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  1. I think I'd disagree with the Fighters one. It would be nice to know if my carriers have their DPS halved because fighters were knocked out, rather than finding out hours later on a random check-in. Perhaps instead, a message system specific to fleets/carriers where losses like that can be reported? "Ship XX is out of Torpedos" "Ship YY has lost 4 fighters"
  2. Also check your Game Options menu from the main menu (not in-game paused menu) and activate the detailed weapon tooltips if it's not there already. The effects of Overheating as well as battery usage for the applicable weapons when adding Servos and the like are much more apparent
  3. If you order a group of ships to all follow one lead, or their respective sub-leads, then you'd only need to order one ship and the rest would follow as "Escort"
  4. @Vis I'd like to offer a suggestion on this... They DO inherit speed but only until they're about to hit. What I've noticed is missiles will move quickly as a result of my own movement, but once they get really close to their target they instantly drop down to their default speed. At that point, the shots seem to miss a LOT as a lot of NPC ships casually fly at 1k/s+.
  5. I think my only "issue" with this is that the on-and-off application of damage is a form of balance. A carrier with 120 mining fighters will out-mine most any mining ship out there that's using just traditional lasers. If all 120 fighters kept 100% application 100% of the time, then it'll be beyond unbalanced in terms of efficiency. As for salvaging fighters, I rather like them as they are as they have a much higher likelihood to hit blocks that wouldn't otherwise be targeted (regular hulls and the like, as auto-salvaging ships+fighters only seem to go for high-resource parts like shield generators and the like. I've gotten enough Legendary mods and turrets cleaning up otherwise-abandoned hull part debris fields to know that there's value in even those small tidbits.
  6. I actually beg to disagree on the AI upgrade being useless - for automated Defense stations that use Fighters as their means of attack/defense, it's very useful. Put a defense post there with Fighter Production AND the AI module and it'll be able to indefinitely replenish its DPS and not need to worry about being restaffed with pilots to man them. Also, the absolute value for Cargo isn't THAT useless either. I use them on my 4-5 slot Loop-Command Miners. As well as the Brotherhood upgrade and my much-farmed Bottan upgrade. Granted, I only use said miners in Iron/Titanium/Naonite space since those resources are way less common in post-barrier space, it's not wholly without use as-is.
  7. Just had an idea... There's some cultists in certain zones. I wouldn't mind them having quests as well. Even religious zealot-style quests. "For a long time the peoples of this galaxy have desecrated and ruined it. They strip planets and stars of what gives them life. Bring them to their knees and restore the balance" And instead of credit rewards the quest would reward unique or stronger upgrades or turrets.
  8. Quick suggestion: I set up my Miners with 0-cooldown jumpdrives and have them on a loop with 1 Resource Depot per 3-5 mining sectors. Once their cargo is full they'll jump. And they'll keep jumping through Mine orders until they get a Refine order. It'll add a bit of Message spam, but I find it easier than setting up Refine orders with every mining sector.
  9. A possible solution to this would be a popup similar to when you gather cargo that would show at what % cargo you have filled. "Picked up 25 Laser Compressors" "Cargo at 36% capacity"
  10. Another couple quick idea: "Stripmine an enemy sector" or "Sabotage enemy mining operations" This could either be a combat mission or a mining mission depending. Combat would be to kill X number of enemy "Mining" ships, but with no clear sector on where they are. Which means some scouting and searching would be necessary. However, I don't know if those ships respawn so that might need to be given some thought. Strip Mine would require a Mining Systems upgrade and some time. Essentially, mine all available asteroids in the target sector, usually an enemy of the faction giving the mission. As asteroids do eventually replenish, this mission would be repeatable. As for the Repair mission idea, I like it. Only problem could be with stations as they typically have huge amounts of HP and would take a considerable while to repair even with high-"damage" repair lasers. Also: Delivery missions are already a thing. I regulardly get them from my own Equipment dock... asking for goods that my equipment dock already has on hand. Makes for an easy couple mill sometimes haha
  11. I actually love this idea! 2: Probably my favorite! I love those big battles and wish I could find more of em. It's hard to know whether or not factions are fighting against anyone without waiting in their space for a long while. I'd even be happy to see a new option in Military posts and Headquarters that let you see how they feel about factions near them (including pirates and smuggler posts... can't tell you how frustrating it is to farm a faction up and then pop pirates and lose a ton of rep because they were friendly with em) 4: Also great. Perhaps different surveys for different distances from the core (including special ones once you've passed the barrier). Multiple Choice answers (A/B/C/D) would be perfect. 6: Another favorite. There's tons, I'm sure, of sketchy people in the galaxy. Some of these open up options for Chain missions. Chain starts with... say, 3 (Escort), then 2 (Pilot for higher), then either branch to: 1 (Capture enemy ship) (Along the lines of "We want you to capture the ship that's been spearheading attacks against our forces" or maybe "We were expecting to see this ship in the battle... we want it taken intact") or 5 (Construct ship, prompt specific type) With dialogue like "We lost more than we anticipated and our shipyards are tied up with other production orders... We'll pay if you can source a ship for is" or 6 (Help to salvage ships):Dialogue such as "The recent battle left a lot of debris. It's started to interfere with trade routes and passing ships have reported collision issues with the remaining derelicts. We'd like to hire your services to clear up at least %xx of the wrecks" Alternatively, with 1, if the ship is destroyed by accident, a Salvage mission could be offered to recover a "Blackbox" item that drops from said ship's wreck. Less reward, but still an opportunity to recover lost profitssss
  12. I have a mining ship set to Mine in Sector A, Jump to B, Mine, Jump to C, Mine, Jump to A, then loop (with the UI indicating that the "Loop" command would return it to "1"/"Mine A" So far, when my ship finishes mining in A it tells me that there's no further asteroids to be mined and then just waits, never jumping to B to begin the next phase of mining. It's using Mining beams (Not R-Mining), so it's definitely not a Cargo issue (Otherwise I've gotten the Cargo is full in Ship XX message). My Trade ship didn't have any problem with Loop commands (Until the stations it was selling to ran out of Demand, that is, so fantastic gameplay there [no sarcasm]). so I'm thinking it's something either with me, or with mining. Anyone else had better luck with it? Also, in terms of looping, how long does it take for a sector to replenish its asteroids? I would ideally like to have a circle of 12 or so systems that it mines on repeat, jumping through them over and over and mining as they reset their resources. I haven't found anything indicating what kind of timer they're on. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  13. Instead of the hit block being affected, could it be changed that damage is distributed across all blocks on the entity? This could solve there being teeny-tiny parts that are near impossible to hit (that IndepTarg lasers frequently get caught up on), and make salvaging faster overall. Wrecks could still be broken into pieces, and the damage could still be stronger on the hit block (60% damage to hit block, 40% distributed to all other blocks?) Is this something that would be feasible? I use Salvage Fighters for most of my harvesting, as they tend to independently find and get more blocks at once and their combined DPS tends to outclass most crafted lasers. However, they won't pick out "tiny" blocks, and my IndTarg lasers have a hard time hitting said blocks. I always go for 100% salvaging because even those small pieces have a chance to drop Upgrades and Turrets (and I've gotten good drops from said blocks, with enough expended determination to hit them).
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