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  1. For the bombs, if you see the attack coming you can just move out of the way. Unlike missiles, bombs will never have any seeking. This also makes the flight path of the bomber very predictable so you can intercept any enemies trying to do a bombing run. So there are some down sides to space bombing, but this method is still a billion times better than those shitty bombers in The Last Jedi. Who ever designed those things needs to be fired if they haven't been fired already. I also never saw the 3rd movie, I completely quit watching Star Wars movies after The Last Jedi. >_>
  2. Yes, I would like to see them add bombs to the game that are kind of like the missiles, but more damage than missiles and they have no speed by them self. They only inherit the ship's speed, meaning you have to fly at your target very fast, drop the bombs, then turn away and let them go coasting into the target. Then we can have space bombers in the game, and it will be space bombers done in the right way. Looking at you 'MG-100 StarFortress' (worst ship ever and in the worst Star Wars movie ever)... I wish Disney would just die already. >_>
  3. Yeah, I have always hated that the 'fleet' tab is even called that when you can't actually make a fleet. I would really like to see a system like in Space Empires 5 where you can create a fleet, name that fleet, add and remove ships to that fleet, assign a flag ship, and even create custom formations for that fleet. Then you would just select the fleet when you want to give that group of ships orders. But it would also be great if you could create different elements within that fleet each with their own formation and sub-orders. Something else you should be able to do is give all ships orders to engage enemies at a set range, or at least an option for 'point blank' range, 'optimum' range, and 'max' range. That way you can have your ships/fleets fight at the best range for the weapons they use. And for non-combat ships you should be able to give them orders to 'run away!' As for the list of orders. The way it is now is just terrible. If you mess one thing up in your order list you have to just reset and start over. There needs to be a schedule like system where you can add orders, set conditions for orders and even change the order in which it carries out those orders. It would be great if we could have a similar system to games like Transport Fever or Factorio. Then you could set up cargo ships on trade routes and even add in IF/ELSE/AND/OR conditions, so you can do things like having your mining ships go to a refining station, if their cargo is full, then jump back into their mining loop when their cargo is no longer full. And of course you should be able to switch ships to a stand by/carry out orders mode, like how you can switch trains in Factorio to and from automatic/manual mode when you want them to run or not run through their schedule. I'm sure all of this stuff would have to be in a major update, but I think it is one of the biggest things this game is really lacking and a thing that all players would very much like to have. 🙂
  4. Not sure when they changed it, but missiles don't always have the speed and range people think they do. I was killing some pirates last night and I noticed while flying my ship around that missiles actually inherit the speed of the ship they are fired from. 🤔 So I decided to do a little testing with this to see just how fast I could fling missiles and how (if at all) this effected the range of the missiles. My Explorer ship that I was using to test this had 2 launchers on the front of it. Right on the nose. I targeted a small asteroid from very far away and boosted up to max speed. My Explorer ship's top speed in afterburner is about 4,800m/s. I fired a volley of missiles out and the missiles slowly began to move out in front of my ship getting further and further away. I think I tried this the very first time I got a missile launcher in the game and I was able to out run the missiles. But this time it was clear that I couldn't, because I was going full speed when I fired the missiles. 😲 Just to be sure, I fired a volley while sitting still, then boosted to try to out run the missiles and I was easily able to do it. Then I decided to see if the range of missiles was just based on flight time or distance from the point they were fired at. So I targeted another asteroid, got very far away from it boosted to full speed and fired a volley. Based on my sitting still test, it seems like missiles go about 1,000m/s on their own speed. So I figured that if I'm going over 4 times that speed, the missiles should get about 4 times the range. The range of my missile launchers says 27.26km so I decided to go out to 150km from the asteroid and boosted up to full speed. When I got to about 120km I fired a volley of missiles. I then slowed down and stopped before getting closer than 100km and watched my missiles fly off into the distance. After watching and waiting, I saw the impact of missiles and damage numbers coming out of the asteroid. There was not much left of it. So missiles actually 'can' go faster than ships and 'can' have more range than torpedoes. So many people think missiles are too slow and need an overhaul. I think people are just using missiles wrong. 😄
  5. NO, what we need is the ability to assign ships to fleets and set formations for those fleets as well as giving them sub-orders within those formations. Then you can set up different elements within the formations to do different things under different conditions. And of course, you can do the same for fighters.
  6. Wait what! "Added several new bugs" 😲 ...Don't you mean added several bug fixes? Because why would you want to add bugs to the game? 🤣
  7. Yes, I have also lost some ships to this bug. I had 2 salvage ships breaking down some wreckage in a sector and I assigned a ship to escort one of the salvage ships just in case pirates show up in the sector. Then a few mins later with no pirates or any other enemies in the sector I get a message showing one of my ships had been destroyed. It was the other salvage ship. This shouldn't be happening. Why are my own ships just turning on each other and killing each other? 😠
  8. Yes, it should just show the full list of parts you have in your ship and you should be able to hide/show each type of part like layers in Photoshop. I have wanted this in the game for a very long time.
  9. I think just about all the animations/particle effects in the game need to be remade. I don't know how to change them, but I can make much better looking particle graphics. The muzzle flash for things like chain guns is just a single dot. 😒
  10. You should also post a screen shot of the stats of the ship. But not too bad looking for a starting ship. Glad to see it's not just another flying brick. I have seen way too many of those. XD
  11. I couldn't find this suggestion in here anywhere, so I decided to make a thread for it. I have wanted this to be a thing for a while now. So we can design the look of ships, stations, turrets and fighters. Why not torpedoes? Right now you can buy torpedoes from Equipment Docks, but they only have a limited supply and not all Equipment Docks are going to have the type of torpedoes you want. So it would be great if you could take a torpedo you like and turn it into a custom torpedo the way you can turn a turret into a custom fighter. You can then blueprint and build more of them just in the same way as fighters. You just need the money and resources to do so. Just for fun, and hopefully for the future, I made some custom torpedo designs. 😎 Add your own screen shots of any torpedo designs you make along with your thoughts on this suggestion.
  12. Missiles would need to be able to move insanely fast for some ships to not be able to outrun them. So I don't think they will be possible to do. They would need to be like railgun fast. Also missiles with the 'seeker' trait already continue to seek targets after they miss until they run out of range. The missiles in this game have a magic 360 degree view seeker head on them. 😄
  13. What I would suggest is being able to change the plume by just placing glowing or hologram blocks right behind the engines. Also I don't think Xanion engines are faster than Trinium. I'm pretty sure all engines have the same output, but higher materials use less energy. Their Cost, Mass, and Durability is also different but Trinium is the lightest material.
  14. Cool, I look forward to seeing what new ships you come up with... And feel free to message me if you get stuck trying to figure out how to build parts of your ship, and need some more building tips.
  15. If you are playing a single player game pirates won't spawn in a sector if you the player are not in that sector. So you could have many smaller and much cheaper mining ships in the lower level sectors getting you iron and titanium, while you use your big ships for attacking and clearing out higher level sectors filled with pirates. As for ship designs, it's not that hard to make cool looking ships. time consuming yes, but hard no. Just start by rough sketching out a ship from the side view. Decide how you want it to be shaped from the nose to the tail and what parts are taller and shorter along the way. Then draw it from the front view and decide how it will be shaped and how wide the design will be. Then one from the top view, that matches how wide it is from the the front view and shows what parts of the ship stick out that wide. After you have the basic blueprint, you start placing your framework and making an outline of the shape of your ship from each view. You just need to place the framework blocks like you are doing pixel art. If you need to make circles and ovals, here is a simple tool to help you with that. https://donatstudios.com/PixelCircleGenerator I would make my framework blocks 1x1x1, then make a long line of blocks from the center going to the nose and tail when you first start your ship. This will help you get an idea of just how long the ship will be. Then you can start building the side view outline from it. Then do the same but going to the left and right side when you do the top view. Hopefully this all makes sense, otherwise I might have to just draw a diagram of what I'm talking about. XD
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