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  1. I’ve used them in designs (usually workshop) that were close to the next unlock and had, imo, too much unused space (void or just lots of blank hull in one area). Otherwise, I feel as though they have no value seems there’s no benefit until you actually hit the next slot unlock level.
  2. In my experience so far, a larger IFG has more coverage area than the same volume split between multiple blocks. So, I guess it depends on the shape of your build.
  3. I've seen a number of people use backups thinking they were a "traditional" save to then only complain about how it "screwed" their galaxy up more (from their perspective). More warnings should probably be added in game to highlight and hammer into their heads as they're attempting to use them that these are meant only for emergency when the galaxy is corrupted and could have bad consequences if they're merely looking to rollback after a loss of ships/stations.
  4. I know it's too late/doesn't help in this situation, but for future reference, do not use backups unless you have a corrupted save. They are not saves in and of themselves. Using one resets the whole galaxy to default and then drops you with your ships/stations/resources you had previously back into it.
  5. Also, re shuttles, the larger the shuttle, the more stuff it can carry. Also, due to performance, there are hard caps on how many can be out and about at the same time, so keep that in mind, too.
  6. Hey, does anyone know if anything regarding boarding is moddable? Specifically, for right now, I'm looking to modify the hull percentage in order to initiate boarding. I've done some searching through the game files, but so far have turned up empty handed. The most I've been able to find is some post success code and a flag that gets set on the bosses to make them unboardable.
  7. Ah, thank you! I apparently didn't look far enough down the page in the documentation. I see it there, now. *facepalm* I'll keep this in mind for next time I need it. For now, I think I got around my issue with pcall().
  8. Yeah, because of the issue, I just copied the whole file at the time. That said, if that function is the one I'm thinking of, I will be making edits into it later.
  9. I was afraid of that. Dangit, devs. Well, hopefully my recreating r in my scope doesn’t cause other issues. I’ll have to double check where it’s used to make sure everything stays sync’d up properly.
  10. Make sure to check server logs for errors. Get them to send you theirs if needed. Ultimately, though, if they’re seeing the issue and your not, then there’s a high probability of a conflict with one of the other mods they are using.
  11. Well... So after this, I paid better attention to my fighters. The design is all iron. No shield gen. I make a salvaging fighter with it and a naonite salvaging laser. Admittedly, I didn’t pay attention to the original fighter this created, but I did look at the blueprint and the fighters created from this blueprint. Blueprint shows no shields (or perhaps rather shield stat is 0). But the actual fighters have a shield. Could it have to do with the material of the turret used? Anything naonite and over automatically gets shields?
  12. I don’t think I have much to add to this. I’ve used custom models where some have shield blocks (and when launched have shields) and some without (and when launched they don’t have shields). I haven’t payed much more attention than this. That said, if it was determined at one point that they’re cosmetic, I wonder if there’s more behind this that’s been lost. IE, is the fighter’s HPs during design split between hull and shield?
  13. From everything I've heard, at this time it's not possible to change your home sector. Only reconstruction site.
  14. This may help in understanding some. https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,6322.0.html
  15. https://imgur.com/a/jW8MHkV I thought I had noticed it in previous versions, but was never sure. Now I am with the framework in above image having a length of over 100 units. You can see in the second image there, that when transformed into blank hull, it fills it. Edit: Whoops, keep forgetting there’s a specific beta bugs section in these parts (though technically this bug is present in stable, too). Moderator, move if you deem necessary.
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