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  1. The problem is not in teslas. The problem is in turret factories. Imagine you have 2 tesla turrets. One is 1-slot, two barreled (meaning each barrel deals half damage). Another is 6-slot coaxial single barrel. So, barrel of the second one deals times 6 {due to number of slots}, times 3 {due to coaxilness,} times 2 {due to single vs two barrels} = 36x more damage. First turret has 1200 DPS per slot, second one - 4556 per slot (coaxial bonus, without it it would de 1518) [numbers are from the game] Now imagine you can transfer damage value from the barrel of the second turret to each barrel of the first turret, without any negatives (slot count, coaxilness). Turret factories do exactly this. Other weapons types are less affected by this (by not tbeing able to roll coaxial/6 slots, or being non-beam, which means number of barrels affect rate of fire instead of damage)
  2. 1. 'Continuous shots', 'Time until overheated' can be extremely misleading. Consider this: This turret has: heatPerSecond = 3.371 coolingRate = 1.12 simultaneousShooting = 1 Therefore, even though tooltip states 14 'continuous shots', turret overheats after first one (since all three barrels are fired at the same time, building heat to 10.113 = overheating) What bizarre is: DPS stat is actually seems to be somewhat accurate 'sustained' dps, that takes overheat & cooldown into account ( damage per shot * 3 barrels / (heat per shot / cooldown rate) = 615.95 (difference of 0.25dps is probably because of rounding of a `damage per shot` value). 'somewhat accurate', because actual sustained dps is: 608.5. Ten shots (10 intervals) takes 91.4 seconds (measured via screen capture), dealing 1853.9 * 3 damage each. 2. Hull penetration perk really needs description line "Deals from 25% to 174%, based on number of blocks penetrated" 3. For 'CoolingType.Standard' turrets tooltip shows 'sustained' dps but for 'CoolingType.BatteryCharge' tooltip shows 'burst' dps (basically firerate * damage). Meaning that actual sustained dps of all energy turrets is actually 2x/3x times lower than listed value (most of them has recharge time longer than shooting time) 4. `simultaneousShooting` is still not displayed anywhere in tooltip, making 'making sense of turret's tooltip' - extremely difficult.
  3. Pros: you can buy high rarity stuff from faction. Cons: 'cycle through friendly ships'-key will include factions ships (instead of only yours). That is it I think.
  4. I see both the problem and the solution right there. Do you? Hint: press 'T'
  5. Now to be constructive. There is quite simple solution to add replayability - challenging achievements. - Have no more than one ship at any time - Never use a mining/salvaging laser/fighter - Never build a turret at a factory - Never buy a system upgrade/turret etc.
  6. Excellent idea! But there is so much space to improve! Lets remove gates from starting system. And the first quest for a player would be to mine 1e6 iron to construct a gate. With a single petty iron mining laser. We can even repeat that at all material boundaries, or even sector boundaries if game will not be long enough! Yeah, very robust and time-proven solution to gametime expansion - add more and more new currencies. Loved by all online gamers. Now in single/small multiplayer games. So, basically, exit to drone and queue jumps for wherever you need to be? /s, I guess?
  7. Resistance values are affected by difficulty. And on `insane` there are ships that completely invulnerable to specific damage type (not sure if it is bug or intended behavior)
  8. Also deletes most types of the goods in process. Beta 0.31.1 r20541 c086bef81cdc Occurs when seller and station belongs to same faction. smugglersmarket.lua: 430 -- give money to ship faction self:transferMoney(stationFaction, stationFaction, seller, price, fromDescription, toDescription) -- remove goods from ship ship:removeCargo(good, amount) -- add goods to station self:increaseGoods(good.name, amount) First function detects that buyer and seller belongs to same faction and therefore no money should be transferred. Second function removes goods from player inventory. Third function attempts to add bough goods to station's inventory. But, since station can actually buy only specific subset of goods, anything that doesn't belong to it - gets filtered out and therefore deleted.
  9. It is not. Most effective is combination of Lightning guns with plasma damage (5x damage on shield) and high penetration railguns with am damage (up to 7-8x on hull if full penetration utilized). For short range, obviously PC comes close, but brawlers in this type of game are only good against stationary/lone targets (you can't damage while you are closing in) If we exclude combinations, then LG(plasma) > RG(am) > RG(am with penetration - because penetration equals 75% less damage if only one block or shield is damaged) It is not. Cooling/charging type does not matter for sustained fire. As it does not matter whether you fire in short or long bursts. If given gun generates 1 heat (drains 1 energy) per second of firing and cools/restores 0.3 heat/energy per second, then in 1 minute of battle round it will cool/generate 18 heat/energy which is enough for 18 seconds of fire. Whether you fire 6 times 3 seconds each or 18 times 1 second each - does not matter. Though low shooting/recharging ratio of lasers is certainly weights them down That said Agree.
  10. Also, warzonecheck.lua:192 if not victim.type == EntityType.Fighter then return end Since it make no sense to compare boolean value to enumeration - either parentheses are missing (which would break logic) or 'not' shouldn't be here
  11. Beta 0.31 r20056 902ae9fd220c Apparently there is data race somewhere around "data\scripts\player\missions\tutorials\fightertutorial.lua" "onFighterAdded" Somehow I've managed to get armedFighterCount to 27 without triggering condition. At that moment i had 16 or 17 armed fighters and 6 unarmed in hangar (does moving fighters from squad to squad also trigger onFighterAdded?). As a workaround ... if mission.data.custom.buyMiningFighters and mission.data.custom.miningFighterCount == 3 then ... elseif mission.data.custom.buyArmedFighters and mission.data.custom.armedFighterCount == 3 then ... end ... both checks should be ">="
  12. Ok, apparently in case 9 everything is not as bad as I though. Quad cannons/rails can get up to 50x sustained dps over their non-burstfire variants.
  13. Hello. I'm not especially good with lua, so don't bash me too hard if I did mess up somewhere (I managed to fix/workaround all the issues tho) 1. Bug/dead code: (data/scripts/lib/turretgenerator.lua, line 472) elseif type == WeaponType.TeslaGun then table.insert(specialties, rand:getBool() and Specialty.HighDamage or Specialty.HighDamageEnergyCooling) elseif type == WeaponType.TeslaGun then simultaneousShootingProbability = 0.15 Obviously, second 'if' never executes 2. Bug: (data/scripts/lib/turretgenerator.lua, line 527) if type == WeaponType.PulseCannon then -- replace a random specialty with increased shield damage if #specialties > 0 then table.sort(specialties) table.remove(specialties, 1) end ... It is not really random if Specialty.HighDamage can't ever get past this filter (since it has lowest id and always will be first in sorted array) 3. Bug: (data/scripts/lib/turretgenerator.lua, line 782) elseif s == Specialty.FasterRechargeTime then local maxIncrease = 2.9 local increase = 0.1 + rarityFactor * maxIncrease local rechargeTime = turret.coolingTime local shootingTime = turret.shootingTime rechargeTime = rechargeTime * (1 + increase) ... TurretGenerator.createBatteryChargeCooling(turret, rechargeTime, shootingTime) ... turret:addDescription("%s%% Faster Recharge"%_T, string.format("%+i", percentage)) While it states 'faster recharge' it actually slows it down (higher recharge time == slower recharge). Should be similar to Specialty.LessCoolingTime's case. At the same time Specialty.LessEnergyConsumption should be similar to Specialty.HighShootingTime. 4. Maintainability: turret modification at turret factory (ingredients, stripping of autofire & rebuffing) should probably be moved from turretfactory.lua to turretgenerator.lua (fun fact: I once generated rare plasma turret with both AutomaticFire and AutomaticFireDPSReduced. In my opinion it is better to add not really usefull specialties to the pool, than to generate rare turrets with 0 specialties) 5. UX: simultaneousShooting should be present in tooltip's description and/or damage&dps stats (getting quad gun that states 100 damage, but deals 400 - is kind of WAT? moment). In a contrast - if turret is missing simultaneousShooting, then it's fire rate is properly displayed. which leads to 6. Bug: 'Continuous shots'/'Shooting time' should display correct values. I have a turret that stated 7 shots, but overloads after first one (since it is triple railgun with simultaneousShooting and smth like 3.5 heat/shot). First thought - WAT? 7. UX: If railgun has blockPenetration > 1, it deals 4 times less damage/dps - show that in tooltip (once again WAT? moment). Most of the time railgun shoots at the shield anyway. 8. UX: Tooltip for energy turrets shows burst DPS, tooltip for standard cooling turrets - sustained. IMHO it should either be same kind for both or type of dps should be stated explicitly 9. Bug?: Burst fire shouldn't give such massively different bonuses for different weapon types. Cannons/Railguns with initially rolled fire rate of 0.4 (minimal posssible) gets damage boost of 1/0.4 * 6 = 15x. A little behind is Launchers with 12x. Other eligible standard cooling weapons receive up to 3x damage. And finally plasma gun, as the only eligible energy based weapon, gets no damage boost (but receives high cooldown penalty), wasting specialty slot. Note that dps increase can actually be even more. E.g. cannon with maximum base shooting time (30s), lowest base cooling time (12) and fire delay of 2.5s does 13 shots per damage round of 42s, or 0.309 per second. With BurstFire specialty it receives 15x damage, .1667s fire delay, shooting time of 1s and cooling time of 15s. That equals to 6~7 15x shots over 16s or 5.62-6.5625 base damage shots per second. Thats around 22 times more then before BurstFire. Imho, weapon.damage = weapon.damage * coolingTime at turretgenerator.lua, line 867 should go away completely or be replaced by either constant damage boost (also applied to BurstFireEnergy for plasma turrets), or some dynamic calculation of cooling time/fire rate/damage increase to keep damage/dps boost in check (again applied to BurstEnergyFire). edit: spellcheck
  14. Game version: Beta 0.30 r19012 e6e24eaa0998 So, I stumbled upon a turret factory, that offered launcher with 'burst fire' that pushed 4k dps whereas other factories/gun types struggles to to reach 1k (usually around 300-600) at where I am. Usually that means that someone wants to rip me off and, as expected, it only fired 6 rockets before overheating (while tooltip says 7). Jokes aside, according to turretgenerator.lua Burst Fire: - for plasma guns - gives burst dps around 2x-3x from 'base raw'* , but (since it sets shooting time to 1 and cooling time to 3-4 seconds) sustained DPS** becomes 25%-33% lower than 'base raw'. -for fast shooting weapons (fire rate of 3/s+) - gives sustained dps of 33% to 125% (depening on random) higher than 'base raw' -for slow shooting weapons (fire rate less than 2/s) - gives sustained dps of 125% to 1306%*** (yep, 14x times more) higher than 'base raw' * 'base raw' is damagePerShot * fireRate (before 'Burst Fire' is applied, ignoring overheat) ** sustained dps - includes overheat *** specifically: 36 * d^2 / (1 + 6*d), where d - fire delay (or 1/base fire rate), meaning that slow weapons gets bigger boost ps/ Can I get my 7th rocket back pretty please?
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