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  1. Benefits: Not having to jump/switch to all your crew factories (stations / ships) every 30 minutes. Less ships damaged/destroyed because you never remembered to finish crewing them up. Makes crew 'training' more like a factory - which seems like the point of cloning. Suggestion: Don't 'remove' crewman to the academy until training starts. Crew 'in training' should still count toward crew limits (crew quarters, sergents, leutenants, etc) Allow the academy to queue training beyond the available crew on the ship - even beyond the crew capacity. When (the academy queue exceeds the available crew) and (the ship is not full on crew) cloning starts. Allow a toggle to set the 'target' crew counts and automatically queue 'training' for any missing crew. (or fold it into existing 'auto-assign') Crazy ideas: Missions to gather/provide crew to stations / damaged ships / derelicts Shipyards buy crew (as an input like research stations or trade depots) Crew die from hull damage. Sergeants train to become Lieutenants -> ... -> Generals (which provides a non-money cost to large ships)
  2. I could see this stuff useful in a scripted API - As for the rest - you'd really be better off with a hotkey to show the targetted ship's UI and make the changes as if you were in control. Obviously the button would print an error if the target wasn't 'yours'. This has 3 advantages: - Able to 'fix' the ship from the command screen or the map - which is super handy. - Doesn't wipe out any orders that the target ship has - like a giant mining loop (alternatively let me 'save' order loops) - You don't have to switch sectors just to fix/train crew (a periodic task) Presently cloning / training crew is super painful and it doesn't save any significant amount of money. The only way it makes sense to me is to have a single - crew academy base - with an enormous crew capacity and then every time you take a crew you have to order some clones, wait 15 minutes, and place them into the academy. IMNSHO there should only be one step. The academy presently doesn't allow you to train crew unless they are already on the ship/station. cloning makes crew. Suggestion: if you have cloning and tell the academy to train - it should simply allow you to queue up both the clone and the subsequent training right then and there - one click should clone and train .
  3. At first I used the mouse (now I use the keyboard) - but I never imagined that was a button that set the mirror block. I thought it was just a graphic.
  4. Attempting to rewrite the antismuggle scripts. They appear to repeat a lot of work: - every antismuggle entity scans faction inventory (for licenses) for every ship within detection range every second (until a 'suspicious' ship is found) - every antismuggle entity scans every ship's cargo within range (until a 'suspicious' ship is found) So if you have a license - a ton of work is being done and ignored every second. By caching the license found and ignoring ships that have a maxed out license, most of the work disappears when a player has the best license. License cache is updated 10% of the time, or if the requesting faction license was not cached. It would be better to wrap the license purchase / loss events... but I don't know how. Once a suspicious ship is found our 'stillSuspicious' check can stop at the first unlicensed good. This has radically improved the playability of the game. The server is not disappearing for minutes at a time. Sometimes better - but not fixed. New beta version is massively better. :D antismuggle.zip
  5. There's a block type for building turrets - and there are rules about how to use that block type (as in hull and cargo are block types, so is 'turret base') I remember seeing instructions somewhere, but they made no sense to me and I've spent 300+hours in game and never ever attempted to make a turret. Making a fighter is also annoying - but I figured it out.
  6. Same problem - was trying to build a batch file to set the priority and affinity at the start. This might also help the client avoid spawning 12 threads when I'm only giving it 4.
  7. The teleporter capacity and recharge speed could be affected by the volume of teleporter blocks. (especially because presently there's no reason to use anything larger than 0.05x0.05x0.05 for your teleporter)
  8. Yep - all of the sectors BBS in one gui would really reduce the clicks of running missions. For delivery missions - just make docking the first step.
  9. This game is cpu/draw call/server bound. I'd be shocked if you saw any improvement at all. my 470 is fine.
  10. hd - harddisk. The place all your data is stored. Before my SSD - I was suspicious of IO being a problem so I loaded the game into a ramdisk. Fortunately it's not very big. 4GB of RamDisk is plenty. I did my research and selected imdisk - (64bit, free, opensource, fast, feature-ful, and the author uses ISO date format proving he's smart) http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/ Feel free to do your own research, I'll give you a touchpoint https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RAM_drive_software
  11. Sounds like a suggestion for the suggestion board.
  12. How about this: Put any number of turrets into the research slots. Press 'Auto Fill' to fill the remaining slots with similar turrets. 'Auto Fill' prefers Trash over unmarked over Favorite. 'Auto Fill' prefers Rarity over Type over Tech Level. Review the choices as you see fit. Press Research. If no turret is in the slots 'Auto Fill' picks the lowest rarity and tech level and ignores type. NOTE: one or two mods implement something similar.
  13. This particular problem may have been related to a very innocuous looking change in sector/background/warzone (deleted the mod's file - problem stopped) Correction, the problem is still occurring. Also I wish I had a way to tell the client to limit itself to 4 cores (so I could separate it cleanly from the server's cores). Update: The problem started again - I was doing 2 'Investigate missing freighters' missions given by the same station at the same time. They were in different sectors (after the first). The performance problem ended when I destroyed all pirates in the final sector of the first mission. It started again around the time I found the 'missing freighters' in the second mission and made them aggressive through dialogue. That mission was modded with 2 numeric edits: credit multiplier increased and punishment divided by 2. That file is now removed. Testing continues. ... Still a problem. ... It seems like some sectors are a problem, but not all. - I've left sectors and had the terrible performance abate, if only temporarily. ... Inspection suggests Anti-Smuggle script might be the cause. serverlog 2020-09-26 07-45-52 - Copy.7z server-perfstats 2020-09-26.7z
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