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  1. mining fighters still do their silly 'attack run' they also do almost no damage to asteroids.
  2. usual jump issues: ai doesn't use jump gates to move, ai doesn't plot path using jumps (i.e. you need to queue sectors within jump range)
  3. I know that workshop mods are on the roadmap, but in between here and there can we get a mod folder to host modified files? steam really hates when you modify tracked files, messing up any mod installation at every update.
  4. you can still strap together some thruster, sell an asteroid and gate all your way to xanion starting right there. pirates and aliens won't target you if you don't have weapons and are generally flying around on slow junk that's easily outrun there should be more incentive for staying at iron/titanium or a way to start directly in xanion if skipping most content is considered legit
  5. nice! now it only needs to get tied to the merchant dialogue after 'where's your home sector', so that it feels part of the game itself. bonus point if each station has a chance of not being known based off distance.
  6. I agree, it seems the game is running circles around thrusters while annoying, aggravating gameplay issues (automatic turret reset?) are left to rot. sure most of them aren't severe, but all of them are sure annoying (the ship transfer windows, for example, on ly just patched by modders) and are causing an hemorrhage of players from servers-
  7. from steamcmd after the anonymous login (as you did for the install) app_update 565060 -beta beta validate you WILL have to reinstall mods and your save MIGHT not work after the upgrade
  8. the script that generates the player invokes the turret generation directly, so if you modded the turret generation algorithm you'll also need to mess with this file, creating a larger chance of conflicts among mods
  9. my guess is that a tiny tiny fraction of all those sectors are ever explored but of course only real life experiments can tell :) gonna check out the code in the evening if it works on my server, thanks again, it's a life saver
  10. this is great! btw why do you check sector existence with the game api instead of iterating trough all the files that ends in v in the sector folder? function scandir(directory) local i, t, popen = 0, {}, io.popen local BinaryFormat = package.cpath:match("%p[\\|/]?%p(%a+)") if BinaryFormat == "dll" then --am bit rusty, might not be reliable when embedded, but you get the gist of it local cmd = 'dir "'..directory..'" /b /ad' else local cmd = 'ls -a "'..directory..'"' end local pfile = popen(cmd) for filename in pfile:lines() do if string.sub(filename,-1) == "v" then i = i + 1 t[i] = filename end end pfile:close() return t end
  11. these are all a valid bunch of suggestion, but have you tried no to ram the thing? it's not like they move around, neither asteroids nor stations.
  12. building turrets always get messy, so no block based turret building. sure they look better and cover a multitude more of roles that way, but look at from the depth and starmade: there you spend hours building and you never get to the part where you enjoy the game. the current system for turret is fine. if anything they could add weapon blocks - unturretted blocks that fire in a specific direction, dps based on volume, so that people could tune the weapon they have without getting messy with details. anything that touches the topic of sub-entities, docking, self collision, hp-pool etc really kills accessibility
  13. I haven't tested this but should work, changes are at line 54 onward, goes to replace data\scripts\lib\turretgenerator.lua http://pastebin.com/3MSCrUEY
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