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  1. Just locked up. What do you need from me? The logs don't look any different. Lots of fighter use and systems being blown up tonight.
  2. Not yet, we took the night off last night from Avorion ๐Ÿ˜‚. Will see if we can get everyone on tonight and blow a lot of stuff up.
  3. Leave an Alliance ship in the sector with a captain on patrol or something. That should keep the sector active. Also make sure your server has enough sectors kept alive to support all the sectors you want to run while you are not in them. I think the default is 5 per player or alliance. That may work.
  4. Done, thanks. I hope we crash again.
  5. I get the feeling this is related to moving massive amounts of cargo around after invading sectors and wiping out stations or the overuse of fighters.
  6. Vanilla, no mods. I will share as soon as I can. May consider starting a new Galaxy.
  7. Hmm something has made this worse 6 server lockups in a space of 8 hours.
  8. Locked up again right after todays update, did not crash. Stopped responding. serverlog_2018-12-18_19-22-02.zip
  9. Being able to see the total cargo space and total space used in the cargo interface would be amazing too. Rather than having to go to the build menu check, then minus off the remaining cargo space to work out how much space you need to store you current cargo if you want to transfer it to another ship or station for storage.
  10. Thanks maybe no pushback of you have the window open interact with the station?
  11. When asking a station to defend, attack or patrol sector, after a while the command seems to drop off the station, and it stops defending itself. You then have to reissue the command. The station I am testing this with only has fighters, and while the command icon is on the station for one of the 3 above actions it performs as expected. However when the command disappears, and you don't notice it will stop launching fighters to defend or attack and sit there and get pummelled. Maybe for a station could we issue a permeant command?
  12. While clearing the docking arms of the station is great, and pushing away ships clears them up. Can we please have an option to turn this off on the dedicated server config. Pulling my hair out here while researching or building fighters and turrets and keep getting pushed away from the station.
  13. Not sure what is triggering it, last night we were raiding a local alliance for cargo, cleaning it at a smuggler and selling it on. After that we did some mining and general stuff, fighters deployed no more than 100. I was salvaging a wreck at the time and it just froze up. The time before it was a marathon mining session in preparation for a station deployment. It just seems to occur after about 5 hours of general play with 4 or 5 players. Nothing I can point at and say that's what did it ๐Ÿคจ.
  14. Had another server lockup last night. 4 players online half a dozen ships moving about with reasonable use of fighters. The server just stopped responding kicked all the players. The server process did not crash itself had to force it closed. No excessive CPU usage this time. Log attached its a 7z file again renamed as a .zip (No pastebin account and RDP on the server atm. easier to post it this way). serverlog_2018-12-13_14-38-58.zip
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