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  1. Manually restarting every day on Avorion to prevent a ram leak which bypasses our 32gb limit after 36 hours is proving to be a daily chore we could seriously do WITHOUT. Everytime we forget one restart, it eventually reaches 32gb, crashes, then we get complaints of stuff being lost (players even being rolled back several days! UNACCEPTABLE) and have to go around fixing all our players. This is a problem we shouldnt have to be dealing with, and is a massive, frustrating headache. We have jobs and other things to be doing irl rather than babysitting Avorions fragility and not being able to take our eyes off it for one single day. I am requesting a mod, or (prefered) even an *official game feature* in which (not linux or ubuntu, WINDOWS) the server will begin announcing a restart after X time (configurable) before undergoing a /save , then a /stop. OS: Windows 10 - Server hosting software used: WindowsGSM - Accessed through DWservice Our software will restart Avorion if it is detected as being down but there is no Restarter anywhere for Windows devices in order to make Avorion automatically save and stop. We need a mod or solution to making Avorion restart automatically after a given period of time. With /say text warnings. Why after all these years, do we not have a basic restarter.
  2. --Possibly contains spoilers, do not read if you dont want to know anything.-- Seems kind of pointless to give you feedback when nothing ever becomes of it, but here's the results of my time and effort after playing the 1.0 release, from beginning to end, from a big fan who wanted this game to improve but has given up. 1.0 is my last playthrough. 1. Weapon ranges and balance are broken. We've been telling you for years but you just dont seem to get the point no matter how much we drill it and show it to you. When most enemies and even things like the Wormhole Guardian have an attack range of 5km...it makes no sense that our weapons (most effective being Rail and lightning...AGAIN) can attack from 30km. (rail and lightning having insane range as well as the dps). Years have gone by and it's still the same problem. Example of the imbalance: On my 1.0 playthrough the strongest Machine gun i found was a 3 slot machine gun at 2.2k dps. 3 Slots, 2.2kdps, 4.5km range. Roughly 733dps per slot. Remember that. I can blow up a station or get the parts cheaply by buying them, and instantly craft a railgun that has 25k dps, 5 slots, and has 30.5km range, and has anti-matter (double damage against hull. And also craft lightning guns exactly the same but with energy rounds (double damage to shields) 5 slots, 25kdps, doubled to 50kdps with ammo type, 30.5km range. Roughly 10,000 dps per slot. Do you begin to see the shear ludicrous scale of the imbalance yet? We've been telling them for years. Under these conditions, equipping the machine gun is statistically senseless. 2. Broken Cat and mouse chasing AI. The Ai chases itself many 100's of km's away from the center of the sector, the problem is worst in early game where in many situations, youre chasing an enemy incredible distances to finish it off, often this can put you so far away from the center of the sector, that elements of the UI literally break and de-render. 3. Economy has been destroyed by the recent changes. Pirating from cargo ships and fighting off the sectors defenders used to be a vital element of the gameplay that was fun. But now thats all gone, as cargo ships dont spawn once 'Turmoil' has enabled, and there's no point attacking cargo ships when destroying stations which eventually rebuild themselves means you get all the loot and materials you need super-fast, in a way that is not really fun or challenging. 4. Unbareable lag when attempting to play multiplayer, due to the games total disrespect to bandwidth consumption, and absolutely no willpower on the developers side to address the issue. This has lead to most multiplayer servers forever shutting down or keeping population caps super low and just continueing to play knowing that the unplayable lag is just part of the experience. With confirmations from the dev team that there are no plans to do anything about it, entire Avorion Discord groups i was apart of have shut down. We we're hoping to get servers up and running again but you basically shot them down. 5. Reputation building with factions is too slow and boring. There are not enough 'actual quests' offered to you in each sector and even if you do them, the reputation is usually hardly worth the time. Waiting around for pirate/xsotan attacks is even more a waste of computer time and home electricity. Best thing to do is blow up stations, earn quick credits, and buy your reputation up...which is broken. Again, (and obvious) major imbalances here. Through Steam and other snippets of information i muster, i get the impression there is little to no testing going on. You have to play your own game, people like me who provide the feedback are becoming more reluctant to come forward and do so due to the depression that nothing becomes of it. 6. Scrolling through the different types of blocks was quicker and better before you changed the building UI. Now having to manually select them or drag them onto a limited bar of 10 parts has really slowed down my build speed and dramatically increased the amount of mouseclicks i have to make and do to build. Same with enabling/disabling the mirroring UI, is an extra pointless click among many that slows down our creativity and makes it just that little more tedious. I leave you with this, and i expect much of the same, hardly any changes, and probably people on the forum never making their mind up or fighting over ideologies of how it could or should be (love you guys for sticking around by the way, and showing the passion that is needed here, but we have the same conversations over and over and nothing ever happens). Without fixes, without a key decision maker, with the problems that never get addressed and there being no willpower to fix them...this is as far as i can go. It was fun, until about 9 months ago when the bandwidth issues began shutting the multiplayer servers down. I held on as much as i could because i saw massive potential in Avorion but i cant withstand anymore of this. I wish i could rollback using Steams ability to install older versions, but sadly you deleted the older versions from the list. Edits: Spelling
  3. 1.0 has released, time has ran out. And battle after battle, the AI plays cat and mouse with itself, and i have to join in that chase if i want to battle. You were not ready for release, but you released anyway when you should have delayed. Do you know how frustrating it is to witness a faulty AI / system in which after most battles, you have to travel hundreds of KM to return back to the center of the sector? So far that objects and the corresponding UI elements no longer appear visible. Now sure you can argue 'you could just warp out and back in to return to the center'. But if you have to come up with an excuse, that confirms that this is a problem. You can throw in as many coulds/woulds/shoulds as you like. We told you about this and gave this feedback multiple times over a period of about 9 months, this is an 'obvious, in your face' problem that should have been nailed out before you called Avorion 1.0. This is why i say you dont pay attention to the community. Well my word is my word, Im out. How can you even be talking about DLC's at a time like this.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to respond Sue, and do pardon my frustration as the lack of communication before this very short-away launch was becoming extremely worrying. Several games in the past that i have helped work on have behaved in ways which shuts down production and stops completely and it ends up not working. (This was a fate suffered by Firefall as staff could never agree on how the game was supposed to play) We will check out the changes and report any feedback. This line of communication between player>and<developer is what the community needs! Dont be afraid to get involved with us, if any of the dev squad are at heads with a decision of how something should work, just open a poll or something and ask us! :) We love the game. Any involvement of the peoples thoughts on things which are contentious, is what can help you make beneficial changes and satisfy the community. Thats the differance between making a decent game and a great game. In the end it IS your game. But its not a bad thing to stroll through the feedback and pick out ideas or chat with us. :)
  5. That's because your weapons reach up to 25km and their usual attack range is 5km, its clear as crystal how this is taking away any chance of balance. Again, youre misdirecting blame to the speed changes (which need reverting). Players need slowing down as well as having shorter range weapons, this will make combat engagements harder to get away from and more balanced. Making everything faster is not EVER going to make them catch you, and break the game more. Instead, slowing the players down and removing the ludicrous weapon ranges allows for easier solutions to balance. There is no reason you or the AI should be playing RoadRunner and Wile Coyote with each other until youre hundreds of km away from the sector. With how things are now, there is no dogfighting, just buggy looking cat and mouse chases. It behaves like a broken game. And this is why if this issue isnt resolved in the 11 days left, it wont be possible for me to leave a positive review, on a clearly broken game that i wanted to leave a positive review on until these changes came in. I'd call this broken behavior a bug, but ya know its not like theyre posting on steam that they want us to report bugs or anything. Sadly at this stage my prediction is that they totally ignore everybody, completely fail to make a connection of any kind with the community, and are only interested in bug reports specifically revolving around Crashes, doesnt matter if they put out a busted game, so long as it doesnt crash its fine. Everythings fine.
  6. 12 days left. They have posted on steam that they want bug reports, but its feedback they need to listen to. Cant help but feel like the community here is being ignored. Not a single word of response to anything. This isnt how you encourage your community...quite the opposite im worried there is no intention to shake hands with the peasants. We dont have dirty hands, we want to help you. It's kind of depressing to see this happening to a game that think its ready to call itself 1.0 Here's a bug that smacks you in the face the second you bother to play it: Pardon my increasingly frustrated or sarcastic tone but it is becoming deserved. NOBODY is acknowledging the community, a huge problem for any developer is failing to reach your community. :(
  7. That projectile speed increase you seek, wasnt needed...until ship speeds got buffed. Tellin ya, if they nerf ship speeds back down, missiles, machine guns, all those things that got invalidated will suddenly start functioning again. The huge ship speed buff is the problem, it has been ever since that patch hit. If a sector is only 200km wide, why do we need to travel 100km+ per second...Ludicrous speed has no place in this game, not unless all sectors become one open-space, but this isnt that type of game. Go to 1:20
  8. Ravien you have posted that same message twice, perhaps you could share your opinion instead of being rudely dismissive to people and having nothing to add to the topic. I am not the only person asking for these changes, so yes, i use the word WE. Not I. And i use that word rightfully. I am part of this community who collectively share very similar thoughts on what needs changing, therefor WE want to see some of these fixes done before 1.0 is released. Do not presume me to be some kind of rogue who needs removing, i am letting everyone have their opinion, you must let us have ours. This debate is actually quite positive, please add to it or move on. You are disrupting the discussion.
  9. Weapon balancing is certainly needed, but with 1.0 coming in 22 days, the largest game-crippling issues need fixing immediately, the rail/lightning range for example which cripples the entire combat engine needs putting up into the highest priority, the other things do not ruin the game so much and can be done afterwards. I do agree with missile speeds needing an increase (not torpedo's) Theyre too slow to realistically hit anything unless it's stationary. New players who start when 1.0 hits, are going to see these problems sticking out like a sore thumb. We are 1/3rd through the time, and none of these issues are fixed. Tick tock Boxelware. Start listening to your community, so far you havent, there is deep concern.
  10. There is nothing wrong with damage type gameplay, Pokemon do this and look how big that industry is. I have to strongly disagree with all of your points based on my analysis of obvious game problems that everyone here can see crystal clear within the first day of gameplay, by how you sound it just adds to my diamondstrong belief that it just feels like everyone wants to defend their ability to snipe and be unbeatable to due the range problem..., which makes this game...NOT a game. The fabric of the game mechanics are completely torn down by this issue and the defenders need to move aside for the sake of the games future. The game has NOTHING to fight you back with once you have your lightning and rail cheese. I dont mean to sound like a doctor but... Step one to fixing range problems with lightning and rail is to admit that range with lightning and rail is a problem, this denial harms Avorion. Defending this is what is going to be one of the main causes of people walking out the door, me included and we're fed up of it. Its time to stop the ''i want to keep my godly build'' and change it to ''ok its time to seriously balance this''. There absolutely are issues with me being able to play the game due the games fabric being so torn full of these gamebreaking holes and bugs that right now i cant play because these issues are a showstopper. They frustrate me to the point i cant continue. If by function and work well you mean enemies flying over 300km and disappearing from your HUD because they are so far away is good mechanics, i just....i dont understand why you continue to defend an obvious gamebreaking bug. I have no idea why some of you Defend obvious, proven bugs, youre killing Avorion with even this being a debate, which it shouldnt be. Extra sales does not = faster development speed. In many cases especially in the Indie industry, it can often mean the total opposite. Some decide to keep developing, some take the money and RUN. With a AAA game company youre almost garauntee'd further development, but with Avorion...it is not possible for us to know, even if they say they plan to continue, they may not. Nobody knows. 1.0 needs to be stable, and bug free as possible. Currently, it is neither. 27 days left. See how quick these days are ticking by? And we still have denyers blockading the vital changes neccasary. Enough of this Shielding and deflecting, put it aside for vital fixes and changes. Clock is ticking.
  11. Im happy for you guys that you want to call it a 1.0 release, but is that being honest with the customer? I love Avorion, been playing for over 3 years, but i think giving yourselves 30 days to ''complete'' the 1.0 version of the game so you can tell everyone the base game is DONE, was giving yourselves not enough time and is maybe not entirely truthful. I could be totally wrong here (please make me wrong! I want to be wrong here!) , but this fan of the game having watched your current development speed over these years...i am worried you have lost the passion to continue development.
  12. Im being quite firm and asking them them to quickly bandage the game because i am honestly annoyed with the current state of the game, have waited a year and a half to play but these issues have prevented me from playing a proper game, the incredibly slow development speed of the game, and the announcement that on March 9th they want to call it a 1.0. It is not ready and unless the development speed increases and fixes start coming in rapid-fire style, it looks like it is the purpose plan that theyre going to release an unfinished product perhaps intentionally to get a 'New Release' popup on steam and some smallscale extra sales. Seems morally wrong to shorthand the customers like that. Kinda bad behavior i would expect from a Bethesda game, not from these guys. I never said i wanted to make all the weapons the same, anywhere, ever, and i would never support that idea. Just thought i would counter that because i did not say that. Putting words in my mouth there a bit mate. Like i said, we need to slap quick bandages on these things. Time is out. Apply a quick fix, done, boom! Move onto the next thing.
  13. So nerf weapon range. The elephant in the room is Lightning and Rail, some of us have been screaming from the bottom of our lungs for over 2 years to nerf these. The nerf has never happened and these 2 types of weapon are damaging the games potential, Lightning and Rail have been holding Avorion hostage for too long. You cant just design the entire game differently, to revolve around these 2 weapon types. Clearly, the easy fix is to nerf range. DONE. Sure there are other ways of doing things, but 1.0 is March 9th, they no longer have time to redesign the combat for the 50th time. This whole dilly dallying over these issues is costing time and harming the game, these urgent issues need nailing out NOW or it will be too late, the game will launch, and the reviews are going to divebomb because combat is so disfunctional. We need to stop argueing and get these issues SLAMMED DOWN before 1.0 (they ARE in a rush at this point). That deadline is so short, theres no time for us to keep butting heads, we need quick RAPIDFIRE solutions and not to debate ideas for redesigns. Release your game right, THE FIRST TIME. 28 days left... I hope my formatting emits the aura of proper urgency Avorion is currently in, to get these fixes down. 28 days is a blink in the development world. The deadline is not long enough for indecision.
  14. Do please show us this gameplay. Because i think you might be finding fun within a flaw, which is probably fine for you, but not everyone else. I am curious to see.
  15. DLC's on a game that is struggling to find its playerbase and to correct its basic state flaws, is the last thing they need to ever think about at this point, and i would suggest to you not to go asking them to take money for content snippets at this point. Dont promote that, for the love of everything. I do not pay for fixes, i do not pay to add content to a game which releases, lacking content. If i hear about DLC's on Avorion, i am jumping off this project. So when ships in combat fly 500km away, you find it ''challenging'' that you have to fly all the way over there to join them? I cannot understand how you can even remotely consider or come to the conclusion for one second that this isnt a flaw in the game and somehow a feature. It is simply not defendable and by trying to suggest its a feature you are harming the prospect of a fix to an obvious Problem that you need to admit is a problem. ""The possibility of DLC's""...i am a passionate customer of Avorion, but i actually feel some form of Offense when you bring that up at this stage of development when the game is so unplayable. We are not cows to be milked, suggesting DLC's at this point would be to humilliate customers, the few that are still around. To the developers, i say this as a witness to many previous bugs gone unfixed, complaints gone unheard, and the community attempting to help you and get hardly a mention that anything is being done about it: Start listening to your customers, start hammering out these major flaws or your 1.0 release, will fail faster than Anthem.
  16. You need to fix these major issues which will definitely have a negative impact on the current version of the game, and peoples review scores. These are MANDATORY before you call this game 1.0. 1. The Cat and Mouse chasing AI which see's ships flying 100's of KM away needs removing, it doesnt work! Put the old AI behavior back in. 2. Slow the ships speeds back down to what they were. The speed buffs were bad and are completely unnessacary in a game like this when sectors are so small. There is no reason for me to travel 100km per second in this game, PERIOD. Ship speeds right now make Missile, short range machine gun weaponry, torpedo's HARMLESS (lets face it EVERYTHING apart from lightning and rail), completely useless! Running away from combat should not be so easy. You can find more information about this here: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,6091.0.html 3. Nerf Lightning and Rail weapon range, these 2 weapons hold the combat engine hostage. With range nerfs, and ship speeds brought down, we will be able to properly engage in combat that is both harder to escape from, allows proper dogfighting to work, and allows us to enjoy all weapon types, not just Lightning and Rail every single game. EASY fix right there. 4. We cannot host multiplayer servers because of a huge hemorrhaging of our bandwidth, please pay more attention to the posts made by Goshen on this matter: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,6061.0.html When each player costs so much bandwidth, even with top internet service providers, the bandwidth leak is unmanageable. Every, single, version of Avorion for the last year and a half has had this major problem, and you seem to be not listening or not bothering. I am worried by announcing 1.0, that you have simply lost the passion to develop. If that actually IS the case, at least fix these issues before you dare call it complete, else you are simply walking away from what is currently, visibly a very faulty product. I want to leave a positive review on Avorion, but i started another game a few days ago and within 6 hours i stopped playing because i just couldnt stand the AI flying 100's of KM's everytime it engages in battle anymore, i was sick of it. It looks to me to be in a broken state. Right now...cant play this. Do not release with these issues still here. These issues in particular will determine wether i recommend, or not recomment the game. I want to praise Avorion and play it with my friends, but you're making it reeeal difficult. You are not ready for release until you address these game breakers.
  17. You stumble onto a good point, larger turrets should be adding to the mass. you can currently have a huge turret, on a super-tiny ship. There is no effect on maneouvarability with the turrets used.
  18. This issue needs resolution Avorion team. The game costs too much bandwidth per player...it's at a breakpoint level. We have seen bandwidth of a single player reach 5-15mb/s. That means 1 player costs the equivelant of watching x3 1080p videostreams at the same time, it's unsustainable and we cant run servers under these conditions if we want to be in good standing with our internet service providers.
  19. Totally agree with you TESL4, ship mass/size should play a huge role in what purpose your ship is built for. Before the changes to maneuverability, it was already kind of like that.
  20. Hi there, old gamer here who has fallen in love with Avorion. I am calling for a rollback on the changes to ship speeds and agility. I was enjoying the game for many years up until our manoeuvrability got given a huge buff a few patches ago. Now we can turn fast and boost away at insane speeds without velocity modifications. These changes have obliterated any form of balance in the combat of your game. What does this mean? 1. Out-running or out-manoeuvring high speedtorpedo's is easy peasy. 2. All projectile based weapons (Machine guns, plasma, etc) are difficult to use on Ai or players in combat, rendering them useless. 3. All missile systems fire rockets at very slow speeds making it impossible to hit moving targets, even Seeker missiles will never find or catch up with their targets. rendering them useless. 4. All fighters can easily be outrun making them impracticle in most situations unless they have rail/lightning. 5. All bosses in the game cannot catch up to you or get within proper distance to pose any kind of threat to you, nullifying their threat. 6. Even AI becomes broken, as battles start to lead you over 250km+ from the center of the sector as you play cat-and-mouse, rather than proper dogfighting. 7. Boosting away from ships which block your ability to jump, takes seconds, no problem. Thats just a small handfull of the major issues. Your AI is not going to compete with humans, if they cannot even succeed to get into range. This forces players down a familiar....and at this point extremely boring path: The only valid weapons now are Rail / Lightning. Every single game, it's the same end result. How to fix this in one realistic stone? Get rid of these extremely exaggerated speed changes, revert them back and slow players down even further to force them into accepting the combat engagements and making them less escapeable. Slower ship speeds allow the tactical and statistical aspects of your combat to shine. It's not a fight if the opponent cannot fight back. It's not a fight if you can escape in 3 seconds flat. It's not an ambush if you can get into warp distance in 5 seconds flat. The whole point of an ambush is THE NET thrown over you, the restriction of movement. It's just not a fight anymore! This has killed the game for me, i hate to say that because Avorion is my baby. When you are engaged with an enemy ship, that enemy must be allowed to fight back in the exact same ranges. Every battle right now feels like the end of the last star wars movie...that was a baaad movie.
  21. Avorion servers since 26.1 are hemorrhaging so much network data it is impossible to host without smashing into your datacaps. The same occurs in 28.1 and under these conditions it is not possible clientside for me to play online. The host is running excellent hardware and has incredible download/upload speeds. The client is also running the same, but this issue causes the game to behave worse than if you were playing on a 56k modem when combat is taking place. Network data piles up into a huge backlog which is slowly distributed to clients, where the client experiences a lagged state of play where for minutes at a time, the game has to play catchup with their activities. It is not playable online under these conditions and there is something definitely going wrong here.
  22. I hope there is a resolution to this issue as soon as possible. As a long time client on the Prospercraft server i have noticed this unusual behavior since the update which leads to the game being unplayable. Client-side information: -Server Load is usually less than 50% due to the significant hardware power of the Prospercraft server. Iv been with them roughly 3 years and the hardware is superb. -Network behavior is queue'd up rather than handled instantly due to the huge bandwidth issue causing essentially a Queue of things for the network to deal with. -When not moving, and when nothing is happening, the game reports a low ping and things move along. As soon as i start making activity (Send out 10 Fighters, and shoot random things) my ping starts to climb up and up as the server very slowly plays catch-up with my activity. The CPU load is still fine, but the Connection barely hangs together. My ping keeps increasing the more that i do. For this example i build up activity which says i have a ping of 60 seconds. -I then recall my 10 fighters and stop all activity, then witness my ping shrink from 60 seconds, very slowly down to regular pings, but i have to wait several minutes for the server to play Catch-Up with all the activity that has happened. Often this can lead to instant death because enemies spawned in and killed you with Torpedo's, but you have no idea this has happened because to you they haven't spawned in yet. -The network continues to build a massive queue of things to handle, because it is haemorrhaging too much data that it cannot send to everybody quick enough to keep the gameplay live and playable in any kind of synchronisation.
  23. Aaand some server logs: The 21st of April was Normal version of the game The 23rd of April was the latest beta build (both normal and beta have the same issue) serverlog_2019-04-21_21-40-31.txt serverlog_2019-04-23_14-22-12.txt
  24. Here are a few logs: clientlog_2019-04-21_21-39-31.txt clientlog_2019-04-23_14-20-38.txt clientlog_2019-04-21_12-46-17.txt
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