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  1. Where do I place the file once its downloaded thank you.
  2. Thank you bro. Great work on your ships too.
  3. Amazing man,If only i had the patients to work on such grand recreations and ships. I gotta find out how to add your ships to game as a faction sometime it would be awesome to ally a 40k themed faction. Great work.
  4. First ship I've designed that I felt like its worth sharing. Ive slowly been building up ships id want to share. This is one of my recent ship designs,based out of my imagination,straight to the game. Slightly influenced by sword of the stars human ships,I don't know what I'm going to do with the front cavity yet, as there are no super weapons in game to fit it. Im pretty happy with it. sorry if image quality is rough https://imgur.com/gallery/cKSZ9x6
  5. Thank you Havoc ill mess with it today i dont code much other than messing around here and there,but have fun learning whats what. so i appreciate you taking time to explain and showing example.
  6. Anybody try this after recent update?
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