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  1. OK, I am back again. I have spent hours trouble shooting this. I am not very happy it either. It has wasted a huge amount of my time when a simple reply with a number could have saved a lot of customers a lot of trouble. There is a thread in the Steam forums about this and no one has resolved it yet, but I think I am close. 710 Meters seems to be a "magic number" for gates. I think, I'll come back to why I am not sure in a bit. If your ship is wider or taller than that it will eventually not be able to use gates any more. To trigger this you will need to exit the game, wait a few minutes, then relaunch it and reload your save. Exiting to the main menu and reloading the save will do no good. Exiting and immediately relaunching will do no good. You must wait a few minutes. Launch a game in creative mode. Start with a small cube shaped ship 50m per side. Attach a long pole to the front so it can poke through the gate as it approaches. Scale your ship up in 50 meter increments and fly through a gate. Scale up again, and try again. Do this over and over. You will notice that even if your ship is well over 1km per side it can still fly through gates. Now exit the game and come back to it in a few minutes. Your ship is now to big to fly through gates. Start scaling your ship down in 50 meter increments and try to fly through gates. You will notice that even though your ship is now back to it's original 50m in size it is still to big to fly through gates. Exit the game and come back after a few minutes. Your ship can once again fly through gates. Now start scaling up in 50m increments again. Save and exit after every resize. Relaunch and reload. Once your ship reaches 750m per side you will no longer be able to fly through gates. Now scale down in 1 percentage points increments exiting and reloading after each. When you can fly though gates again make a note of the size of your ship's width as reported by the build menu. This is the part makes me unsure of my number. In the build menu add a 1x1x1 block to the side of your ship and check the width as reported by the build menu. It will have increased by more than 1 meter. Case in point. This ship reports to be 707 meters wide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2319382767 Attaching a 1x1x1 block to the side of it changes the reported width to 715m and it can still fly through gates. Scaling the ship up 1 percent point changes the width to 714m to and it can no longer fly through gates.
  2. I would really like to know what is causing this. It never used to happen now it happens all the time. My big ships (anything over 10 slots) that I have saved to the Steam Workshop all have this issue after I build them in a 1.3 version of the game. If I need to change the designs please tell me what needs to change. I have played over 1000 hours of Avorion and this is ruining the game for me.
  3. My crazy idea of the day is having multi-warhead torpedoes in the game. Take two, three, or four small torpedoes and fit them into a standard torpedo chassis. Once the chassis is launched it tracks it's target just like standard torpedo and accelerates to 50% of the top speed of the war heads and then deploys them in a tight cluster after which each warhead veers away slightly and then thrusts and turns under it's own power. Based on the settings of the weapon group they can then either go after a single target or each choose a different target to attack. For single target mode the existing torpedo calculations take over at this point. For separate targets the existing fighter AI might be employed, but without a dodge chance just like standard torpedoes. If the torpedo reaches a target too soon (before the warheads launch and arm their individual payloads) it should deal at most ~50% of it's total warhead damage, but I think this might need play testing to find the correct balance. If a warhead is shot and detonated too close to it's sibling warheads is should have a chance to detonate them as well. I kinda stold this idea. See this thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/445220/discussions/0/2983033649181577905/ EDITED: Because I think way faster then I can type 😛
  4. Server Log: https://pastebin.com/ZxsyGg6c System Specs: Ryzen 7 3700X, Nvidia RTX2070, 2x 16GB DDR4-3200 stick of RAM. OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 Disk space: More than I will ever use. Game set up: I have two computer systems that are use nearly identical hardware. One Ryzen 3700X is my desktop and the other is a server. It doesn't server much, just some basic NAS functionality. SO I decided to run Avorion on it instead of on my Desktop with an eye on opening up the server to the public if we go into Lockdown 2.0 where I live. Here is the server.ini that I am using: https://pastebin.com/9LW6s9DF I was using one my standard ships for days with no problem. I had tweaked a little here and there as needed by nothing major. Yesterday I started to get an error when trying to fly through gates: "Your ship is too big!" in the chat box. So I decided to reduce it's size by 50% and try again. No good. I build a new ship at a ship yard, and that one worked fine. I sent my main ship to an equipment down and slowly flew there in my new, much crappier ship. Once there I switched back to my old ship and removed all installed components, weapons, and moved all crew over to new new. Then I entered build mode, turned off safe mode, and deleted the ship. Then I decided I deserved an upgrade to a Xanion ship, so I gave myself a pile of Xanion and proceeded to create a new ship. I applied my design that I had uploaded to the workshop months ago, reinstalled system upgrades, and transferred my crew back over from the ship that I built at the shipyard. I then tried to fly through a gate. I got I loading screen and then to my suprose I ended back up in the sector I had just tried to leave. I then exited the game, exited the client, and restarted the Avorion server. After logging back in I again tried to flay through a get and I get the message "Your ship is too big!" Here are the ships I have experienced this with: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2027978296 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2027978296 Because I can use both of them in single player just fine I must conclude that something is wrong with the server and the save games are being corrupted some how. Please let know me what else I can do help. EDIT: On a whim I decided to save my bugged ship and build it in a single player creative game and it is bugged there too! I have uploaded it to the Workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2283289603 Let me know if you need anything else.
  5. This is my idea for an Avorion mod. It might be bad. It might be good. It might even be possible. This idea is simply a modified version of the Research Station with the following differences: 1.) It can not work on turrets. 2.) It can not take Artifacts as input. 3.) It can not take it's own output as input. 4.) It takes exactly two (2) upgrade modules as input. Each module must be a different kind of upgrade but they can be any quality. 5.) Once two separate items that both meet the above conditions are input and a button is pressed the H.U.M.M. will take the random stats of each upgrade module and divide them by two. 6.) Then the H.UM.M. will output a Hybrid Upgrade Module with the abilities of both input items but all stats will be equal to the quotients derived above but rounded down to the nearest whole number. 7.) Finally, the output of the H.U.M.M. should not be based on Tech Level. Example: Input item one is a Military Turret upgrade that provides +4 turrets slots (+6 if perma installed) and uses 1000 power. The second item input is an Energy to Shield Converter that gives +60% to shield durability (+90% for perma install) while reducing to total energy production by 25%. In this case the output item should give +2 Armed turret slots (+3 for perma install) and +30% shield durability (+45% for perma) and consume [12% + 500] of the total power produced. Is this possible? Is it balanced? Is it worth the effort?
  6. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X RAM 32GB DDR4-3200 Storage: 1x 480GB Corsair SATA3 SSD (For the OS), 4x 4TB Toshiba N300 HDD (RAID10, For all other data, includling Avorion), and 1x 256GB PCIe3 NMVe SSD (Caches reads from the RAID, no write caching allowed) OS: Ubuntu Server LTS 18.04 with HWE kernel, bare metal Avorion server.ini: [Game] Seed= **REDACTED** Difficulty=0 HardcoreEnabled=false InfiniteResources=false CollisionDamage=1 SafePlayerInput=false PlayerToPlayerDamage=false LogoutInvincibility=true LogoutInvincibilityDelay=30 DevMode=false ExplicitCallables=true BigWreckageDespawnTime=1800 SmallWreckageDespawnTime=900 MaximumFightersPerSectorAndPlayer=200 MaximumBlocksPerCraft=10000 MaximumVolumePerShip=-1 MaximumVolumePerStation=-1 MaximumPlayerShips=-1 MaximumPlayerStations=-1 MaximumBlocksPerTurret=250 PlayerInventorySlots=1000 AllianceInventorySlots=1000 Version=1.0 sameStartSector=false startUpScript=data/scripts/server/server.lua startSectorScript=startsector [system] saveInterval=900 sectorUpdateTimeLimit=300 emptySectorUpdateInterval=0.5 workerThreads=15 generatorThreads=4 scriptBackgroundThreads=6 aliveSectorsPerPlayer=10 weakUpdate=true profiling=true sendCrashReports=true hangDetection=true backups=true backupsPath= simulateHighLoadServer=false sendSectorDelay=2 placeInShipOnDeathDelay=7 [Networking] port=27000 broadcastInterval=5 isPublic=true isListed=true isAuthenticated=true sendStatsToAdmins=true useSteam=true rconIp= rconPassword= rconPort=27015 [Administration] maxPlayers=10 name= **REDACTED** description= **REDACTED** password= pausable=false accessListMode=Blacklist steamIdOverride=0
  7. These two posts cover 90% of my wish list for my mining and trade fleets. The other 10% would be a "toggle" setting for miners. When set miners would refine ore at the nearest known neutral-or-better refinery. This would reduce the amount of clicking and the number of orders in their queue by a substantial amount. On a different subject, I host my own server and with just 10 players online Avorion will use more than half of my 32GB of RAM. Right now there are 9 people connected Avorion is using 17GB of ram. I have to restart every day or two or Avorion will crash with a segmentation violation. It would be nice to see RAM issues fixed in the near future. Now that I have a regular group of players on my server I am no longer running beta builds. I asked the players if they wanted Stable or Beta and almost everyone said Stable. Late EDIT: A late edit here to upload a screen shot and share it on my NextCloud. https://highlander.motleyrebellion.com/index.php/s/wgsd5yLa4aY9ADC
  8. I tested it and setting a server was very easy. So I bought the game and I am learning how to play. In the mean time I have my new server online and would be grateful if I could get people to test it and give me feedback on how it runs so I can fine tune the settings and max players. The hardware is a quad core 2.2GHz Xeon with 32GB of RAM and a raid10. For the OS it is running Funtoo Linux. My internet connection is 155Mbps down (which would be "up" from the point of view of players connecting to it) and 15Mbps up (which would be the "down" for the players. I couldn't find any info about how much RAM, CPU, or bandwidth I would need per player so I decided to run this test before I finalized the configuration and made a galaxy for long term play. I plan on deleting the stress test galaxy after I learn what I need to know. You can find the server in the game's server browser. I named it !!!Stress Test This Server!!!. It will show up near the top of the list if you sort by name. Please leave any feed back here in this thread if you don't catch me on the server. Thanks for your time, Laz
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