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  1. There is at least one mod out there that changes the texture of the armor to be without the camo pattern. I'm currently using "Avorion The Journey Texture Pack", and I like it.
  2. Frankly I stopped using gates with my main ship when I got that message and didn't even realize there was an issue.
  3. Depends how fast you want to kill the enemy. Or, alternatively, accidentally piss off an ally. I think you could do it with a relatively small ship, assuming you had the right mods. There are mods out there that vastly increase the turret slots systems give, so that (for example) exotic turret control systems give +120 turret slots. Assuming you have other mods which increase weapon power or add more powerful weapons, you could possibly get omicron that high.
  4. A workaround might be to dock a small "Admirals Barge" to the mothership, enter that with the player, then give orders to the mothership. Haven't tested. Edit: Seems to work fine, I made a starter ship and docked it to my battleship, then went into strategic mode and gave the battleship orders while playing from the starter ship. Edit 2: Could take this a bit further and design a mothership with a bridge or "captain's quarters" that is a separate ship, then put your player in that and ride around in style. Disclaimer: I have a bunch of Mods installed, it is possible one of them is allowing this to work.
  5. Unless I'm doing something wrong, ordering a captained carrier docked with my mothership to salvage automatically undocks it, before it launches salvage fighters. Is it feasible to allow docked ships (or modules) to fire weapons or launch fighters? The configuration might be complicated, but it might allow you to design a "mothership" that docked various modules and could effectively launch far more than 120 fighters. Or could mount far more weapons? Or for that matter could be configured with different modules depending on mission...
  6. Is it possible to completely wipe out a faction? Question just occurred to me, and I can't recall running across an answer anywhere. I mean...not sure why you would want to when you could just repeatedly raid them, but...
  7. My thinking is more of the reverse of this. If the devs think making a ship should be easy because otherwise it would make the game too hard to get into. Then why is trading and turret production so obtuse and completely different from how ships are made. Even though those elements don't really seem to fit with the logic the rest of the game works on? That, and you can't even make ship systems. You can only upgrade them at a research lab. Which can also do with turrets. Also, this it doesn't cost anything. The labs just freely combine items together and reroll the stats. That means there are three totally different ways of making ship parts, if you include the ship itself as just a part. Three methods of creation that have no logical connection to each other. You can get free turrets by killing a bunch of pirates and aliens, keeping the best ones, and throwing the rest at a mob of mad scientists in a box who sometimes toss you back something really nice. Picking your result is way more in-depth. A bit too much IMO but then I haven't dived into it yet.
  8. Actually have been wondering if there will ever be a way to reposition the camera towards the front or back of the ship - currently we have vertical and horizontal adjustment only, so far as I know.
  9. Pirate torpedoes can be irritating, but with sufficient engine power (most of my ships have 2500-3500m/s with boost) you can outrun them if low on health/shields. Or make a short boost at right angles to their attack vector when they get near, they don't turn so well and can be dodged. Or put a few point defense or anti-fighter turrets on, although they miss if you are maneuvering alot. Or manually fire your chainguns at the torp (early game). Or boost right at the torpedo (try to make it miss to one side or the other) and go take out it's launching ship so no more show up (I usually kill those first in a pirate nest hidden mass sector.) I actually have yet to use torpedoes myself, oddly enough.
  10. Some ideas: Cloak energy usage increases if moving, proportional to speed. Cannot fire while cloaked, and after decloaking there is a cooldown period before firing is possible, which is effected by material type and other such parameters. Fighters cannot be controlled while cloaked, but will follow the last order sent. No interact menu while cloaked (so no communication with AI ships, stations, or even your own AI minions). Possibly add a special trading system that allows that part at least while cloaked. Scanners can work while cloaked, but are much less effective (maybe half the range or something?) because obviously they must be passive.
  11. I am struggling to imagine how you get curves like that with the current block system, it must be many thousands of blocks. Very nice.
  12. Hi. A brother pointed me towards Avorion. I like it. Want to have minion AI ships but not sure if that's working well enough yet. Enjoying it nevertheless.
  13. Not sure if this applies, but maybe the hide block tool might help? I haven't played with it extensively, but have used it to show internal blocks that I want to upgrade or replace with another type.
  14. Oddly enough that's the only one I have yet acquired. But then I often warp into a hidden mass sector, kill some pirates, and end up in a nearly unending salvaging -> fighting -> salvaging loop, so I'm there awhile. Ran into a traveling equipment merchant and picked it up.
  15. It did employ various fictional technology to allow things like traveling through an artificially created wormhole, some kind of warp drive thingy, and above all (for purposes of moving a small moon) ability to control or at least produce gravity, and nullify it. Basically, if it isn't currently known to be possible, there was a tech that addressed that and allowed it.
  16. I've been considering trying a small fleet. What I'm gathering from this thread is that any fleet needs guards now, at least if inside the trigger limit (mentioned a few posts prior) Could I have a salvage and/or mining support ship follow me around helping pick up loot, or should I just go with salvage/mining fighters? I had a brief vision of a homeworld-like fleet, but that's probably a few iterations down the road.
  17. I recall reading several Sci-Fi books/series that imagined spherical ships the size of earth's moon or even larger. Filled with generators, shields, engines, weapons, and hangers for smaller ships like battleships. Basically, a more mobile deathstar. Frankly a bit ridiculous, since there ended up being dozens of the things in a ridiculous-scale battle.
  18. Not sure if it's mentioned recently, but you can hide/show specific materials/blocks in the most recent non-beta build, which allows you to upgrade blocks completely hidden inside your ship easily.
  19. Based on this discussion I really need to finally upgrade my ship into a carrier.
  20. I've built a few ships using combos of Inertia Dampeners, Thrusters (both directional and regular), and Gyros to get maneuverability. Generally speaking, I think Thrusters work better the larger volume the block (more power) and the further away from the center of mass (more leverage). Based on what I've read/watched, I think in earlier game versions it was surface area rather than block volume that was more effective in terms of thruster power. Thrusters work the same even when covered by other blocks, although it can be cool to have them exposed and see the maneuvering jets (but they can't take hits like Armor when you encounter enemies with shield-penetrating or depleting weapons). If memory serves (I'm not at my gaming PC right now), it's useful to have enough thrusters installed to allow horizontal (A/D default controls) and vertical (Q/E default controls) strafing, as lateral movement can allow more precise adjustment of your location without changing ship orientation (hold Ctrl to prevent that change when moving mouse). Roll is useful as well (Z/X, I think). When I built my most recent ship, I kept adding gyros and thrusters until it had about 0.5-1.0+ pitch, yaw, and roll. Inertial Dampeners are mainly useful to stop by releasing all controls and waiting, but depending on ship design it may be faster to flip the ship backwards and do a main engine burn to kill most or all velocity. I'm actually not sure what those numbers are now, I've upgraded everything to trinium and tacked shield/power generators on the back. But it's decently manuverable. My thrusters would probably be more effective if they were further from center of mass, but it works well enough for now.
  21. Give server owners/moderators the power to grant additional armor effectiveness, shielding, and/or other bonuses to player ships that look nice and non-cube? Granted, for that to work it would require good server moderators, but...
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