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  1. Some categories of words in the translation site's 2.0 beta test text are strange. ・independent turret, independent targeting The name of the subsystem or turret function. In 2.0 b, the "auto-targeting" keyword is added. "Adds slots for independent turrets" and "Auto-Turret Slots" More words have the same meaning and function. Isn't it good to unify the keywords to be easy to understand? e.g. "AUTO-TURRET", "auto-targeting"
  2. "Update to Steam Workship" windows creates a lag. Probably because there are too many 3D models in every menu. We don't need many windows. We don't need a lot of spinning 3D models. -Open "Update to Steam Workship". start heavy lag. -Close "Update to Steam Workship". Lag is over.
  3. Missing "Dark Gray" in color palette. Older patches (v 0.28.1) have this color name. -v1.3.7b -v0.28.1
  4. This has been an error since color palette translation was implemented. About a few months. The reference where the translation is specified is 'data/rgb.txt:' However, 'data/rgb.txt:' does not have a translation tag ' " " t _ x '.
  5. The PO. file cannot be exported from the official translation site. This trouble is very long. This has continued for several days. If I'm lucky, I can export it. (Just minutes or seconds a day!) About 9600 translations are required for beta clients. There are 22563 sentences in the official translation site. There are countless similar sentences.This looks like a serious error. And the server was very slow to auto-upload templates. The server finished uploading the 1.3 b template yesterday. It was about 200 or 300 sentences per day. Please check this.
  6. Hello squire! Many factions have now realized that only the power of our weapons can cleanse the galaxy of the pirates and Xsotan. The Empress has gained many loyal subjects. However, there are still many that refuse to listen to the voice of reason. They want to go to battle against us. Meet our scouts in sector (%1%:%2%). They will tell you our plans for battle. We will show them that we are unbeatable on the battlefield! The remains of their fleets will be shared between every ship that fights with us. Long live the Empress! General Adriana Stahl ./Common/Scripts/dlc/blackmarket/player/missions/cavaliers/cavaliersmission5.lua: -Why, General?
  7. Hacker haben Hackertools. Schwarze Hackertools. ./Common/Scripts/dlc/blackmarket/entity/merchants/blackmarketequipmentmerchant.lua: -It's like German. Initiate jump sequence. The next rendezvous point will be sector \\s(%1%:%2%). Initiate jump sequence. Rendezvous in sector \\s(%1%:%2%). Initiate jump sequence. The next location will be sector \\s(%1%:%2%). Next jump will be in 60 seconds. The next location will be sector \\s(%1%:%2%). ./Common/Scripts/dlc/blackmarket/galaxy/convoyevent.lua There are two\\.
  8. -Simple syntax error data/scripts/player/missions/searchandrescue/searchandrescue.lua: 32 "CHRRK....Lost.....Navigate....CHRRRK.....immediate help.....someone...CHRRRK"%t,
  9. -Sworks Mission ./data/scripts/player/story/swoksmission.lua: 112  mission.data.description[4].text = "Meet Swoks in sector (${x}:${y})"
  10. I think there are some problems with the new tutorial. Also, we don't seem to be able to do torpedo tutorials, fleet tutorials, and hanger tutorials. I added a torpedo block to the ship, but I don't get a mail. 1.Skip the "Mining Tutorial" for Beginners of Difficulty maybe because they have a bonus material (Iron 5000) 2.Delete Turret Mining laser turret must be highlighted Beginners don't know which is a mining laser turret. 3.be clung to by pirates They can't move. This problem is elsewhere.
  11. The slot and scale of the turret are managed by "scales [WeaponType.GatlingRailGun]". The sample mod specifies to use the parameters of the vanilla rail gun. If you want to specify the original slot and size, you need to specify it. Example.
  12. deep

    Weapons mod help

    My Mods had the same error. An error occurs when the game creates a blueprint for the turret. The cause is the blueprint icon of the turret factory. The cause was a weapon icon.(weapongenerator.lua) Please check the turret icon. A turret using the same weapon icon is in error. Please make every turret have an icon with a different name. I have three Mods phasers. Type -6, Type -10 and Type -12 are available. Every phaser uses a different icon. This phaser has no errors.
  13. Yes, I use Mod of TESL4 in my STEAM work shop folder. Lua is (minDist = 250, maxDist = 450,)
  14. distance of the Mods I am testing Factional Packs of TESL4 (minDist = 250, maxDist = 450,) My own functional ships pack (minDist = 0, maxDist = 10,) The NPC faction is using a TESL 4 ship at the starting point. NPC pirates in the 100 sectors around the (0.0) are on my ship. The game seems to use several factional packs.
  15. deep

    [1.1]Some errors

    -”Multi” turret "Multi" turret does not seem to be generated I made 1000 turrets in creative mode. No "Multi" turret Vanilla's new 1.1 games, Moded games, Everything.
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