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  1. Hold middle mouse button to pan up/down left/right while in the build mode. Most other games of this style have some kind of panning.
  2. Bubbet


    You are still able to refund a game past the 2 hour playtime, but at that point it'd be up the publisher/developers discretion if you get your refund.
  3. Similar to LoadTurretDesignFromFile Currently there doesn't seem to be any way to create a craft design from any reference outside of a blank one, and the one from the CraftDesignSelectionItem
  4. Since ships can be pretty large, perhaps it'd be best to only backup a certain folder within the ship browser.
  5. Infinity? How about one that scales off ship size? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014035735
  6. Function for getting a players steamID, steamID3, and steamID64.
  7. function table getmodids() Returns Returns a table of the mod-ids of mods that have modified the top-level script file that this function is called from. A function kind of similar to the getScriptPath() we already have, except instead of returning the full path to the file in question, it returns the mod-ids of mods that have made modifications to said file. It'd probably be nice to have a function similar to scriptPath() too, returning the mod-ids of the mods affecting the current file not the top level file.
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