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  1. Address : Name : Legendary Fish Legendary Fish is a server that does allow PVP but only under 2 conditions 1. The ship of less power initiates combat (or omicron) 2. They go into a Player Claimed sector In Order to claim a sector you must place a space station in it of any sort and it must be 15 sectors away from spawn. Rules 1. No PVP AT ALL in the starting sector 2. No destroying drones (Unless they attack you) 3. Try not to steal resources from the mining drones because they are just starting out.
  2. It would be cool to have a space station XML file where basically what it is is a big moon-sized...moon. Then if you wanted you could build all sorts of bases on it.
  3. Because I opted in for the beta does this mean Im now a Beta Tester?
  4. Yay thanks for responding to the request many thanks! :D
  5. It would be cool to have a mod where you can just add crew to your ship something like where if you type /crew <type of crew> <# of crew> you would get those crew. I always have problems with crew in creative and I personally thought it would be cool to have as many crew as you need.
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