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  1. All ships should share their radar data on the map and also show their scanner data about other ships inside sectors.
  2. It would be a major QoL improvement to have the resource counter toggleable to be visible at all times at the top left corner like it used to be. Even though all that currently needs to be done is opening the ship menu to see it, it is still one click too much just to check the amounts of different materials.
  3. Additional ship commands: -Flee: The ship boosts away from hostile ships and stays out of their torpedo and weapon range. -Follow: The ship stays close to the target ship and fires on enemies at range but doesn't leave the ship it's following to chase after enemies. -Transfer crew/cargo: The ship transfers chosen crew or cargo with the target ship. -Wait: The ship waits in its current location for a set amount of minutes. -Unbrand: Unbrands stolen goods. -Mine all asteroids command: Some people want to clear a sector of asteroids or get help from their other ships against a special enemy. -Open/claim: Opens all stashes and claims sellable asteroids. Requires C43 object detector of at least yellow rarity to function. Existing command improvements: -Mining command should allow material filtering -Attack command should be split into two categories: *Close range: The ship gets close to enemy ships so that all of its weapons can fire. *Long range: The ship stays far from enemies, using its long range weapons to rain death on enemies. Requires a weapon with over 12 km range to use. PDCs are ignored in the calculations. -Fly through gate/wormhole: The command's existence isn't communicated clearly enough and it doesn't allow ships to go through gates or wormholes that haven't been explored and flown through before. -Salvage command should make the ship automatically buy a salvaging license whenever it is about to run out of one or doesn't have one. Command layering: This should essentially allow ships to respond to changing situations. Players could set a secondary command layer for their ships that would not interrupt their queued orders unless activated based on certain triggers like getting attacked. The primary command layer consisting of an infinite order or queued orders would be remembered by the ship and it would return to proceed with those orders once the trigger for the secondary layer has disappeared, for example all enemies in the sector have been destroyed. For example, a miner would have a mining command with its queued ones as its primary layer, but if it gets attacked it would switch to fleeing or attacking enemies.
  4. In addition to the current static and linear system of raising difficulty, I'd like to see more varied difficulty options to fit specific tastes that can't be met with the current system. Enemy damage scaling, starting resources, default faction standings, loot, hardcore mode and the point where blocks can break off in combat should all be modifiable stats of their own when creating a galaxy. For example: I'd like to play on insane difficulty but get starting resources and not have my blocks break off when I still have shield left. Here is a rough idea for the UI.
  5. The animation that is shown when jumping to another sector should look similar in style to what it looks like when ships arrive into a sector. A great visual addition to jumping in would be having the camera follow behind the player ship on the final approach to the sector for a couple of seconds.
  6. It would be great if the game got paused on some chat windows, especially those that pop up when M.A.D. mobile energy lab or The Four Brotherhood ships show up and start tearing the player's ship apart. I want to read the texts without having to panic due to my ship getting heavy fire while I am stuck to a chat window. Another suggestion that has been asked a lot recently by other people too: Make enemy ships faster and able to use boost under certain circumstances.
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