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  1. Ya, still happens even with 33.6... mostly after Server Restart/Crash. Sent Bug report and still hope that this issue will get fixed soon.
  2. Avorion is still a Bugfest with many issues above all in multiplayer (duped ships, extreme server load, wrong tading lists.... and many more). I think after the first wave of Steam negative ratings and the following shitstorm there is enough to do before a DLC or something can be planned. Greetings
  3. Tried to "generate" such ships over and over on shipyards. even with "mad" seeds. Never get such designs. All 4 ships types have an own seed and only differ in some blocks. Or whats my failure?
  4. How to get 0.32? My Steam updated to 0.32.1 .... I cant choose 0.32 from Beta branches in Steam and cant rejoin my server... thx...
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