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  1. Can confirm it is fully working on the latest version of the beta branch, thanks for the update!
  2. Oh nice, thanks! Ill give it a try now :)
  3. Oh snap. that looks awesome! By all means, please do focus on your own mod first! Ill be bookmarking your mod as well to keep an eye on its progress!
  4. Bump! My bad, i also am forgetful apparently! Theres no rush, but just a reminder if/when you get some time :)
  5. Wonderful haha. No worries, ill keep tinkering and see what i come up with. Will keep you posted Edit: Have been playing around with it for a couple of days now, and no luck. Maybe someone else could take a look when they have a chance. Good Luck!
  6. Thanks for the advise. Ive had a bit of a play around trying to add in the stuff you said, but no luck so far. Ill tinker a little more over the next day or two and keep you all posted. Before any changes, the mod menu itself can be accessed in 20.2, but you are unable to see any turrets in your inventory, and all the stat boxes show up as NIL. In my experiments, i managed to stop the mod from showing up at all, and in my second attempt it appeared to be no change to the default state that it loads in. This is literally the first time ive ever touched LUA, or any kind of code, so ill keep playing and see how it goes.
  7. Is anyone able to make a copy of this that works with 20.2 on the beta branch? I have no idea what im doing with lua modding/coding, and id prefer not to mess with it just in case i break things i cant fix :P
  8. I feel like every ship should by default be able to be converted into a station if you want to. If you do find a way to force the original to convert to a station, be sure to let us know. Good Luck!
  9. You could try saving the ship blueprint, then build a new ship with station founder turned on. You should be able to import your saved ship design onto the station ship, then turn it into a station. You may need to make some edits if you pick a station that adds extra parts. Hope that helps.
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