version of this idea has been detailed below
  4. Stellaris isn't the best example of name generation, but it is just one example and it works okay. I'm pretty sure it just relies on a master list (according to species, but that's irrelevant here) of random empire names and then plugs them in accordingly with "Republic of ___" or "___ Dominion", etc. Really just anything that helps me avoid having to attempt pronunciation of "The Uugqoujlhiin' Conglomerate" to my friends would be an improvement.
  5. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Like JP said, its odd it just stopped working when it wasn't suppose to expire. It should be fixed and updated now. Here is a direct link to the Discord link thread: http://www.theskjaldborg.com/index.php?threads/discord-guest-access.11641/
  6. (i tried searching for this topic, but didn't find anything specific) Don't get me wrong, I love all the randomly generated content, but man... some of those factions names are hard to say, nevermind hard to spell! I get the idea that (presumably) some alien species are going to have names that are completely incoherent to us humans, but that doesn't mean we have to call them that. If I want to refer to the "Fquplfoortzeas" after discovering them as the "dirty space lizardmen", I should be able to, right?! ;D All joking aside, my suggestion is make it so alliance leaders (or people with appropriate assigned rank) can re-designate any faction to whatever name the alliance wants to call them. That way it only needs to be changed once and everyone in the alliance can see the same thing. If that is asking too much, at the very least, is there a way for server admin to rename NPC factions? If not, there really should be. I'm not thrilled by the idea, but I'd even take manual file editing over having to pronounce "the Alliance of Wgowlruwl" to someone every day I'm online.
  7. Greetings from the Skjaldborg! (pronounced "skyald-borg"; for anyone unfamiliar with the term, it means "shieldwall" in Old Norse) I am a community manager for our gaming group and I am here to invite any friendly Avorion players to join us for some large scale galaxy domination on our server! We are looking for people who enjoy a friendly and cooperative environment. If I have your attention, please read on! ;D Introduction We are a close knit gaming community that emphasizes teamwork and fun for all! Our dedication to this pursuit stands above all else. Our motto is "Be excellent to each other" (yes, that IS a Bill & Ted reference). We believe that video games should never feel like work and, by extension, a video game community should never ruin your fun! Our community looks for mature gamers (over 18 only please) who are looking for a quality group of people to play games with. We are also great purveyors of MEAT, MEAD, METAL and other such things all proper Space Vikings enjoy. What We Offer​ A friendly active community atmosphere where everyone knows your name. Mature community admin team that has been running the show eight years strong! Very reasonable membership requirements and expectations. Weekly and monthly non-mandatory events that are focused on cultivating a better community. A vast array of interests in game genres from strategy, to FPS, to RPG, to many more. A dedicated website where we discuss all manner of topics (both real world and otherwise) A premium-paid Discord server for faster communication. Premium-paid, high performance dedicated servers. Regarding Avorion ​ We are very excited for the release of Avorion and have special plans for our dedicated server! Our goal is to do more than just host a generic vanilla server. We plan to create a fully realized galactic conquest experience that focuses on teamwork and coordinated effort. We will do this while also allowing flexibility to our member's schedule and allowing each to contribute in a way that is comfortable for them. We welcome all that are interested in what we offer. Other Games of Interest​ Star Citizen Elite Dangerous Battletech (all of it) Mechwarrior (all of it) Warhammer 40K (all of it) Company of Heroes 2 (and various other strategy games) tabletop games (via Tabletop Simulator) and many more! If you are interested in what we have to offer, please reach out to us on our forums: http://www.theskjaldborg.com You can also reach out to us through Discord: (peak hours are East Coast US evenings, but we commonly always have someone online 24/7) http://www.theskjaldborg.com/index.php?threads/discord-guest-access.11641/ [move]In the beginning, there was Prohibition. The Great Starvation succored the Others, and there was no joy to be had. Toil and pain, in the full consciousness of sobriety, was all that was Known. But there came a day, the glorious First Fermenting. Upon this day Borf was given unto Prohibition, and its splendor kindled the Chaos. And thus it was, from thence. Borf is. In the First Fermenting, there was Borf and Borf spoke its holy rambling and birthed the Chaos. The Chaos flowed and ebbed, heated and cooled, and soon formed the two materials, liquid and solid. These took the holiest of forms, the Mead and Meat.[/move]
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