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  1. You're lucky I've read this, because I'm not really active here anymore (but on steam). To answer your question: Your mod would have to override 'startServerDesignJob': -- keep the original function to call inside your overwrite function local mymod_startServerDesignJob = Shipyard.startServerDesignJob function Shipyard.startServerDesignJob(founder, captain, scale, name, planToBuild) mymod_startServerDesignJob(founder, captain, scale, name, planToBuild); --simulate the scaling already done in the original function local plan = planToBuild plan:scale(vec3(scale, scale, scale)) -- Change as you desire local requiredTime = math.floor(20.0 + plan.durability / 100.0) if captain > 0 then requiredTime = requiredTime + 300 end -- Inject your new time into the already setup running job runningJobs[#runningJobs].duration = requiredTime end The code is untested, but the principle should work
  2. There is no script needed, other than the 2 mods (main mod and commands package). You will also have to activate them in Settings -> Mods
  3. All yes. But there is a bug with dedicated servers that prevent the Carrier Command mod from properly working right now. It will be fixed with the next Avorion-update:
  4. I can confirm that there is no noticeable performance decrease due to enabling mods anymore. Your fix works! Thank you ;)
  5. 1) Both profiles were made with the modselection window open 2) Sure: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0nuu39cfrdw6xqp/Avorion%20profiles.zip?dl=1 With all mod enabled, I went down to 20FPS. And I noticed, with the help of the Frame Time Gaphs, that in semi-regular intervals a lagspike would occur. "client-profile-with-mods-no-cons-high.json" was made during such a lagspike. With the console opened (and mods) it went down to 7FPS and keystrokes weren't registering properly anymore. That was really atrocious D: "with-cons" == "consolelog was open"
  6. When enabling the ingame console-log (^) my FPS drop by 10-20% (only happened after its overhaul with multi-colors etc.) I'm also affected by FPS loss when enabling mods. I observerd that this behaviour already occurs within the mainmenu. The FPS drop is correlates with the amount of mods enabled: 0 Mods: 1 Mod: 4 Mods: 10 Mods: 35 Mod: I also attached my settings, the first 72 Lines of the clientlog (for references to my hardware) and 2 profile jsons (one with and one without mods enabled) Avorion_settings.zip client-profile-mit-Mods.zip client-profile-ohne-Mods.zip
  7. This could have multiple reasons. What Avorion-version is your server on (0.22 / 0.23)? What version of the mod do you use? What's the name your people want to give to their ships? (Special characters in it, ... ?) If on 0.23: Was this observed before 0.23.1?
  8. 1) Resource-asteroid-fields are generated in scripts/lib/SectorGenerator.lua function SectorGenerator:createDenseAsteroidField(probability) function SectorGenerator:createAsteroidField(probability) function SectorGenerator:createSmallAsteroidField(probability) function SectorGenerator:createEmptyAsteroidField() function SectorGenerator:createEmptySmallAsteroidField() Is where you'd want to look. (probability is the % of "rich" asteroids). Gameplay wise there are also "hidden" resource asteroids, which look like normal ones, but have a very large amount of resources in them. 2) All code about asteroid respawning is in /scripts/sector/respawnresourceasteroids.lua 3) To get more slots, build a bigger ship. (Up to 15 Slots). There is no easy way to increase that specific value. (only changing .exe) upgrades are defined in /scripts/systems/
  9. It's probably missing the Entity().isObviouslyMineable = true tag
  10. What (Avorion-)version is this server running on? Move asteroids only charges you money, when it actually moves one, since 2018-11-09 (v0.19.0 for Avo 0.19). Avorions default branch is 0.21.4 with 0.22 around the corner. Your's is very far behind
  11. I remember (back in 0.15/0.16), when I tried to reduce the impact of relationloss due to inflicted damage, that the damage applied to shields was in 1:1 ratio with the loss of relation. When the hull was hit the relationloss was higher, but I never figured out by what coeffcient (maybe AOE by cannons/rockets. Piercing railgun ... had an effect as well). That's just about all I know in that regard
  12. Update for Avorion 0.21.4 1.12.0 (0.21.4) [2019-04-19] - removed founding costs (vanilla)
  13. This mod is a proof-of-concept to show modders, what and how to do weapon modding. It's quite dated (from March 2017!) and will be deprecated in 0.21[current Beta], where the weapon API has changed. For now it still works with 0.20. I may pick it back up, when the Modding-Workshop-Update (either 0.22 or 0.23) will hit
  14. Thank you for the logfile. You run on Avorion 0.20[stable]. So you should download advShipyard_1.10.1.zip . 1.11.0 is for 0.21[beta]
  15. Thanks for the heads up. It seems the fighter beahaviour has changed. Repair fighters have to "FighterOrders.Defend" their own mothership, while they have to "FighterOrders.Attack" any other ship, to even start repairing.
  16. It can, in fact, take up to 30 seconds until fighters start.
  17. While modding I have encountered a bug, where Entity():removeCargo(good, amount) would remove the cargo from the entity on the serverside, but does not synch this change with the client. It only occurs when "good" is represented as string and not the tradingGood. Changing sectors or log out and back in fixes the clients cargobay. Steps to reproduce:
  18. Update 0.2.2 for beta0.21.x [2019-02-26] - added musiccoordinator script to init.lua (vanilla)
  19. updated for 0.21 beta -- 1.4 for beta 0.21 [2019-02-26] - renamed modfile to productionChains - added names for special factories (vanilla)
  20. Beta update 1.10.2 (beta0.21.x) [2019-02-26] - beta update - crew selection is now translated (vanilla) - ships now have a construction fee (vanilla) - relation requirements for some crew members (vanilla) 1.11.2 (beta0.21.1) [2019-03-01] - beta0.21.1 update (only vanilla changes)
  21. Updated for 0.20.5 1.10.1 (0.20.5) [2019-02-21] - adding crew increases build time by 5 minutes (vanilla) - Removed some unused code snippets - Custom ships have a skeleton crew while being constructed. Depending on your crew choice it might leave the ship after it's finished ("Empty ship" -> no crew left, "Add Crew" -> captain leaves, "Crew + Captain" -> no one leaves)
  22. I think you are simply unlucky. Salvaging fighters have always had problems hitting very small moving targets. Dock all fighters works fine for me. I hope you are using 1.10.1 with the current 0.20.4.
  23. Do you have the icon top right? Yes-->Good. No-->reinstall The first 5 (or whatever is set in the config file on the serverside) sectors will be loaded. Loaded sectors are represented green in the UI. Sectors will unload, if you leave the galaxy. All sectors loaded by this mod are considered loaded by the player. Being in an alliance gives no bonus sectors with this mod. I did some more tests with vanilla sector loading mechanics: Whenever I set this to something else than 500 in my singleplayer world it would reset to 500. So I copied the galaxy and started a dedicated server on it. This makes the results somewhat multiplayer only. This config gives the total amount of sectors a player can have. This includes the players current sector. So it is x + 0. The setting also affects alliances. So you can get 2 x loaded sectors. However: A sector loaded with player and alliance ships will count towards the sector threshold for both. You can't command ships in an unloaded sector. You will get this message: "That sector isn't loaded to memory on the server. Please contact your server administrator for help." Giving a ship from a loaded sector the command to fly into an unloaded sector, will load said sector and move the ship over. If you exceed your sector threshold and the target sector with the moved ship still has a low weight it will be unloaded. And the ship gets stuck.
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