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  1. While I would love to have more in lua, it should be noted that lua executes slower than C/C++ afaik. So it’s a trade off kind of thing.
  2. Np. I’ve been wanting to do some testing on these myself to get their exact figures, but have never had the time. Good to know them, now.
  3. Are you finding other weapon types than railguns that are showing this? This may be something specific about them with their attempts at showing a damage figure that includes block pen. edit: btw, don’t get me wrong, I agree that there are issues and inconsistencies with the tooltips and have upvoted your thread. It’s just that unless they’ve very recently changed something, multiweapon turrets in and of themselves aren’t one of them. They’re just a cosmetic feature (kind of). Over my time playing this game, I’ve created a couple different mods that specifically remove the “cosmeticness” of this.
  4. The white box is different from the docking lanes for stations. That isn’t what this suggestion is about.
  5. I think you may be confusing two different things in here. Turrets that show an “x#” with the damage are actually shooting that many rounds per firing cycle from 1 barrel… kind of shotgun style. Internally these are multishot turrets. Turrets that have a visible number of barrels are simply multi-weapon turrets. Damage/fire rate is proportionately reduced for continuous beam/all other weapons so that they all maintain the same dps. These can work in one of two ways: 1) one barrel fires at a time in sequence, or 2) they can get a simultaneous property that allows all barrels to fire linked (at same time) and a proportionate refire delay so they still have the same dps. And it’s possible for a turret to get all 3 of these (multiweapon, simultaneous shooting, and multishot) at the same time. That said, the devs used to have these all better listed on the tooltips. At some point they removed the text for simultaneous shooting all together. So, either way, yeah, tooltips need an overhaul and be more accurate.
  6. I thought you could double click them in…. Must be a mod I’m using.
  7. They’d have to allow selecting in general, first….
  8. If we have to do it all manually anyway, then what purpose does it serve?
  9. Not really. Salvage command only collects the loot that pops out while salvaging. Anything still floating about as the result of the combat it ignores. That said, OP, there have been a couple suggestions on this already. Here was mine if you’d like to vote and post to bump it back up:
  10. I get the feeling, especially given some of the reasoning behind the changes to orders with 2.0, they want to keep us engaged with the game.
  11. Just to be clear, this is how I've always advocated it being brought back since their first discussions around why they made the change. To me, what makes it "risky" is the skill level of the modder that takes it on, plus their availability and, for lack of a better word, "longevity" with this game (we all have other lives; sometimes we get busy for a while, or we simply move on to another game). (I wanted to work on doing a mod for this myself over two weeks ago, but I kept pushing it off cause dealing with UI code gives me headaches, and then about a week ago, now, my work got hit by ransomware. I've been putting in 16 hr days since and so have had absolutely no time for modding/playing... or doing anything, really. (I'm typically getting 4 hrs of sleep per day right now, and not always at night....))
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