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  1. Why do salvage Fighters always leave bits behind? it really triggers my OCD 😄 how about let them selvage every bit of wreckage and leave a clean space behind 🤩
  2. yea true but intentions can change put something in try it if it doesn't work as intended remove it ... and if the community want them there is always a way ... if production on ships is too imbalanced put in a factory in the game which produces a blueprinted torpedo or something like that. There are a lot of ways to come up with something cool.
  3. The lag is back while starting and Landing Fighters 😔
  4. [2.0.5] Patchnotes section Bugfixes [UBR] Fixed an issue where mining/salvaging fighters were recalled all the time by its mothership while mining
  5. i opend a new topic fort that issue
  6. After mining all Iron and Titan the ai stops mining and calls back all Fighters. After Starting Fighters back again (Xanion Fighter in a Xanion Area) they start mining , mining a bit and directly get back to the ship land and restart again mine a bit and repeat, since the spawning and spawning and despawning lag issue will be fixed in 2.0.5 mining is nearly impossible right now. Hope you all have a nice Weekend 🙂 btw Fighter symbols really nice!
  7. Similar problem with Fighters if i have my R.Miner Fighters out mining by AI, i Stop the AI Fighters (for fighting Pirates) still out restart the mining order then i have the same issue its telling me there are no Asteroids to mine... i land the fighter restart the order and they start mining again.
  8. you are amazing! have a wonderful weekend and thanks a lot 🙂
  9. it just make sense, of course if you use all your production lines to create fighters you can't create Torpedos and wise versa. As Module to find in a tec 30 and above Area. What do you think? I know there is a mod but i think it belongs in the base game.
  10. Hey, We can not figure out what's causing it but every time Fighters start or land (spawning and despawning) the Game lags severely we checkt all server stats no lag of performance there, and on the client side as well no spike in cpu, gpu, ram or networkactivity to explain the Lag. Used custom Fighter design https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2060947160 Tested by launching and landing 4 full Squads R-Miner from 4 Bays Thanks a lot i hope it helps Best Regards
  11. Hey, I had build a little Alliance scouting Ship to fly around the Ring to find some factions to Find some Weapon Factory close to the Ring, I head with every Faction i encountered instantly a severe reputation loss as i encountered there border space they were showen as blue or purple as i scouted their Space further i lost somehow a lot of reputation and they went yellow or red. At first i just thought is just a hostile Faction until i saw it happen several times now and couldn't not figure out what happend. And we have no Standing manipulator in the dev tools for alliance standing i believe at least i couldn't figure out how XD. Thanks a lot for all the amazing progress!
  12. funny bug ... i couldn't replicate it for me all my Fighters changed there skin to that default one that i can confirm but poped out normal size and after i swiched to the custom skin no problems jet but i will try to replicate it als well ... i play on a hostet server not on a local server if it matters 🙂
  13. 1. Created a Turret in my case a R-Mining Turret in a Turret Factory 2. Created a Fighter from that Turret 3. Put the Fighter in The Squadron as Production Blueprint 4. after around 26 min the Fighter is build Situation one I Start a mining order, Fighter Start and disappear Situation two I put the Fighter in another Ship and make it a Blueprint same thing after production start the Fighter it disappears Made the same thing with a Chain Gun everything is fine (on the own ship it sometimes works) accept if i put it on another Ship and start it, it directly disappears after the start I repeated the test with some more guns and directly bought Fighters sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't Can'f figure out any Pattern
  14. woud be nice if own Stations populate them self with crew ... also possible to populate civilians living on the station.
  15. Yes fighter speed is also a thing but i think its more a technical issue ... if you increase the flightspeed the miners or salvagers also laser fighter cloaseing in on the taget to fast to get work done ... so they probably need a fight/workspeed and a crusespeed dependend on the range to the target.
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