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  1. It can be a grind to increase faction reputation. If only it were a fun challenge, a challenging way to prove my loyalty. I made a list of missions, and I'd love to see some of them offered to greatly increase relations. I did notice that some are already a part of the game, which is exciting.
  2. Hello! There is news on Steam and in the Discord server which hasn't been posted here yet. Read and watch a video about the upcoming DLC and update from here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/445220/announcements/detail/2845666883511849473 This was talked about in the recent streams on Twitch, as far as I'm aware.
  3. Here is helpful information about turrets, Noble Sicks: The stats of the turrets is dependent on technology level (based on distance from core 0,0) and the type of turret. Material only matters because you have to put it on a block made of that material. It may appear that the power of turrets depend on material, but that's only because material depends on distance to the core. You can use the research station to make a powerful iron turret with high technology. By the way, turrets will always adopt the technology level of the research station, so you can update all your old turrets there. I'd like to see turrets change to have intuitive and relevant stats. Then people like me wouldn't have to read about them to understand them.
  4. Try increasing the ‘gamma’ value slider in the settings of the game. I doubt it will help in this case, though. I also see blocks turn black on occasion. And some pieces become dark. I think it happens when I have pieces overlapping or any other time when the lighting system is confused. Normally, I don’t see this happening.
  5. The new sound effects are already in use, I’m pretty sure. You should be able to hear the difference of mining lasers, damage, UI, and more by revisiting an older version of the game (in “beta” through Steam). Correct me if I’m wrong, please!
  6. Nah, you’ll still have the module and its new feature in when you update and play in the old galaxy.
  7. Now is the perfect time to create a new galaxy! It’s what I did. You’ll love it. For me, there is no grind in this game except for building and combat, which I enjoy (except for terrible boss missions). If you’re concerned about mining, then make a second ship at the beginning and send it to an asteroid sector so it mines for you. About continuing your very outdated world: it won’t be bugged. I know because I use an old save to build. The quoted message you give is only talking about the supply and demand information which you can use to position stations optimally—you really should start anew to discover this (exotic+ trading module). It’s only saying that, after you update your galaxy, previously discovered sectors will have updated supply and demand information when you visit them again. Doesn’t matter much, but you won’t get accurate information about supply and demand in these old sectors unless you visit the ones that matter. However you proceed, you’ll have new missions, different faction relations, new build menu UI, far more interesting spacecraft designs, and much more.
  8. You mean how some turrets are different sizes so they take more turret slots?
  9. I assume that the icons can’t be changed, and I’m fairly certain. Hope we can adjust these in the future.
  10. If a block has edge and corner variants, then here is how you select them: 1. Open the block menu (G). 2. Find a block that has a plus symbol + , such as the blank hull, neon, or armor. Select it. 3. Now you have options for the shape at the *bottom of the block menu.* Most blocks don’t have corner and edge variants—usually the internal items like shield generators and crew quarters. I can send a picture if you need one. The videos you see are probably using a past version of the game, which had a very different-looking build menu.
  11. Sounds like it could be made to work, Kalfuso.
  12. This does bother me. My ships are relatively pristine at the time of their destruction. IFGs have many creative alternatives.
  13. I prefer having all our current blocks and materials free and available, so I’m not in favor of this idea, but I think you’re close to something good. For starters, making the whole galaxy fun to explore is a good idea of yours. I want incentives to be in naonite sectors later in the game, or to be in a different quadrant. To do this, there could be giant space monuments, mega-stations, unique factions, technology, and so much more to discover in particular regions of the galaxy, not just in the center. Three examples of a unique faction: civilians talk of a cluster of factions that have stealth technology; or of a faction to the north that has a great procedurally generated monument (asteroid carving or an interesting structure, or something else); or of a challenging alien race known to wage wars constantly.
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