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  1. Was the steel factory upgraded? I found out that upgrading a factory/mine only increases production speed when you are in the same sector, and does nothing when you are in another sector (reported via in-game tool). Maybe this is the same bug?
  2. 1. The fighters you created require pilots. Required crew that you don't have counts towards the number of sergeants you need. So when you have 10 fighters, you need 1 sergeant even if you don't have any pilots. That's why you have increasing requirements as you build fighters. 2a. Probably the infamous ship duplication bug. Ship was duplicated, then the game deleted the duplicate but fighters remained. 2b. You can only use the "transfer all" or arrow buttons to transfer fighters to the squad directly to the right/left, not to a squad that is above or below (not too user friendly, I know). You can drag fighters one by one to any squad.
  3. There is no use for them at all. If you want more slots, it's better to add 5*more of either thrusters or armour, as these will give you additional benefits (agility/hp) in addition to increasing computing power. It's probably not even more expensive than computer blocks.
  4. I heard rumours that the amount of goods those NPC trades will trade depends on the distance from centre, but someone should confirm that.
  5. Yes, they do "tick once in a while and give up some precision to save a ton of CPU/RAM". This loss of precision is sometimes actually quite bad for profits (see https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,6537.0.html). "Simulated" sectors take up less resources then the ones with a player in them. But still, some kind of a limit is needed.
  6. Also you mentioned events. Where will those be announced? Do you have a discord server?
  7. Hello! Good to know someone wants to start a PvP server! There are a few issues with PvP that you should know about and think about solutions to them on your server: 1. It's easy to get a lot of shield HP (and hull HP in case of stations), but very hard to get a lot of damage. So it can take very long to destroy player ships. 2. There is no reward for defeating player ships (maybe there is when you board them, I don't know) 3. It is very easy to escape from a fight 4. It is not possible to find other players'/alliances' ships, other than stumbling upon them by chance or mutually agreeing to fight in a certain sector. 5. Turrets are very random and unbalanced and often the player who got more lucky and found a better turret always wins. Looking for good turrets is an extremely time consuming, tedious process (some players have reported building tens of turret factories to find good turrets for PvP). Please think about these if you want to have meaningful PvP. I'm sure you can find a way to solve these. You can also have a look at "The Void, Alliance Wars" server (https://discord.gg/vcsnV6q) and see the rules there, to compare with your ideas.
  8. yes. Every sector with a ship or a station that belongs to a player or alliance is simulated and counts towards the limit. In single player you can increase the limit in server.ini in your galaxy folder if your hardware can handle it.
  9. SneakyTacts no. What I meant is that fighters that are NOT produced from turrets (cargo and crew shuttles) have their stats based on the material of the blueprint. You can try it yourself. Make an iron design and an avorion design and try creating a crew shuttle from both, you will see the difference :)
  10. The seed is different in other sectors.
  11. I have a turret factory with level 50 blueprints, it's distance from the centre is 20. I think that the distance for a Research Station might be about the same.
  12. https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Roadmap I think it's the same as "ship to ship docking" that is listed here
  13. There is an ongoing effort to add this info to wiki. You can calculate it. Find good "level " and price in file scripts/lib/goodsindex.lua For processors, level is 6, price is 7858. Processor factory produces 3 processors per cycle (info from wiki). Production effort = level*price*amount produced per cycle. So for processor factory, production effort is 141444. Minimum cycle duration is 15 seconds, so you need 141444/15=9429 production capacity. I hope this is correct, please try it.
  14. I wrote some tips about quick progression, making loads of money and good turrets, all legit (no exploits). Might help some people but also spoil fun for others, so tread carefully. https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Getting_Rich
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