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  1. I’m not sure if this is the proper place for this or if I’m asking the right thing, but.... addShipProblem, for placing an icon at the top of the players screen, will cause that icon to periodically flash. However, I’ve noticed the icon for indicating there is a shipyard present in sector does not. I’m asking if the command for doing that is already exposed/known to modders (and what is it), or if not, can it be exposed for us to use? Thanks.
  2. Not a bad idea, though I would like to see them naturally get more wrecks in, too, by merit that there's more going on in the galaxy than just the player.
  3. Please allow us to place turrets onto coaxial designs and coaxials onto turret designs. Both should subsequently become locked in place and unable to turn. No changes to damage. Both of these provide an alternative means of locking a turret in place while allowing a custom design (seems rotation lock blocks don't allow custom designs). For turrets (non-coaxial), this will also allow us to place a turret in a locked facing perpendicular to the ship without the need of the block it's sitting on being protruding or designing a cavity for it to sit in. For coaxials, this also allows us to mount them parallel to the ship without the need of doing the same above.
  4. There's a lot I wish they had done differently with fighters. However, in 2.0, fighter pilots are now drone pilots. They'll no longer be in the craft.
  5. Really. You think that the place where you grow people could double as classrooms? Edit: Regardless of whether Academies are sit down classrooms with accelerated time frames (I mean, our crew are paid every few hours, right?) or if they're places where people sit in chairs with things hooked up to their heads so they can be "programmed", this process is still quite different from growing a person. Further, Academies are available a tier earlier than cloning and allow the training of standard crew that were not grown. So yes, I do consider those as different and should not be combined. A configurable manufacturing environment that's available from the start for the purposes of producing goods, however, is totally the same as a manufacturing environment that's available from the start for the purposes of refining ore.
  6. Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t referring to the bomb idea when I was commenting on the seeking. The bomb idea actually sounds kind of nice, though I don’t know how hard it’d be to program the AI to use em correctly. Certainly a lot of design decisions from those movies people should have been fired for. I mean, who ever heard of energy beam weapons that arc in space?! I stopped watching any more after Last Jedi, too. 😛
  7. Hey, I might have some insight on this. Some weapons will apply huge amounts of heat per shot, but between the cooldown rate and the firerate, this allows the turret to cool off enough before the next shot, allowing the continuous shots figure you see. However, I don't believe the vanilla calculations take into account simultaneous shooting. Or at least it doesn't do it properly. I believe max heat is 100, so if all weapons firing together are enough, it'll put it over this with ease. There's also a mod out there, Detailed Turret Tooltips, I think it's called? This mod shows the actual heat level applied per shot and the amount cooled off per second. Might help visualizing it better.
  8. Added a new bullet point with a 1 & 2 as part of it.
  9. Edited suggestion now that I understand better how the station founding design works.
  10. OMG, I know! I watched the first 2 + the one about the Death Star but couldn't watch anymore. I still haven't seen the 3rd or any of the rest. Sorry, derailing the topic. *ahem* -------------------------- On topic, not directed to anyone specific, don't forget that by increasing their effectiveness against NPCs, you're also increasing their effectiveness against you. Personally, I find it highly annoying to have something fired at me that is able to track and the only way to avoid it is by running around all the time. I'm not sure what the "right" way is to make these better, so I'm not going to vote on this at this time. We may want to start with small tweaks first, though. 😉 My Weapon RNG Wrangler mod, I increased their flight speed by a few factors, but haven't received any feedback on that change.
  11. Yes, but none of those have a second block that does something so similar that it leaves you wondering why there are two of them. Again, it makes more sense to just give this property to the existing assembly blocks than creating a whole new block for it.
  12. Well, because you are asking for a whole new block type for 1 purpose when we already have something that would be suitable for the role. If we didn’t already have something that would be appropriate for this, then I’d be on board, but we do, so I just see it as bloat.
  13. Ok, thanks. I can definitely understand why... it'd be a nightmare to code. Which I think makes the huge clearance that much more harder to understand. 😕
  14. In regards to the new docking mechanism, please consider reducing or eliminating the clearance for docking blocks. The current clearance required is so large that it hampers some designs. It shouldn't be necessary to force a player to have a large open space for this. If they want to design a ship with a small docking bay, or even a cavity inside it for some of their smaller ships to dock to for protection during transport, then they really should be able to. If at some point you all are going to include AI commands for docking, then I can see the AI needing the clear space, but for the purposes of us manually flying our ships in or whatever, we really shouldn't be restricted in this regard. Edit: So, as there seems to be some confusion elsewhere, I am not talking about the clearance needed for the "docking lane" that you use to interact with a station or that NPCs use to "dock" with a station. I'm specifically talking about the physical ship-to-ship / ship-to-station / station-to-station docking mechanism introduced in 1.3 where you can then use one ship to drag the other around like in the image below. Only, I'd like to be able to do it in a bay of the ship, like here (small ship in the small forward bay of the Star Destroyer): Without the need to extend the size of the dock outside of the bay: What I'm asking for should not have anything to do with AI pathfinding seems we're having to manually fly and line these objects up in the first place.
  15. I'd rather it like the fighter factory.
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