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  1. My brother and I have setup a Dedicated server on a separate PC. PC specs: i7-10700, ram 40gb, GPU RTX 3900, Wired to router/modem combo. 200mb download/20mb upload internet. Using Steamcmd to update and host server. Server at first startup is fine with no lag or latency. Sectors with large groups of wreckages cause lag and loss of fighters. During Xsotan invasion causes challenges to even control ships. Does having a hard drive instead of SSD make a difference? Server.ini changes Wreckages last much longer in sectors system and turret storage increased to 1 million
  2. Just started 9/20 after update. My brother sets up dedicated server on his computer. We have been using the same server for months now. I connect fine to dedicated server. He can't. We started a completely new server. I connected fine and he couldn't. He couldn't even find the server in the server list. He reset his router and double checked any server requirements. Removed password so he could connect from an invite from but still didn't work.
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