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  1. Unfortunately the AI is too stupid to handle the high speeds. 3 minutes into my first game I saw a cargo hauler ram into a group of asteroids without second thought. All of these new features are amazing and add a lot to the game but I still think boosting needs to be changed/nerfed for players and AI alike.
  2. I do not agree with what you said about the scanner upgrade. Once I get a legendary one that extends the reach by 400% I use it most of the time. It doesn't only show firepower, but also lets you see the amount of resources in wreckages (and asteroids) from farther away, which helps with salvaging. As well as showing the exact HP of enemies instead of just percentages. One thing it does NOT do, however, which it SHOULD in fact do, is extend the 1 km range at which you detect cargo in NPC ships/stations. Otherwise yes, some upgrades are utterly useless or not balanced.
  3. Here is the log for a game session in which I apply a few different colors to 7 of the same turret designs and then equip them all with identical turrets. None of the colors showed up. clientlog_2018-11-21_10-32-28.txt serverlog_2018-11-21_10-32-46.txt
  4. It's in -8, -8 and yes, I did build it.
  5. And look what you can make inside the barrier
  6. This topic has been renamed for some reason, but I'm replying to the turret color issue. I've only used turret designs for lasers and teslas, but I've never seen a turret's shot have any color other than the default. No matter what I can't get any color to work and I have no idea why.
  7. This is really just a QoL change, but pressing X essentially becomes pointless in Xsotan sectors inside the barrier because the only things it selects are the infected asteroids.
  8. It's a simple change, and makes sense. The way stone is immune to lightning, and armor is resistant to railguns. I think it would add to the game, even if it isn't a significant change.
  9. I made some more calculations and here is my suggestion. First of all with each extra slot a turret requires it should get +100% damage. With each level increase in rarity, +20% (×1.2) With each level increase in material, +50% (×1.5) And the randomizer should be way less, maybe +/- 15%. Then comes the question of balancing different turret types, but that is a whole nother topic.
  10. I'm talking specifically about turret factories. Once you get close to the barrier 2 and 3 slot turrets in factories are not uncommon. Around the core this can go up to 5 or 6 slots. Now this would be fine, since at this point you should have at least 20-30 slots on your ship. But as soon as you make a few simple calculations you see where the problem is. The damage is not dependent on the slot number. What this means is while a 1-slot turret might have 3000 dps, a 5-slot one only goes up to about 8000. (coaxials about 12,000) Say you fill 30 slots on your ship with these. If you make the 1-slot turrets that's 90,000 omicron., while the 5-slot ones give you 48,000. It becomes obvious that 1-slot turrets are far more powerful and anything else you're just wasting slots. In my opinion if a turret requires 2 slots it should, by default, get a x2 multiplier, x3 if it's 3 slots, and so on. And then the randomizer. Give players a reason to use larger weapons. Right now it's just not worth it if you want to maximize firepower.
  11. I remember salvaging was by far the quickest way of gathering resources. I also know it has been nerfed so that not all station wreckages have millions of units of materials, and that's fine. I've been looking for the ones that still have generators and such since armor and most blocks only drop 1-5 units when mined. During my current playthrough I found a naonite-rich wreckage early on, and then a trinium-rich one after some searching. Then xanion ones just wouldn't turn up. I've found dozens, but none had valuable blocks worth salvaging. In this picture you can see roughly the number of sectors I had to explore to find the trinium-rich wreckage (with over 3,000,000 trinium gained after efficiency reduction), marked with blue. Then the yellow lines show the amount of sectors I explored without finding a single xanion wreck worth my time. (None of them had more than 500,000 which would be 150,000 if I mined it which would take hours.) I feel like I'm doing something wrong here. In the meantime, I need about a million xanion, and I'm wondering what would be another method to get it which wouldn't take me longer than a few hours? Editing just to say I've found everything I've been looking for across the barrier. It seems to be the case that xanion wreckages with generators only spawn there.
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