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    Is this community still running? If so, count me in
  2. Ooof. Honestly for most players the Integrity Field Generator is what lets them keep playing Avorion. I use it tons, but that doesn't meant that I build giant cubes, quite the opposite in fact. It challenges me to build nice-looking designs while slipping in IF Generators so that the ship can take some damage. Keep playing. Don't get just one part get you down :)
  3. I'm rayscience12, or Dreadnoughter once I figure out how to change my ingame name XD. I need to work on my shipbuilding techniques, so I'm putting in some hours. I'm aiming for 200 hours by the end of the year :)
  4. Thanks a ton! Really appreciate it, keep up the good work!
  5. Thanks a ton! I'm getting to that stage of the game, but lagging behind on credits. Will attempt to replicate this. Will notify if successful to an extent
  6. I'm getting to the phase in the game where I'm looking to start building stations and gaining some long-term revenue sources, but I have little idea how to go about it. Could somebody point me to somewhere with a tree of all the different goods build into each other to make the highest value items? Or even just a list of all the possible paths one can go down to make an assembly line from basic item which sells at 100$ a piece to the items that cost in the hundreds of thousands? Thanks for helping out!
  7. I will agree that chainguns have definitely been buffed. I just use chainguns on my mid-tier frigate, and it works great. I might add though that torpedoes should be taken into account. They can be extremely useful and add a whole new level of gameplay which is extremely cool. Great job Avorion team for implementing that. While you're working on the next release, could you rebalance weapons pls.
  8. This looks fun! Been a while since I've played, but I'm interested in joining. Boy, insane will be tricky though.....
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