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  1. I listen to a variety of music. I like that I'm seeing some electroswing in here. If I were to choose one thing to share, it would probably be Glitch Hop:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_Q80rVuCe8
  2. In no order, Starcraft II No Man's Sky Star Trek: Starfleet Command III EVE Online before it became overpopulated Elite Dangerous Avorion
  3. The gyro is at the apex of the vertical axis of the ship and is adjacent to armor wedge blocks on four sides. The exposed side meets the turret. What you say may indeed be the case. It's a minor inconvenience, and this is the only ship on which it seems to happen.
  4. Whenever I repair one of my ships on which turrets are mounted on the top and bottom yaw gyros, those turrets are removed - no matter what kind of turret is placed there. I can put them back on, so it's only a mild inconvenience. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Oddly enough, it was the comment that I saw that said that the makers of this game tried for as much realism as possible, that was one of the major reasons I tried it to begin with. So I hope that your statement isn't the way that developers feel. If realism was indeed a priority of theirs it isn't very obvious. Sure there is drift, but there is no fuel consumption, no planetary systems, no ammo consumption aside from torpedos, no gravity, etc. The ship dynamics is great and one of the more appealing things, but it leaves a lot to be wanting as far as a 'simulator' experience like Elite Dangerous. Not that I'm asking for an exact copy of that. If I wasted ED I'd play ED. Either way, I still deeply dislike OP's idea.
  6. I like the idea, but now that I'm thinking about it, its strange that only torpedos require ammo but not missiles, plasma cannons, chainguns, and bolters. Perhaps ammo should be implemented more universally (not just as a commodity), and have equipment docks and ammo factories separate?
  7. I only play single player or with friends and I would hate this. I spend a lot of time building ships and stations and establishing trade and control in a region. I'd much rather have the designers focus on expanding the existing galaxy by adding solar systems in each sector.
  8. Changing shield color is an unnecessary triviality, in my opinion. However, I, too, have wished for rounded shields. It would actually be computationally more efficient than the current model, I think. Simply take the major axis and two semimajor axes and fit an ovoid to it (R = x^2/a + y^2/b + z^2/c) and scale it until all components are inside the boundary. Or, easier yet, generate spheres around shield generators proportional to the size of the shield generator block.
  9. The flexibility and building aspect of the game is one of the greatest appeals. Adding modification and building time in the way that you suggest would ruin the game. However, if a player was required to have building drones on their ship that might work (and a building drone bay that, when destroyed, would mandate a return to the shipyard or a secondary repair ship). The more drones, the faster the building is completed and the more that can be done in a given time. That's only if people think such an addition is necessary. Personally, I feel the game is just fine the way it is in this regard. Realism clearly isn't the highest priority here.
  10. Indeed, but that falls within the realm of "physically go there". It would be nice to be able to right-click on the sector, select "ships", select the one you want, and then give it orders to travel to another sector. Then, when it arrives, perform the same series of actions to give it orders. Skip the loading screens and the inconvenience.
  11. Hello and well done on the game thus far. It's certainly one of the most enjoyable sandbox games out there, and certainly the most enjoyable space sandbox. It seems very well balanced and has few bugs - none of which have thus far truly inhibited my enjoyment of the game. There are two things that I would truly love to see implemented: First, the sectors are just procedurally distributed clusters within 50km of one another. I would be overjoyed to see a more reasonable solar-system-like layout in each sector, with planets (not explorable, of course, you pointed this out as another project in the 'read this first' section), asteroid belts, stars, black holes, pulsars, moons, and others. Much of the skins that you have could be used, and it would make the game feel a LOT more vibrant and give it a more enjoyable sense of exploration. Naturally, some kind of FTL travel may have to be included, like the frameshift drive in Elite Dangerous. I am curious to hear your feedback on this, as it would make the game significantly more appealing. The second is more realistic and immediate: being able to control ships you own from other sectors. It's troublesome to have a ship run out of asteroids halfway across the galaxy and not be able to do anything about it until you physically go there. That being said, I think this topic has been broached before, so forgive the redundancy. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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