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  1. Hello, Is there a command to order our ships to use certain portals instead of making them manually jump ? What I do now is order them to escort me before using a portal, there is a little traffic jam on the other side because I'm starting to grow my fleet big (5 war ship, one command capital ship, 2 capital miner/salvager hauler, and I'm even about to work on a Hive ship for boarding stations) I also notice some of my ships remaining behind (as in, they haven't used the portal) despite the fact that I ordered them to protect the ship I control. (Right now I'm having difficulties making my big ships pass trough the portal even with the command "escort me" I'm manually making them pass trough the portal by taking control of them, one by one. I see the AI https://docsbay.net/how-artificial-intelligence-works kinda can use portals on their own, when I settle down into a sector to mine asteroids or salvage a destroyed fleet, I ask my combat ships to patrol the sector, and sometime I see one of them using the portal and the ship escorting it follow trough it. Since I saw that I am trying to find a way to get my ships to use portals, especially when we need to cross the barriers.
  2. World's Famous Piano Work like Beethoven, Bach are my first choice.
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