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  1. At the moment, there isn't much a player can do to factions to stop a war between them. Here is a potential mission that could introduce some more diplomacy aspects to the game. This mission can be acquired from either HQ of the two factions with a war between them. The objective of the mission is to escort an ambassador and a tribute to the HQ of the other side of the conflict (with perhaps some other hired mercenaries) and see to the ambassador's and the tribute's safety. At some point on the journey a pirate attack occurs, and in another case the mercenaries try to kill the ambassador to steal the tribute, and you can join them or side with the ambassador. The mission completes when the ambassador and the tribute are delivered to the other faction's HQ, which will reset the two factions' mutual relations to neutral. Additional diplomacy suggestions: 1. Improve the text and grammar of declarations of war 2. Make factions that haven't declared war on the player not send headhunters after them if the player has not discovered any sectors owned by them yet.
  2. I personally feel like scanner upgrades have too little utility in the game, and object detectors also have a very niche use. If they were combined and there was a cap put on the detection radius (so even higher tier ones wouldn't highlight valuables in the whole sector) it would make players use scanner upgrades more and also make exploration slightly more interesting.
  3. Instead of damage numbers flowing from the target like a fountain, it would be visually more pleasing if they rose above the damage point until eventually fading like they do in most games. In addition to this change, it would tremendously improve the damage communication if the targeting reticle of the hit target flashed (white) when it is hit.
  4. Please add an option to save the locations of all build mode windows (like scale step, blocks, the eye tool etc), settings on all sliders (like grid size), the default grid, the stats view and opened windows (and allow having all windows open at the same time) and make this preference be the default way the build mode opens when the game is closed and reopened again. Or at least have a button to press to apply the saved preferences. And also please allow leaving the build mode with ESC without closing open build mode windows.
  5. Escort command rebalance: Increase the flight distance of ships from the escorted ship based on the ship size so that they won't accidentally collide with their escort target (or each other for that matter). At the moment escorting ships are practically sniffing my engines, and I think they should keep at least a 2 km distance on smaller ships and more on larger ones. Follow command: Works like the escort command but ships won't fly after enemies and will fire from their position instead. They should use pitch and yaw for flight and roll for turning most non-PDC turrets towards enemies. Additional thought: What if you made NPCs form small fleets in combat by applying the follow command to them and have them always follow the most durable ship around? There should be a maximum fleet size though, perhaps two escorts for a single ship.
  6. I saw mine fields on the roadmap and thought that they would be interesting to have in the game not just as passive AoE damaging entities that spawn naturally in some special sectors but also as weapons that players can deploy to defend their sectors or themselves. Here are two options on how to approach adding mine fields to the game: Option 1: Minefields can be deployed with a buyable inventory item (this would be a cumbersome way to do it, especially if several must be deployed to get even a decent sized mine field so I dislike this option). Option 2: Minefields can be deployed with a buyable special torpedo ("mine canister") that is shot out of a torpedo tube and turns into a mine field after flying a short distance (about one kilometre). In either case, when the mine field is deployed, it spawns mines at the corners of a geometric 3D shape like a dodecahedron. Mines should have a short activation time to make them useless during short-range combat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodecahedron
  7. The primary alliance color would be nice to have displayed in the alliance reticles, even to other players, no matter the relations. And it would also offer more unique feeling NPC factions if they used their faction colors on their reticles and map areas as well.
  8. Currently it is easy to confuse sectors and areas owned by different factions on the galaxy map if the relations to both are the same. A toggle for displaying unique faction colors instead of relations would greatly help with finding the necessary information quickly, and it would also add a more unique feel to each faction.
  9. I would also love to have a contrast slider so that we could control the darkness of shadows compared to everything else and make bright things brighter.
  10. I think the terminology here would be Signature -> stealth and Stealth -> cloaking, but it doesn't really matter, personal preference. Great suggestion, upvoted.
  11. Secured transports would be very large, strong and heavily escorted cargo ships that have dozens of secured containers docked to them. Secured transports appearing in faction space would be owned by the dominant faction in the area, and secured transports outside faction space would be owned either by pirates or smugglers. Secured transports could come in various specialized types: -Credit transport: Containers are full of credits. -Equipment transport: Containers are full of high rarity upgrade modules. -Weapon transport: Containers are full of torpedoes (requires them to be droppable as loot) and unique legendary turrets in larger quantities. -Material transport: Containers are filled with large amounts of ores or materials of the region, as well as building knowledge for that material tier (2.0 progression system) -Prisoner transport: Containers house trained crew members and captains (2.0 captains) Destroying the transport would be required to gain access to the containers, and they can then be hacked open either with hacking modules (DLC) or taking the containers to a smuggler outpost. If hacking is attempted with a hacking module, it will alert the owners of the container to investigate.
  12. You might want to take a look at and leave an upvote on this one:
  13. The game could really benefit from increased variety in different sectors to make exploration more interesting. Here are some ideas. -Nebula storm: Thickest fog nebula with lots of wreckages and valuables (maybe containers) littering the sector. There should be special coaxial lightning turrets on tiny asteroids and wrecks that have at least 50 km range, random fire rate between 10 and 20 seconds, very wild accuracy, very bright and thick lightning and use very realistic thunder sounds that can be heard at least 50 km away. These special lightning turrets should not be available as drops and should have almost torpedo level damage per shot. Presents a high risk high reward sort of deal. -Dark nebula: Nebula that is so dark that it is impossible to see anything. Periodic lightning illuminates the sector briefly. Could be combined with the nebula storm sector. -"Sponge" nebula: A sector full of extremely thick fog clouds that form a big sprawling "pocket" of lower fog levels. Fog level 1 or 2 should be used for the "pocket" and fog level 6 or above should be used for the rest of the sector. Stations and ships try to stick to inside of the "pocket". -Minefield: Sector is littered with small mines that explode on impact. To make this sector interesting and meaningful, add wreckages with valuable loot or station wreckages in the sector. -Warzone: Sector is littered with destroyed stations and ships with the occasional military outpost and repair dock intact. Heavily defended and experience frequent raids from neigboring hostile factions and pirates. -Needle asteroid field: Asteroid fields with asteroids stretched in one same direction about 10-15 times their normal lenght. These should provide interesting fight environments for agile ships that are able to fly between the gaps. -Pancake asteroid field: Asteroid fields with asteroids stretched into overlapping huge "pancakes". These should provide pretty interesting fighting environments. -Crystal asteroid field: Add glass crystals onto asteroids and add asteroids made out of glass that is colored according to the material zone. Asteroid core blocks should be extremely rich stone and there should be only one type of material present in these sectors. Could be outsourced to a builder if the devs don't have time to build these. -Sparse asteroid field: Increase the average distance between asteroids up to four times more than it currently is and also increase asteroid size by the scaling factor of 200%. -Massive asteroid field: There are sectors in the game that have over 2k asteroids in them but I'd like to see some with even as many as 4k. To make the field feel bigger, increase the the average distance between asteroids (which also should help with NPC flight AI occasionally getting stuck). -Meteor shower sector: The sector is experiencing frequent meteor showers, where dozens of non-homing torpedos with comet/meteor textures and very long and bright tails spawn about 100 km from the center of the sector and fly through the sector to disappear after flying 200 km or hitting something in the sector. When hitting something, the meteors should behave like nuclear torpedos with the damage about the same as the lowest tier nuclear torpedos sold at equipment docks in the material zone. Whenever a meteor shower spawns, a special meteor shower warning will beep on the screen. -Solar storm sector: The sector frequently experiences solar flares which damage and push all ships in the sector away from the star. Hiding behind an asteroid negates damage and the pushing effect. -Sector with very low star orbit: The view is dominated by a star very close (perhaps like a planet size) that overheats everything in the sector, draining batteries and making overheating weapons overheat even faster. A few massive shipwrecks give prepared players a good salvage.
  14. Adding small things that make the universe feel alive and full of people is important for immersion. Here are some sounds that would increase immersion. -Add random incomprehensible radio chatter when near civilian ships or stations. Here is an example of what I mean (clip from No Man's Sky): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_pcwXQX8ow -Add short panicking shouting effect over the radio that ends in a burst of static when a ship is destroyed or just the burst of static. Example from Everspace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq15V7EtGWM&t=3m03s -Add some radio static or static-filled incoprehensible speech when talking to NPCs or just a radio squelch button sound when selecting an interaction with NPCs.
  15. Select any block and press F to center the camera around that block.
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