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  1. ...!..... what an update! ... *deletes current beta game* ....*realizes just forgot to save current ship design*....*sighs*..*laughs*... *starts new beta game* .... Game Rankings 2019: #1: Avorion
  2. I just put together a new Ryzen 2700x with a GTX960 and have had zero crashes. I'm actually impressed with this game. Zero crashes or performance hitches. At least on this system the program uses very little resources. I flushed out my game and started a new one when this hit, on insane - heh. The new tokens are great and I think they are priced right for this difficulty and have already come in useful- lol. This is hands down my favorite space game now. Thank you for your hard work.
  3. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle, is that not the coolest! Thank you for replying! ... Just tried that and I see it works when a "captain" pilots the ship - which is awesome btw, but I was thinking of a plotted course for a player piloted ship. When in the Galaxy Map, if I click on my craft, and plot a course it will tell me I can't command the craft I'm steering. Another idea on the topic: Those load screens between sectors..... You could list good juju like this there. Kind regards, Bear
  4. I had an idea....: Main Menu update At the main game menu, When a player clicks on either "Singleplayer" or "Multiplayer" a dialog listbox opens with their games, New feature: Track and automatically select the last played game - don't start it, just select it. I know that is just 1 less click but in my days of user feedback and interface design, 1 less click was the #1 requested feature regardless of where that 1 less click was. Thanks again for all the great work - loving a lot of the new polish! Regards, Bear
  5. Hello, I had an idea... : Chained Jump Points When in the galaxy map, hold a specified key to add a jump point based on the last placed jump point (so when holding down the key the circle of reachable sectors would be centered on the last selected destination.) This would enable creating a series of jumps. An option to selecting each jump point along the path would be to designate a destination (probably outside of the reach of the ship) and then the computer would select which sectors to select as jump points to reach the requested destination. Either method having been used to select a chain of jump points (a jump route) would cause the following procedure to occur Upon exiting the galaxy map the standard "calculating jump route" message would appear. The time to calculate the route would be cumulative of all the jumps, so this method would take longer to calculate. Each jump would still require the player to orient the ships facing and initiate the actual jump. After each jump; however, the next jump nav point would be ready immediately (or possibly a very short "Loading next jump point" message) This would mean the player would need only possibly orient the ship facing and wait for jump drive cool down. This would help a lot when a short jump range ship needs to travel several sectors (say your drone gets sent back to start......) It would also help if say you had a specific trade route you wanted to run, you could select all your spots and even though the nav is locked on the next point, being that the player has to initiate the jump, the player would have the opportunity to do trading in the sector before doing the jump. Thanks again for all the work! Regards, Bear
  6. Hello, An interesting and fun idea popped to mind just now: Pilot Seat: In build mode, you would have a button that would allow you to select a block or blocks and designate them as "Pilot Seats" Add a key bind that would take the viewpoint from the games existing external view point when piloting a ship to a first person view point placed at the last used "Pilot Seat" of that ship or if none has been used yet the first designated "Pilot Seat" from the build menu or if there are none just an error message indicating "You have not yet designated a pilot set" Add a key bind that would cycle between pilot seats for that ship if in first person view mode The key bind that takes you to first person would also take you back out Because it would be fun as heck to actually feel like I was inside my fighter or on my command deck! The mechanics of flight and view should all work the same, this just moves the viewpoint to a specific location on a per ship basis For instance I built a Firefly (ish) ship and it would be fun to fly that from the cockpit point of view, even if it was from just forward of the cockpit window block - which the viewpoint would need to be, just straight forward, just past the edge of the designated block so the viewpoint would not actually be in the block - similar to how the lights work If designating any block as "Pilot Seat" would be difficult to code, then possibly adding a block for it (again the light block comes to mind) would work. Update: I just wanted to add: When multiple players pilot the same ship....yeah...each could occupy their chosen pilot seat if there were more than one, port gunner, starboard gunner, aft gunner, etc..... Thanks for all of the wonderful and dedicated work - this is truly an amazing game! Regards, Bear
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